About Us

At Loan Monkey, we are here to help you with a number of resources. We help you get free loan quotes as well as information on all types of loans. We are not a direct lender but are here to help. Here is what you need to know about what we do.

1) Getting A Loan Quote

First and foremost, our goal at Loan Monkey is to get you not just a loan quote but an approval. Sure, we can not guarantee that you will get approved but we greatly improve your odds by giving you access to a huge loan network.

You see, with most lenders, you fill out their individual loan quote and hope for an approval. You have to meet their particular set of requirements and if you do not meet them, you get denied. You would then need to go to another lender or another website and fill out a whole new quote form. It can be time consuming and very frustrating.

With Loan Monkey, you fill out one form and your information goes from lender to lender until you get an approval. If you do not meet one lenders requirements, your information goes on to the next one. This goes on securely in the background, very quickly, and the result is ideally a fast approval. If you need an approval quickly, this is the fastest way to go.

2) Educate You On Loans

Our second goal is to educate you on the different types of loans out there. Whether you need a fast $500 loan, a mortgage or any other loan desperately, we can help. Read through our articles and find out the basics about loans and personal finance.

Use the search function to search a directory of articles that will eventually reach into the hundreds. Hundreds of articles that you can read or search to get the answers to all of your finance issues.

3) Help With Payday Loan Debt

If you find yourself stuck in payday loan debt, we want to help you end the cycle. Learn how to get out of debt with a state by state resource list. Use the article to find out who to contact in your state to help you eliminate your debt.

Payday loans can be a valuable tool for emergency cash but it is easy to get in over your head with them. This is why we made the above resource to help you out.

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