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Need UTV or SXS Financing?

The UTV or Utility Task Vehicle is a fantastic machine but it is certainly not a cheap one. This leads many people to finance them but if you have bad credit, that is easier said than done. At Loan Monkey, we may be able to help you though. We can get you access to a huge network of lenders, many of which are used to dealing with bad credit. This means that you still may be able to get an offer, even if your credit isn’t great. Ready to see your offer? Let’s get to it.

Get Your Offer

Getting an offer is easy and absolutely free. Just input some basic information about yourself and your income. You will also need to input your banking information so that hour lender can send you your money if accepted. Don’t worry, the form and the website are secure. Once you enter your information, you can hit submit and get a fast answer.

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About Your UTV or SXS

You already know what a UTV or SXS is but just so that we are on the same page, here is what you are looking into financing. The UTV or Utility Task Vehicle is a small four by four vehicle that can seat anywhere from 2 to 6 passengers. They are sometimes also referred to as an ROV or Recreational Off road Vehicle.

One of these vehicles from a major manufacturer like Kawasaki, Honda or Polaris will start at 8000 dollars to 10000 dollars. Pricey to say the least which is why so many people end up financing them.

The best UTV or SXS for you will depend on what you intend to do with it and how many people that you need to transport. You can not go wrong with any of the major manufacturers but people are usually loyal to a brand. A Honda person can rarely be persuaded to try a Polaris. Choose the brand you like in the model that suits your needs.

About Your Financing

At Loan Monkey, we make it easy for you to get an offer if you need UTV financing with bad credit. This is because we are not a lender but instead give you access to one of the largest networks of online lenders anywhere. This is a powerful tool if you have less than perfect credit.

You see, with a single lender like you would find at an off-road store, you have to meet their set requirements. If you do not meet what they are looking for you get denied and that is it. So, if Honda Finance says not, the game is over.

With a lender network, if one lender says no, your info just goes on to the next lender. This will happen quickly and repeatedly until one is found that wants to make you an offer.

Once you have your offer, you can review it and decide if the cost of the financing is worth it. Look at everything but pay particular attention to two details of your UTV loan offer.

First, take a look at the total cost of the credit. This is the amount that you would pay if you carried your loan to term. Think long and hard about taking out a 10000 dollar loan if it will cost you 20000 dollars or more to repay it.

Second, you need to make sure that the loan payment will fit into your budget. Just because a lender makes you an offer does not mean you can afford it. They can look at your finances and make a quick decision but only you really know how much spare money you have. If you do not have the money to pay for your loan, you either need to turn it down or makes some changes to your budget.

Fixing Your Budget

So, what do you do if the UTV of your dreams is within your reach but the loan payment does not quite fit your budget? You make some changes, easy changes that might help you make that payment.

Making Cuts

First, budget cuts might be in order. There are too many possible cuts to mention in a brief article and the ones that are best for you will depend on what your individual budget looks like. Here are some common ones though.

Cable and satellite are going away. It is inevitable as more and more people realize the cost savings of cutting the cord. Why not cancel your service in favor of Netflix or Hulu and start saving a hundred dollars or more a month.

Another big area to save is on car insurance. If you have not compared rates in a year or more, you should shop your policy. It is very likely that a provider would love to earn your business by undercutting your current company by several hundred dollars.

One last area to cut, although there are many more, is to slash your food budget. You have got to eat but you do not have to dine out. Bring your lunch to work and save big, up to a few hundred dollars a month. You can also cut your home meal budget by focusing on cheap staples for your meals. You can buy rice and potatoes for cheap in bulk and they can be the basis for hundreds of different meals.

Adding Income

A second way to make that budget work is to infuse some additional income into it.

No matter what your schedule looks like, there is almost always time for a part time job. Apps like Uber and Lyft allow you to work any time that you want and earn around $25 an hour. All you need is a four door vehicle and some knowledge of the city.

In addition. major retailers have raised their starting wages across the board. This is because they are hurting for employees and they are almost always hiring. Many of these retailers are also open 24 hours so they have shifts that can work for anybody.

The amount of money that you can make on the side is only limited by your ambition. Make enough to just pay for your UTV payment or make enough to pay for it and stock money away in savings.

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