Using a cell phone to make extra money.

Use Your Cell To Make Money

Making money in your spare time has become progressively easier over the last few years. In fact, almost all of us carry a money making device with them at all times. That device is your cell phone. Take a look at these simple ways that you can use your cellular phone to make money in your free time.

1. Survey Work

If you have done any research online about making money, you have probably come across survey work. It works though and I am not even going to try to make money off of you. I will give you a few names of survey websites to try for yourself without even using an affiliate link.

Check out Survey Junkie and Swagbucks. Google them so that you know I am not making any money off of them. Swagbucks will even give you a sign on bonus of $10. Interesting side note to that, if you go there from an affiliate link, that bonus becomes just $5. Google it and get the entire 10 bucks.

Once you sign up for survey work, you can do them at any time on your phone. Sitting on the couch watching television, do a survey. On the bus riding to work, do a survey. It is the ultimate way to make money in your free time.

Of course, I will be the very first to tell you that surveys will never make you rich. Stick with it and you could earn several hundred dollars a month, but that is about it. Still, for cell phone work that you can do whenever, it is not a bad deal.

2. Start A Side Business

With a little free advertising from places like Craigslist, you could start a nice little side business. You might need a little capital to get you going but there are a lot of businesses that you can start with just a few hundred dollars. And, once you get it going, you can run it completely from your smart phone. Let’s look at a few possibilities.

Lawn Care. You probably already have the equipment sitting in your garage. If not, you can get a mower, trimmer and a blower for around 500 dollars or less if you go used. Then list your service on Craigslist and make an easy $30 to $40 a lawn.

Maid Service. Doing the things that people do not want to do themselves can make you a fortune. Cleaning the house is certainly one of those things. Nobody wants to do it and for a few hundred dollars in cleaning supplies and equipment, you can profit from that. Advertise your services on Craigslist for free or for a few bucks, check out places like Thumbtack.

Dog Walking. People work late and it is the pooches with crossed legs that suffer. Help them relieve their burden and make money from it. Sign up as a dog walker on Rover.Com and make money in your spare time. The hours are flexible so you should be able to fit the work into any schedule.

These are just a few of the services that you could offer with the help of your phone. Go through the classifieds and see what services people are offering. If you say to yourself, “I can do that”, look into it.

3. Drive For Your Money

Uber and Lyft, you have probably heard of them, are easy ways to make money with your phone. Use the app to join, to get paid, for directions, everything. When you sign up to drive for extra money, your phone will do it all.

Granted, you are going to have to commit some hours to the job but you can make around $25 an hour doing so. If you put in just ten hours a week, that is an extra 1000 dollars a month in income. In addition, you can work when and where you want. Just sign in when you have some time to kill and want to make some money.

PS, if people are not your thing, think about food instead. You will make a little less money but you can still make a nice side income from delivering food with the help of Uber Eats or Grub Hub.

4. Start A Blog

If you listen to the get rich people on the internet, you can make an easy six figure income on the internet simply by blogging. What could be easier, just write a post every few days and watch the money roll in. This is of course after you sign up for their email program.

The truth is, blogging id hard work and you are not guaranteed to get rick. If you are good though, it is a possibility. So, if you like to write, why not give it a shot.

You can even do it for free with a free WordPress blog. I would recommend at least investing in your own domain name though.

Once you get all set up, just start using your phone to blog. Do so regularly and you could start seeing some traffic. Once that happens, there are a lot of ways to monetize your website. Use affiliate links or simply run ads.

Most people will not get rich doing a blog but it could add a few extra dollars to your income, eventually. If you need money fast, it is not for you but if you are patient, you never know.

5. Sell On eBay

Every website out there, pretty much, has an app that you can download. The eBay website is no exception and you can use it to make a lot of money.

Simply list the things that you have around the home that you do not need. Take it even one step further and buy and sell online. Buy cheap locally from Craigslist and sell them for a profit on eBay. If you have familiarity with a particular product niche, this can be particularly profitable.

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