Selling a home during the Coronavirus.

Selling Your Home During Tough Times

Right now, interest rates are at historic lows and we are entering the Spring and Summer season. It should be a great time to sell your home but with the Coronavirus, there are not as many buyers actively looking. For this reason, you are going to have to make your home stand out from the crowd if you want a fast sale. Here are a few cheap tips to get your home to sell ahead of the rest.

Honestly, if you can swing it, delaying the sale of your home would be the best decision you could probably make. Once this is all over, the economy will start to rebound quickly and your home will sell much faster and for a better price. For some, this is not an option though.

If you desperately need money or just have to sell your home now, you are going to need to get it to pop in front of buyers. You have a much smaller pool of people in the market so you have to put your best foot forward. Here are some ways to do just that.

Improve Your Curb Appeal

You know what they say about a good first impression. The first view that a potential buyer has of your home will stick with them. Luckily, fixing a curb appeal problem is inexpensive and relatively easy.

Start with the paint. Sure, a full paint job can get expensive but you can often get by with just doing the trim and the doors. These areas tend to take a beating and are easy and cheap to fix. With just a gallon or two of paint, you can paint the trim and doors on an average home. Don’t forget to redo the caulk before painting. This minor touch-up can cost well under one hundred dollars and make a huge impact.

Another area to focus your attention on is the landscaping. Think about all of the little details. Break out your mower or zero turn and make sure the yard is cut, trimmed and that the flower beds are rid of weeds. Then, plant some seasonal flowers which will give your yard a splash of color and make it pop from the street. If your yard lacks a tree out front, you can even add one easily for 20 to 30 dollars.

Lastly, do a trial run. Pretend that you are a buyer and pull up to your home. Take note of the things that pop and areas that you can improve upon. Can you see your trash cans from the street, is their an oil stain on the driveway or is the light fixture crooked. Little things count in a big way.

Fixing your curb appeal can, depending on your home, ca cost as little as 1 or 2 hundred dollars. Money that will pay huge dividends when you get that offer.

Get Rid Of The Clutter

The last thing that people want to look at when they enter a home is your junk. You want them to picture themselves living in your home. This means that you need to get rid of the clutter and personalization.

Take some time to get rid of all that clutter, even if it means that you need to rent a storage locker to do so. A moderate sized storage locker would cost you around 200 dollars for a couple of months. Well worth the cost.

Start with all of those knick knacks and personal items. This means things like family photos,  and everything that you have covering your shelves and cabinets.

Next, consider removing some of the furniture. If your living room has more than a couch and a chair, you might want to get rid of some of the extra seating. You want the rooms to look big, not cramped.

Finally, clear out your closets. Make sure that the shelves are at least half empty and that the clothing rods are not overloaded. If necessary, pack up some of that clothing so that you are showing at least 30 percent empty rod.

Clean It Like You Mean It

Chances are good that you have lived in your home for at least a few years. How many deep cleans have you done in that time? Probably very few. Trust me, potential buyers will notice as your house will be under the microscope.

Do, or pay someone to do a top to bottom cleaning. Everything from the ceiling fan bladed to the baseboards. You want your home to look like it is not lived in.

When you are done with the clean, finish it all off with a solid floor cleaning. If you have carpets, have them professionally cleaned. Depending on where you live, you can expect to pay about $250 for a professional cleaning. Well worth the money since it will improve both the looks and the smell of your home.

Price Your Home Competitively

Let’s face it, if you are selling your home now it is because you need the money or you simply need to get that property out of your name. This means that getting top dollar is probably not going to happen.

Set your price fairly so that you can have a quick sale and not rule out any buyers. If you are willing to go as low as 190,000 on a house, don’t price it at 220,000. That would eliminate all of the buyers who are just looking for homes under 200,000. Better to list it for 199,000 and be firmer on the price.

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