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Start Saving Money On Household Maintenance

Household maintenance expenses can add up quickly. If you are currently paying for things like house cleaning, pest control, lawn service and plumbing, you know what we mean. Take a look at some ways to save money on these expenses and trim up your budget.

Household management can be a real challenge and a strain on the budget. It is hard to save money on household maintenance because there are so many different areas involved. It is just so much easier to pay someone to take care of it, but this costs money and lots of it. These days, extra money can be hard to come by, so you should try to limit your home maintenance costs. We can help.

Cutting Home Maintenance Costs

The main reason that it is hard to save money on household maintenance is because there are so many different things that come up over time. We live busy lives and think that we can not take of the burden of doing our own maintenance. This is especially true of new home owners who are not as experienced in home repair and maintenance services.

The truth is though, most home maintenance can easily be performed by the home owner. All that it takes is a desire to save money, a love for your home and access to YouTube. Everything from plumbing repairs to maid service to landscaping is well within the range of the average home owners skill level.

Save Money On Plumbing Repairs

While there are certainly plumbing repairs that require a professional, many of the basic repairs such as clog clearing and replacing appliance water lines can be done by just about any home owner.

The most common repair you can expect to find in a home is a clogged drain. If you’ve got a clog in your drain and you can’t get it to clear, the best way to get rid of it is with a plunger. Insert the plunger securely and then push down on the handle until all of the air is gone from inside your sink. Keep pushing and plunging until water starts to flow smoothly.

Most of the time, a plunger will do the trick. If not, you will need to turn to a drain snake. These are handy little tools that cost around 20 to 30 dollars but will pay for themselves many times over. Keep in mind that there are specific snakes for regular drains and toilet drains.

Besides clog clearing, you may need to do other simple plumbing jobs like water line replacement or even putting on a new faucet. Instead of paying a plumber 100 dollars an hour for the job, simply look to YouTube for a video. Watch two or three repair videos and you should be able to tackle just about anything.

Save Money On Home Cleaning

The only way to stop hiring professional cleaners is by learning how to clean your own house. It doesn’t take long and you’ll be able to save money over the long run.

Cleaning can be a pain and it is easy to put off, so if you want to take on your home cleaning, the best way is with a schedule. Instead of having to clean the entire home at once, split it up into sections. In that way, you make it less of a headache by dividing it into manageable chunks. You also ensure that every part of your home gets cleaned so that you do not get behind and end up going back to a maid service.

Switching to cleaning your own home is one of the easiest ways to save on home maintenance. It can save you anywhere from 400 to 800 dollars a month if you currently pay for weekly service.

Save Money On Pest Control

Pest control is another maintenance procedure that is surprisingly easy to do yourself. In fact, there are stores that are completely dedicated to do it yourself pest control.

Here is all that you need to do to take care of pests in your home. First, identify where pests are coming from. Are they coming from outside or inside? If they are coming from outside, then it is important to seal off entry points by using an insect screen or covering up doors and windows with screens. Once you have points of entry taken care of, all that is left is to spray a non toxic “to humans” insecticide and you are all good.

Doing your own pest control is a great way to save money and a home owner should expect to save an easy 400 to 500 dollars a year.

Save Money On Lawn Care

Lawn care is not just a chore, it can become a lifestyle. Once people start doing it themselves, many find that they actually enjoy it. Even if that is not the case with you, the money saved will certainly be enjoyable.

If you want to keep your lawn looking healthy and beautiful, you need to take care of it on a regular basis. The trick to easy maintenance is to stay on top of things and not let anything get out of control.

To do so, you need the right tools. You should invest in equipment that can help you do your lawn care tasks efficiently and effectively. Primarily this means choosing the right sized mower. If the yard is very small, an electric or cordless mower is a good choice. They require less maintenance and are environmentally friendly. For larger yards, you will need to step up to a gas mower and maybe even a riding lawn mower. Choose the biggest mower you can that is practical for your size of yard. That will minimize your cutting time.

By taking on home lawn care, the average home owner can expect to save 1000 to 2000 dollars a year on their maintenance expenses.

In Conclusion

As you can probably see by now, taking on your own maintenance is a great way to cut down on home ownership costs. It takes effort on your part, but the savings are real and substantial.

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