Save On Utilities

Ways To Save On Utilities

A dollar saved is a dollar earned and cutting utility costs is one of the best ways to save money. It is easy to drastically reduce your utility bills if you just put a few measures into use. Here are some of the top ways to save money each and every month.


First, let’s take a look at what is the biggest utility bill for most people, electricity. There are a lot of ways to save on this expense and the first is all about who you get your juice from.

Shop Electrical Providers

There can be a larger range of charges from provider to provider and unless you live in a co-op area, you can choose the lowest one. Be sure to consider not just the rate though. Also consider the length of the contract and the guaranteed rate. Many companies will offer a low rate that is good for 3 months, banking on the fact that you will not change providers when it expires. Look for a contract of at least one year so that you are not constantly changing companies.

If you get a contract for just 3 months, you will almost assuredly forget to shop a new contract before it expires. Then, next thing you know, you are paying 50 percent more for electricity. Don’t fall for this trap.

Get A Programable Thermometer

Your heating and air conditioning system is one of the biggest consumers of your electricity. A programmable thermometer will allow you to keep your home comfortable when you are home and save money while you are not. You can also set it to be cooler at night during the winter and to kick on when you are about to wake up.

Now, there is the belief that having one constant temperature is cheaper because you do not have to cool or heat the house for long periods but this is not true. It is a waste of money to cool or heat your home when you are not there.

Cut Your Water Heating Cost

Besides your HVAC system, your water heater is one of the top drags on your energy bill but there are ways to cut it. If it is time to replace your water heater, a tankless heater is the way to go. It only heats water when you need it instead of keeping 50 gallons hot all the time.

Of course, tankless water heaters start at around 1500 dollars. If your current tank is in good shape, it may pay to keep it for now. Just consider going tankless when it goes south.

Another option is to get  water heater blanket that will help keep the water heater insulated and thus save on heating costs.

Finally, you can just turn the temperature down on your heater. Lowering the temperature just 10 degrees can make  big difference and, if you have kids, it makes your water heating system safer.

Energy Efficient Bulbs

When it is time to change your lightbulbs, choose energy efficient ones. You can easily cut your lighting costs in half or more by going with a bulb such as an LED.  As an added plus, LED bulbs will last much longer and pay for themselves in longevity alone.


Next on the list, let’s look at water. Water conservation will not only save you money but it is good for the environment. In much of the country, water is plentiful but there are areas where it is a valuable commodity.

Water Your Lawn Properly

Overwatering a lawn is the biggest water of water. You need to water your lawn properly and this does not mean every day at noon. Water your lawn once or twice a week deeply instead of every day. The best time to do it is just before dawn. Watering before dawn allows the water to sink in before the sun can burn it off. It is also better for the lawn because it does not stay wet too long. If you water at night, the lawn is wet all night, making it vulnerable to lawn diseases.

Take Shorter Showers

Cutting a few minutes of shower time every day can save hundreds of gallons and save you money. So, try to rap it up quicker and while you are at it, install some low flow shower heads. If you have good pressure, you won’t notice the difference.

Check For Leaks

If your water bill is constantly high, you might have  water leak that needs to be addresses. A leak can cost you money in both water usage and in damage to your home. To check for a leak, turn off every spigot or water using appliance in your home. Then go out to the water meter. It should not be turning. If it is, you might have a leak and should call a professional in to address it.

Wash Only Full Loads

This applies to both dishwashers and washing machines. You use the same amount of water if you do a full load or a partial so do only full loads. This will result in a reduction in total loads washed and a savings of water.

Cable & Satellite

The other bills can be reduced but this is a bill that can be almost eliminated. People are abandoning cable and satellite companies by the thousands. Why? Because cable and satellite makes you pay big money for channels that you do not even watch. The future is on demand. Join it now and start saving right away.

Get An Antenna

HD antennas are cheap and easy to install. You can go fancy and get a nice roof mounted one or go with a simple interior wall mounted or free standing one. They give you a great signal and will give you all of your local channels for a one time cost of about $30. The only thing that you will miss is the ability to record your programming but this can also be countered. There are stand alone DVR systems that you can buy.

Get An On Demand Service

These days, the on demand services are better than ever and many like Netflix even produce their own content. Your cable or satellite bill can easily reach $100 to $200 while an on demand service can be had for $10 to $20. Enjoy top notch programming and many shows that you already pay big bucks to the cable company to see.

Get Internet Television

Services like Sling can be had for under $30 a month and will give you access to major cable channels and even some local stations and local sports.

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