Getting money without a job.

Ways To Get Money Without A Job

These are tough times that we are living in and even with the economy rebounding, there are still not as many jobs available as there used to be. If you have lost your job, you need to think of some other ways to make a little extra income. Take a look at some interesting money making opportunities that you might not have thought about before.

Earning Money Without Employment

Is it really possible to make money without a job? Yes, it is but there are some things that you must understand.

First and foremost, this side income will not replace a full time income. Most of the ideas below will make you a few dollars to several hundred dollars but it isn’t anything that you can live on. It will however, hopefully take the edge off of your loss of income.

In addition, not all of the examples will apply to you. Choose the ones that fit your skills and likes and run with them. Combine multiple approaches to making money to get the most out of it.

Now, without further delay, here are some ways to get money without a job.

  1. Sell your old records, CD’s and books.
    Even in the digital age, some people still value these things. One or two items probably will not get you much money, but if you have a closet full of this stuff, you can make a tidy little profit.
    As far as selling this stuff goes, a used bookstore will probably be your best bet. You could try eBay but the shipping costs on such low cost items would kill your profit.
  2. Surf the internet for profit.
    You like killing time surfing around the internet? If so, companies like Swagbucks would like to pay you for it.
    Join the website, install their browser extension and get paid to do what you are already doing. If you are not doing this, you are pretty much just wasting money.
  3. Start your own website.
    Websites are tough to get going but they can allow you to make a nice supplemental income from advertisers and affiliate marketing.
    If you are unemployed, you have a lot of spare time and you can use this time to get a blog going. Use a few bucks to get your own domain name and hosting or use a free platform like the one from WordPress.
    Remember, you get out of your blog what you put into it. Take the time to write good posts and pick a subject that you are passionate about.
  4. Recycle some metal.
    Wait what, get paid to recycle?
    Yes, scrap yards will pay you buy the pound for recyclable metal. This includes all kinds of metal like aluminum, steel, copper and more. Think beyond the typical aluminum can and look for bigger targets like old water heaters and such.
    Scrap metal is often discarded on the side of the street and easily picked up for profit. Just make sure that it truly is being thrown away and then take it to your local scrap yard.
  5. Walk dogs for Rover.
    If you love, or at least like, dogs, Rover can help you earn.
    Get paid to walk dogs and even house sit them at your residence. How much you make depends entirely on what you put into it.
    Working for Rover is one of the exceptions on my list because it can actually be used to replace a majority of your lost income. Build a reputation and repeat clients and you can make thousands of bucks a month. You have to give Rover a cut but it may be worth it.
  6. Cut the grass.
    People will always pay people to do what they do not want to do. One of those things is cutting the grass.
    If you live in a house, you probably already have what you need to go to work, you just need the clients. Advertise your services on Craigslist or hit the pavement and put business cards on doors.
    At about 30 dollars a yard, you could make hundreds of dollars a day. Make four thousand dollars or more a month while being your own boss, no job required.
  7. Sell a gig on Fiverr.
    Do you have a talent that people could use? Maybe you have a good speaking voice and could do voiceovers. Maybe you know how to write a good resume. Think about what you can do that people might pay you for.
    Once you come up for something, head over to Fiverr and start selling it. Make money for doing what you like and remember, not every gig has to be priced at just 5 bucks.
  8. Voice your opinion for dollars.
    Does our voice need to be heard? If so, head over to a survey website and get paid for those opinions. Places like Swaybucks and Inbox Dollars can help you earn something for taking surveys.
    Now, keep in mind, the money that you make will not be great. If you are lucky, you might be able to pull down 5 dollars an hour. The good thing is that you can do this work any time and any place you like. Take surveys while watching TV, riding the bus, etc,etc.
  9. Buy low and sell high.
    No, I am not talking about the stock market. I am talking about buying items locally for cheap and then reselling them for a profit.
    Buy things at places like Craigslist and resell them at auction websites like eBay for a higher price. Items go for less locally, especially if you know how to haggle.
    They also sell for a higher price at auction sites thanks to the broad reach and the spirit of competition.
    Buying and selling works best if you pick a niche and stick with it. Choose something that you know about like handbags or video games. That will allow you to better spot a deal locally and make a profit online.
  10. Donate Your Plasma
    Plasma is in high demand, especially now. It is used for all sorts of life saving treatments and donation centers are willing to pay you for it.
    The best thing about Plasma donation is that they return your red blood cells to you in the process. This means that you can donate several times a week, making as much as forty to fifty dollars per donation.
    You can make an easy three hundred dollars in a month just from donating.
    More Info: View the ultimate guide to donating plasma for money to learn more.


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