Getting money very fast.

Ways To Get Money Fast

Need some money fast? We can help. Follow our step by step guide that will help you see all of the ways to get money fast online and locally. These are easy things that anyone can do when they find themselves in need of $100, $200 or even more.

1) Get A Free Quote

This can be the answer to your problem or could be used just for backup. A loan might not be what you are looking for but you can use it as something to fall back on. If you can not get the money elsewhere, there is always the loan. Best of all, it is free to get an offer and there is no obligation.

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2) Sell Your Plasma

Plasma is used in all sorts of life saving drugs and treatments. It is in high demand and companies are willing to pay you for yours.

If you are good with a needle, it is a great option to make some extra money today and over the course of the next several months. Because your red blood cells are returned to you in the donation process, you can donate far more often.

You can donate several times a month and keep doing it month after month. Make as much as three hundred dollars a month by doing something good. The process is also very easy and relaxing. Just sit in a chair while the nurses do the work. Catch up on your reading or just play on your phone.

To find a location in your city to donate, just do a quick search for “donate plasma”.

Learn more about donating plasma.

3) Trade In Your Old Phone

If you have an ecoATM in your area, you can use it to get instant cash for an old phone. Just bring your old phone to a kiosk and get an offer. If you like it, you can walk away with money.

Find an ecoATm here.

4) Sell Some Scrap

Recyclable metal is in high demand. I am sure the first thing that comes to mind is aluminum cans bit there is so much more to it. Recyclers take in all kinds of metal including stainless steel, copper and tin.

The trick is getting the metal to sell them. Luckily, it is all around you just lying around. Have you ever driven through a neighborhood and seen trash stacked at the curb? In most cases, this is stuff that home owners are simply throwing away and odds are good that there is recyclable metal in there. All you have to do is drive around and pick it up.

The best days to pick up metal are the day of or the day before bulk trash pick up day. You can find out when each city has theirs, usually once a month, and take note of it. When collecting scrap metal, be sure that it really is being thrown away and don’t make a mess of the pile.

Discover how to profit from scrap.

5) Have A Garage Sale

You know what they say, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Why not grab all your junk and have an impromptu garage sale. In a few hours, you could easily come up with a few hundred dollars or more.

The key to a good garage sale is variety and a few big items to lure people in. Big items include things like furniture and major appliances like washers and dryers. Collect as big of a variety of stuff as you can and display them as good as possible.

Broomsticks make good clothing hangers in a pinch. Just about any table will do for small items. Don’t want to label anything, just group items altogether. Make all clothing $1 an item, for example.

Finally, make sure you put up ample signage at nearby intersections to bring everyone in.

6) Trade In Old Gift Cards

Just about every year you probably wind up with a gift card that you may never use.  For many people, the gift card is the “go to” gift during the holidays and on birthdays. Unfortunately, they do not always hit the mark.

If you have a gift card wasting away in a drawer, trade it in and get the money that you need right now. Those cards are not doing you any good and they might even be losing value.

Go trade your cards for cash.

7) Sell Something Online

The website that comes to mind is eBay. I know, right away you are probably thinking about long auctions but this is not the only way to sell on eBay. You can sell something on eBay and get your money today if your account is in good standing. Here is how you do it.

First, you need top ick something with a lot of traffic. Something in high demand like designer purses, video games, iPads, etc. Look on eBay and see what the final auction prices of these items ends up being.

Next, list your item as a “buy it now” listing. Set your price 10 percent less than what things are selling for at the end of an auction. People will spot the bargain and snap it up if the item is in high demand. Be sure to specify that the buyer must pay right away.

Once they pay you through Paypal, you can use a new feature of theirs. They now allow you to link a debit card to your account and get you money immediately. They charge a very low amount for this service so it is well worth it.

Now just ship your item off and enjoy your fast money.

8) Sell Your Compact Discs

Remember those shiny round things? You probably still have some laying around in a drawer somewhere. Put them all in a box and head down to the discount book store. They will buy them but they will probably not give you two much for them.

Still, every dollar counts when you need money fast. Be sure to also throw any old books, magazines in good shape and records in the box too.

9) Ask Your Family

This is probably a last resort and for good reason. Money and family can cause some big problems. This is because people have a lot of emotion tied up in their money. Some people will quickly start to feel that they are being taken advantage of and others will think that you owing them money gives them some sort of power or control over you.

If you decide to got the family route to get some money in a hurry, be careful. Draw up a written contract for both of you to sign. Make sure it spells out the amount borrowed, the amount to be repaid and the timeline that you need to follow to pay it back.

When you do pay the money back, use a service like Zelle or a check to do so, never cash. You need to be able to prove that you paid it back if questions come up.

10)Use An App

Apps like Earnin can get you money in a hurry, as long as you are willing to jump through a few hoops.

The app works like this. You enter in your employment information and the app tracks your location on your phone. When it sees that you have been at your work location, presumably earning money, it will allow you to borrow money.

There are no fees with the Earnin app although they do suggest you tip. Tipping is not required, but you will eventually lose access to money if you never tip. Be careful, because the suggested tip from the app will often be similar to what you would have paid with a payday loan.

Most new loan customers will be limited to 100 dollars but if that is all that you need, it might work for you.

Take a look at Earnin.

The end of getting money fast.

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