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Sell Your Junk Fast

Got some junk to sell? Who doesn’t? Most people hold onto this stuff because they do not want to take the time or go through the hassle of selling it. What if you could sell it all in under 24 hours though? Take a minute and learn how you can sell just about anything quickly by taking advantage of a number of easy selling outlets

I have a lot of experience selling stuff and I always sell it fast. It is not that difficult if you know what you are doing. If you have some stuff to sell, let me walk you through how to sell it fast using a three of the most popular selling websites around.

#1 Craigslist

This is the premier selling website for most people. Craigslist has been around forever and it is the go to website for most people when they are looking for used stuff.

The trick to selling fast on Craigslist is pricing your items appropriately and getting noticed.

As far as pricing goes, the key is knowing how much your item is worth and then listing it for more. People love to haggle on this website and if you will not negotiate, they think that you are trying to rip them off. Let’s say that you are selling a 40″ flat screen LCD television and that you would love to get $200 for it. That seems like a fair price but you need to price it higher to get that price. Price it at $240 instead so that people think they win the negotiations when you accept their $200 offer.

Once you have established your price, you need to create a listing that gets noticed. Pictures are an absolute must. People want to see what they are getting and they want real pictures, not manufacturers photos. You have a phone with a camera so there is no reason not to post a few pictures. Make sure that you get the item that you are selling from all angles. This will satisfy your buyers and let people know exactly what you are selling so that those who would not be interested do not bother you.

When it comes to the text of your listing, be as descriptive as possible and use keywords often. Craigslist uses a very simple search algorithm and it is easy to manipulate. If you are selling a used four wheeler, put that term several times in your description, in your title, in the manufacturer column, etc. Use it often and rank higher for that term when people do searches. Also, be sure to use as many variations as you can. In this case, four wheeler, 4 wheeler, ATV, offroad vehicle, etc.

That is it, doing the above things should give you an attractive listing that ranks well on Craigslist and gets you noticed. As far as contact methods go, email using the Craigslist system is the safest but if you really want to move those items, a phone number that people can text will be very beneficial.

One final note with Craigslist, is to watch out for scammers. You absolutely will be contacted by a few but they are easy to recognize. Accept only cash and in person.

#2 eBay

Easily the second best medium to use when you want to sell something. And yes, I understand that a 7 day auction is not going to get your item sold which is why you will not be using an auction.

Instead of an auction you will be using the “buy it now” feature and if you have popular items like electronics or valuable jewelry and price them competitively, they will sell fast.

As far as pricing goes, look at similar products that have sold at auction. Now, take 10 percent off that price and list your item as a “buy it now” listing. Sure, you might be giving up a few dollars but if you want to sell it quick, this is what you need to do.

Just like with Craigslist, you also need to make your listing as descriptive as possible. Be sure to use as many different keyword variations as you can and take several pictures. If you can, use every picture that eBay allows you to post for free. Do not bother adding any listing upgrades, you do not need them and it only makes eBay money, not you.

The great thing about eBay is that you can also require your buyer to pay you automatically with PayPal. You can then use the same day debit deposit feature of PayPal to get your money fast.

#3 Gazelle

If you have old cellular phones, iPads or even computers, this is one of the easier ways to sell them fast without having to deal with any of those pesky individual buyers. Just go to their website and get an offer. If you like it, they pay for shipping and when they receive your item, you can get paid fast with PayPal or even by check.

Before shipping your item. be sure to wipe your device of all your personal information and return it to factory settings. The company would probably do this for you but since we do so many private transactions with our devices, we need to be careful.

Gazelle has also been rolling out kiosks that allow you to sell your items and if you need money now, you can get it the same day. The list of available cities for these kiosks is growing quick. Check their website for one near you. They will be under the ecoATM brand.

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