A prson doing their own lawn care to save money.

Simple Hacks To Help You Save On Lawn Care

There is nothing like a well maintained yard, but it costs money. Like everything else right now, these costs are getting higher and you might be looking to cut some of the expense. Fortunately, there are many hacks that you can use in order to cut your lawn care expenses. Have a look.

The price that you pay for lawn care will depend on a number of factors such as where you live, the size of your lawn and the design of your landscaping. For most people in this country, you can expect to pay somewhere between 100 and 300 dollars a month.

This is a seemingly inexpensive bill, but over the course of a year, your landscaping costs could exceed 3000 dollars. That makes it a prime target for savings, so here are some ways to save.

Shop Your Business Around

There is always somebody who will value your business more. This is especially true with lawn care because there are so many independent operators trying to establish themselves. When they are hungry for work, they are likely to make you a deal and beat your current rate.

If you feel that the cost of your lawn care has gotten out of control, get on the phone and make some calls. Contact at least 3 lawn services in your area and ask for a price quote. Most lawn services will know their area will and should be able to give you an accurate quote over the phone. Google maps makes this real easy on them.

Once you get your quotes, choose the one with not only the best price, but also a good reputation. Sometimes cheap is cheap for a reason, so make sure you consider quality. If the company does not have any online reviews, ask for a couple references.

Set Up A Group Buy

Another way to save big on lawn care is to go in as a package deal with your neighbors. Lawn companies do a lot of driving and it is a killer on their bottom line. A contract where a company can do 5 or 6 lawns at once is a juicy one and you should all be able to score a nice discount.

If your neighborhood has a Facebook group, make a post and see if anyone wants to go in on a lawn care quote with you. You can also go door to door or post some flyers until you have enough willing to go in with you. Then, just make some calls and ask for deals. This will be work, for sure, but if it saves you 10 or 20 percent on your lawn care, it may be worth it to you.

Water & Fertilize Responsibly

Those nice green lawns come at a cost both environmentally and financially. In order to get lawns that green, you have to fertilize often and water on nearly a daily basis. This is wasteful to your bank account and the fertilizer and water wastage can be devastating to the environment.

Stick to watering your lawn just once a week. This will promote slower growth which means less frequent cuttings. It will also encourage your lawn to grow deep routes, making it more drought resistance. As for fertilizer, limit your spraying to, at most, once a year. Better yet, use only native plant that do not require fertilization.

Do It Yourself

The absolute cheapest way to get our lawn cut is to just do it yourself. Obviously this may involve the purchase of some lawn care equipment, but you can easily buy what you need new for around 400 dollars. Cut that cost in half if you are willing to shop Craigslist for used lawn equipment.

Unless you really enjoy yard work, you should weigh the cost of doing the work yourself. The time that you spend working in your yard could be sent working in your professional field. Don’t give up 500 dollars in potential income to save 200 dollars on lawn care.

Hardscape Your Yard

The less yard that you have, the less that you will have to pay to get it cut. That or the less time it will take you to cut it if you go the DIY route.

Obviously there will be an initial cost to hardscaping your lawn, but it can be done on a budget. Search Facebook Market for people giving away pavers and even rock. These posts are more common than you think as people redesign their lawns. With a rented trailer and a little bit of manual labor, you could score hundreds of dollars in free hardscaping material.

Another option is inexpensive concrete tiles from a home improvement store. These can be found for roughly a dollar a piece and come in sizes from 12 inches square. That means it only costs around 100 dollars plus the cost of leveling sand to pave a hundred square foot area.

Install Artificial Turf

The ultimate solution to the cost of lawn care is to install artificial turf. While it is expensive to install, you will quickly recoup your money by having a lawn that is nearly completely maintenance free.

Installation of artificial turf lawns is also beneficial to the environment. Artificial turf has a low carbon footprint, requires less water, and is much more durable than natural grasses.

Depending on the size of your lawn, an artificial turf job could be as little as 5000 dollars. At that cost, it might take a little over a year to start seeing savings on lawn care, but you also have other savings and benefits. Your watering costs will be reduced and you will always have a yard that is picture perfect and ready to use.