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Things You Should Buy Used

If you want to save money, one of the best ways to do so is by buying things used. There are a lot of great products that you can purchase second hand that will still have plenty of usable life. Why pay that first year depreciation when you can let someone else do it. Take a look at our list of the best things that you can buy used and start saving now.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying things used. over the course of an average year, it can save you thousands of dollars, money that would be far better spent building a retirement account. Let’s take a look at some of the great things that you can buy used in perfectly good condition.

  1. Vehicles
    A car or truck depreciates 20 to 25 percent in the first year alone. Buy your vehicle one year used and skip that substantial first year depreciation. It really is a win win. You save the worst of the depreciation and you still have two years of factory warranty. Just make sure that the vehicle does not exceed the mileage limit.
  2. Power Tools
    A lot of times, people buy big power tools for a project and then just never use them again. They eventually realize that they should just sell them and that becomes a great opportunity for you. Find drills, table saws, chain saws, drill presses and oh so much more on online classified sites and save big.
  3. Books
    Books are insanely expensive new when compared to their used price. A hardback can cost an easy $20 to $30 when new but cost just $5 at the used book store. That is a reduction of 75 to 84 percent and you don’t even have to resort to e-books to get that price.
  4. Exercise Equipment
    People have the best intentions when they buy exercise equipment but the increasingly large waist size of Americans tell us that things normally do not work out. If you are looking to buy a treadmill, exercise bike or even an entire home gym, buy it used and save 50 percent or more. It will probably even be in like new condition. The best time to look is in April or May when those New Years resolutions have really worn off.
  5. Bicycles
    Adult bicycles often end up meeting the same fate as exercise equipment. People think that they are going to start riding and are going to use cycling to get back in shape. They either find out that they do not like cycling or that it is just not as easy as they though. The result, a lot of good, cheap bikes on the market.
    As far as kids bikes go, they just outgrow them. You can pick up kids bikes for a steal as well but they will need to be scrutinized a bit more because kids actually use their bikes.
  6. Construction Wood
    If you need a few 2×4’s or maybe a sheet of plywood, take a look at Craigslist. People always have leftovers from projects that they need to get rid of.
  7. Firewood
    Craigslist is also a great place to find firewood. Trees are getting cut down all of the time and the owners just want this stuff picked up and hauled off. You might need to season it for a year but with a little forethought, you might never need to buy firewood again. Just be sure to avoid pine, firs and cypress, you can’t burn them safely.
  8. Hard Furniture
    I specify hard furniture here. Things like mattresses and fabric sofas can be problematic when purchased used. Hard furniture is another matter though. This includes things like tables, wooden chairs, armoires, bookshelves, etc. Worse case scenario, you have to do a little sanding and wood staining.
  9. Appliances
    Did your dishwasher, microwave or stove go out all of a sudden? Why pay full retail for a piece that will not even match your existing appliances. A new dishwasher alone can go for 600 dollars and you can pick one up for $50 used from somebody who is doing a remodel.
  10. Sporting Goods
    People are very fickle with their hobbies. They start playing basketball and then they switch to softball. They decide they want to buy a kayak and then they sell it so that they can buy a canoe. Take advantage of indecisiveness and pick this stuff up used in great condition.
  11. Boxes
    If it is time to move, you have two choices with boxes. You can but them for $3 a piece from the box store or you can buy them used for 50 cents a piece or even less. After people move, they have dozens and dozens of boxes to get rid of. People will either sell them for cheap or just give them away to prevent filling up their trash cans.
  12. Baby Stuff
    You can get a lot of great baby gear on the cheap if you shop used. This includes things like strollers, high chairs and even baby furniture. I am not a big fan of used baby clothing but if you really need to trim the budget, it is something that can be considered.
  13. Recreational Vehicles
    This includes things like boats, 4 wheelers, dirt bikes and the like. If it has a motor and is used off of a public road, it is a recreational vehicle and they are expensive new. Pick them up on the cheap once people realize that they are just not going to use them long term.
  14. Video Games & Systems
    People buy games and game systems and then get tired of them. This is especially true of the individual games themselves. If you do not have to have the latest hot game and can play one that just recently fell out of favor, you can save big. A $50 game can go for $15 on eBay easily. New model game systems do not get as dramatically discounted. A 400 Dollar PS4, for example might only be discounted down to 300 dollars used.  If you are okay with the last generation system though, you can score a great deal.
  15. BBQ Grills & Smokers
    People often get rid of these things when they move, especially cross country. They are just too hard to pack up and they are impossible to get clean enough to store them in a confined area with the rest of the stuff. This works out great for you and you can pick up a good smoker or grill for half the retail cost or less.
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