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What Can I Sell To Make Money Now

Thinking about selling something to make some quick money? Well, you have lots of options if you have extra stuff lying around. Keep reading and learn what you can sell to make some quick cash or consider your alternative.

There are a lot of things that you can sell to make a little extra money in a hurry. At a loss of what you have that you can sell? Take a look at a few examples of things you can sell if you need money desperately.

Sell This Stuff To Make Fast Money

Here are the top 13 things that you can sell right now to make some quick and probably much needed cash.

1. Sell Your Plasma

Sell plasma.Selling your plasma is a terrific way to make money and help people in the process. Medical companies make all kinds of life saving solutions from blood plasma.

To qualify to sell plasma you must be in good health and at least 18 years of age. Some things that would rule you out include low body weight, being sick, recent tattoos or piercings and recent medical procedures. New donors will also be subject to additional screening to determine the suitability of your donation.

The process of donating is rather simple. You will be hooked to a machine that will pull blood from a vein, remove the plasma and return your red blood cells. If you have ever given blood, you will have no problem with the procedure although it will take longer than a regular blood donation. Plan on the procedure taking between a half hour and 1.5 hours.

For your reward, you will make about $50 per donation. Some paces will pay more and some less. You can also donate more than once a month and can make several hundred dollars a month in total.

2. Sell Your Clothing

Have a taste for expensive clothing? If so, you might be sitting on a small gold mine. If you have kept your designer clothes in good shape, you can sell them to a resale shop for money. Now, if you get most of your clothes from the Gap, this is probably not going to work. Nothing wrong with the Gap but the clothes have no resale value. We are talking about high end clothing.

To sell your clothes, gather them together, launder them and take them to the closest high end resale shop. Depending on how much clothing you have, you can make anywhere from $20 to $200. They will try to offer you more as store credit but take the cash, that is what you need.

3. Sell Your Old Books

Yes, people still read books believe it or not. If you have a nice stack of hardback cover books, you can make some nice extra money at a book resell shop such as Half Price Books.

While you can make money selling books, you should not expect to make a fortune unless you stumble upon some signed first edition. A good goal to shoot for is between $10 and $50 depending on the quantity and quality of your inventory.

4. Sell Your Work

Sell Stuff.There are many places that you can sell your services both online and in person to make some quick cash. Get paid daily or get paid quickly to get the money that you need. Can you cut a lawn, hold a sign, make a website? Whatever you can do, there is a market for the service or services that you provide.

Now, where to sell yourself. One place that come to mind, especially for digital or online services is Fiverr. Don’t let the name fool you, you can make more than just $5 per gig if you have the right stuff. In addition check out the employment section of your local Craigslist and Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

5. Sell A Place To Live

Do you have an extra room in your home? That could be your ticket to $500 to $800 a month in easy income. The price you charge will vary depending on where you live and the cost of your residence. Live in a nice place in a hot area, you might make even more.

To sell your extra room you have several options. One is to take out an advertisement in your local paper. It shouldn’t cost more than around $20 but will net you a nice monthly return. A free alternative is Craigslist where you can advertise your room for rent, just be careful of scammers. Finally, you can check out participating in Airbnb. This would be an option if you live in a high tourism area and can vacate your property for a weekend or two a month.

6. Sell Your Old Gold

You probably have old jewelry somewhere in your bedroom that you can sell. Take a look around and see what you can come up with then ask yourself, will I ever wear this again? Is the style outdated or is it a trinket from a past relationship that you would just as soon like to forget? Sell it and make some cold hard cash.

Gold is worth hundreds of dollars an ounce and it is relatively easy to sell. There are gold and silver stores all over the place and they would love to make you a cash offer. Shop a couple different stores to get the best possible return for your old gold.

7. Sell Your Old Music

Turn your old compact discs into cash. Yes, people still buy them although the return on them is not what they used to be. Even better is records. People have a nostalgic feel for records and there has even been a resurgence in the popularity of vinyl. Hopefully the record cases are well intact with nice cover art.

To sell your old music, you can either find a specialty record shop or a used bookstore. Both are likely to get you money for your old tunes. In addition, if you have some particularly nice pieces, you could sell them yourself online at eBay.

8. Sell Gift Cards

Sometimes you get a gift that you just will never use. Maybe it is a gift card to a restaurant that you hate or to a store that you never shop at. Don’t let them just expire while they collect dust in your junk drawer. Trade them in for cash.

Websites like Cardpool will make you an offer for your old gift cards. It won’t be face value but it will be enough to make it worth your while. Check them out and see how much money you are sitting on.

9. Sell Your Cell Phone

You might be holding on to an old cellular phone for a backup but what you are doing is sitting on cash. Your phone is depreciating and it will never be worth more money than it is this very second. Sell it and get the money that you need.

These days, selling your cell phone is super easy. You can find local kiosks that let you sell your phone for cash on the spot and their are websites like Gazelle that let you get paid to sell them a phone by mail. Just visit their website, enter your phone information and get an offer. Accept the cash offer and mail your phone in with prepaid shipping. It couldn’t be easier.

10. Sell Old Video Games

Let’s face it, once you beat a video game it is just not a lot of fun to play it again. Don’t let your old video games collect dust on the shelf. Sell them and make some quick cash to help you with your finances.

When it comes to selling video games, you have a number of choices. The easiest might be to take it to a used game store but this might not be the best choice. You can probably make more money by selling your games directly to the final consumer on eBay. Price your games fairly with a “buy it now” link and you might even be able to have cash in hand in just a few days.

11. Sell Scrap Metal

Think bigger than aluminum cans. You can sell all kinds of scrap metal like steel and copper. The great thing is that this metal is all around you, just going to waste. All it takes it to drive through neighborhoods and look at the bulk trash that they are leaving out on the curb. This is easiest if you find out when bulk trash pickup is in certain areas. Then, all you have to do is go around and pull out all of the recyclable metal. What would have ended up in the trash heap is now bound for recycling and you are bound to make money.

To sell your newfound treasure, just search online for metal recycling in your city. You are bound to find a company that is willing to take your metal off of your hand and pay you well for it.

12. Sell Your Body

No, no, not like that. Get your mind out of the gutter. Sell your body for research. You can go about this in several ways. There are clinical trials that you can volunteer for. These pay you for your time and you are often required to come to tests or even stay over for weekends at research facilities.

Another option is to sell your body to science after you die. It might sound a little creepy but there are companies that will buy your body for use for medical research after you pass. This could be for research studies or for practice for medical students. Either way, you get money now and do not have to deal with the cost until after you pass.

13. Sell Some Furniture

Chances are good that you have some extra furniture that you do not use. A side chair that never gets sat in or a dining table that never has food on it.

Post an ad on Craigslist or the 5Mile app and get rid of it. Turn what is collecting dust into 200 dollars or more in a matter of hours.

Be careful with dealing with Craigslist buyers. Always meet in a secure area during daylight hours. Also watch out for scams such as the famous one where a buyer wants to send you a money order and arrange pickup of your item. Only accept cash and in person.

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