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Using Your Home Office Loan

Have you decided to commit to working from home? Well if you want to keep your sanity, you are going to need a good home office. One way to get that is with a home office loan. We can help with that but once you have the money, what should you buy. Here are the top items on our list.

What Makes A Good Home Office

A lot goes into a good home office. You need one that not only allows you to get work done but that motivates you. It needs to be a place where you like to be so that you enjoy your time working at home. If you do not like your working space, you will hate working at home. Here are some areas to concentrate on when buying your home office.

A Good Desk

Obviously you need some sort of desk to work on, but the type of desk that you get is going to be important. You can go bare bones with this but you will probably find it hard to come to work to sit at a card table all day.

Choose a desk that will both make the room and be as functional as possible. If you are in and out of files all day choose one with a small file cabinet attached. If you need to spread paperwork around, choose a larger L shaped desk and if all that you use is your laptop, go minimal and save room in your office for other things.

Remember, when choosing a desk, you are setting the tone for your entire office. Are you going modern, contemporary, country, etc, etc.

Also, keep your budget in mind. A desk can range anywhere from $400 to $4500. It would be all too easy to blow your entire budget on just the desk, so be careful, there are other things to buy.

Comfortable Seating

There are two things that you will want for your office, a good chair and seating for guests.

As for the desk chair, don’t skimp. You will be spending 6 to 10 hours a day in this chair and the last thing that you want is back trouble because of it. This is also something that you want to test fit yourself. Shopping online may be okay for the desk, but a chair needs to be tried. Pick the style that you want and then go try out a few. Sit in it for more than a few minutes and simulate the work that you will be doing.

If you are always reaching for paperwork, for example, do the arms get in the way. Does it recline to your satisfaction. We all move differently during the course of the work day, make sure that the chair moves with you.

In addition to your seating, consider seating for guests. A few chairs or a small sofa might fill the bill. If you occasionally need extra sleeping space, a sleeper sofa might even be a thought. Extra seating not only gives you a way to entertain family or clients during the work day, it also gives you another seating option for while you work.

Enjoyable Electronics

Do you need a good computer or laptop or will your company be providing them. Chances are that if you have an employer, they will be providing this equipment but that does not mean that you can not upgrade it a bit. A better mouse, ergonomic keyboard or even a larger monitor can help you get through the day.

While looking at electronics, think about entertainment as well. Yes, you are there to work but sometimes having a stereo or television on in the background can make work more pleasant. If you are in the finance field, monitoring financial news channels might even be a necessity. A good office sized television can be had for around $450 and is money well spent.

Pleasant Decorations

Nobody wants to work in a plain white walled room. Why do you think employers spend so much money on decorating their large offices? It is because a well decorated space is more enjoyable to be in and when you are happy, you are likely to be more productive.

Luckily, you can do a lot with very little money when it comes to decorating. Painting the walls, installing new curtains or an upgraded ceiling fan can work wonders. If you are a collector, a home office makes a great place to display your collectibles, especially sport memorabilia.

Take the time to make your office visually appealing and you will find that your attitude and work ethic are much improved during the day.

The Little Things

Last but not least, consider all of the little things that you will need for a home office. If you are moving from an office building, you might not think about all of those little extras that you used all of the time. Things that you will have to provide for yourself.

Plan to spend about $350 on all of these little things. You will probably need items like a shredder, stapler, hole punch, trash cans, coffee maker, a chair mat, desk lamp, etc, etc. Once you start collecting all of the little things you need, you might be amazed at just how much stuff your employer was providing you. Depending on what you do and how you work, there could literally be dozens of little things to buy.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are a lot of things that go into a home office. Nobody is saying that you have to buy them all or spend thousands on your office, but every little bit helps. The more that you make the space someplace that you want to be, the more that you will enjoy your time working from home.

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