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Get Your ‘Yak’ Fast

Looking for a new kayak? If so, you are well aware that they are very expensive. A cheap model can cost 500 dollars while a more expensive fishing or touring kayak can cost well into the thousands. That can be a lot of money to come out of pocket with unless you have a plan. Check out our plan that will help you save the money for your new kayak in just three months.

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Getting A New Kayak Fast

Kayaks are very expensive, good ones at least. Sure, you can get one from a box store for around 300 dollars but it will not get you far and it might even fail you at the wrong time.

If you want a quality kayak and are short on cash, you have two choices. You can get a free quote on kayak financing or you are going to need to start saving.

Luckily, if saving is the choice you make, you can do it and do it in just 3 months, if you are devoted. Let’s take a look at how to go about this.

First, how much money are we talking about. For the sake of this article, let’s assume that we are buying a nice fishing kayak, they average around 1000 dollars. Starting from scratch, you are going to need to save a little over 300 dollars a month for the next 3 months to get the job done. Sound difficult, not really. Here are some cuts you can make to get the job done.

Cut Out The Fast Food

If you eat fast food every day for lunch, you are probably spending an easy 8 bucks a day during the work week and that is before you have even super sized it.

Instead, bust out the brown bag and take your lunch to work. You will eat better and save 6 dollars a day which equals about $120 a month or $360 in just three months.

Not a sandwich and chips kind of person. No problem, get creative. Salads, rice dishes, fruit, cheese sticks. There are a lot of ways to make up a meal that are tasty, healthy and most important, frugal.

See, we have just started and you are already a third of the way there to reaching the 1000 dollars that you need. Let’s keep going.

Nix The Java

For a lot of people, the day starts off with a cup of coffee. If you make it yourself at home, that is great. If you are visiting that chain coffee store, it is a big money waster.

It can easily cost $4 for just a very basic store bought coffee drink, even more for the lattes and such. Cut that out and realize a 20 dollar saving during the work. That equals about 80 dollars a month or 240 dollars over the course of the next 3 months.

Replace your daily store bought cup of beans with some home brew. If you are an aficionado of high quality coffee, invest in a grinder, some gourmet beans and a french press. You might not even miss that store bought drink after you start brewing your own stuff.

Okay, altogether now we are at 600 dollars in savings. That puts you 3/5 of the way towards your kayak. Getting interesting now, so let’s look for more savings.

Say Bye Bye To The Gym

You are about to have a kayak, why do you need a gym for exercise? Paddling that kayak will be a great upper body and cardio workout. Plus, you will be out in nature so it will be much more fun and rewarding.

A very average gym membership is around 40 dollars. It could be much more if you go to a high end gym. At 40 dollars, you will save 120 dollars over the course of 3 months. A nice little savings.

Replacing that gym membership is easy. A bunch of body weight exercises and a little kayaking and you will stay in good shape, if not get into better condition.

Adding it all up, we are at 720 dollars now. Very close to the purchase price of your fishing kayak.

Start Streaming Away

Still have cable? Why? It is a huge waste of money and you can get just as much entertainment value out of a streaming service. The average cable bill is 100 dollars a month. Replace that with Hulu and Netflix and spend 20 dollars a month. That is a savings of 80 dollars in a month or 240 dollars over the course of the next 3 months.

Once you make the switch to streaming, you will find that you miss cable very little. You can watch what you want, when you want. You will also find that most of those shows that you used to watch on cable are on Hulu a few days later.

Now, lets get a grand total. With the 240 bucks from cutting cable, we are now at 960 dollars. So close, but we are not there yet so let’s find another cut.

Stop Going To The Movies

The movies are a huge waste of money. Aside from the massive cost of snacks, unless you sneak yours in, there is the big ticket price.

It can cost 10 bucks a ticket to go see a matinee. If you take your significant other, that is 20 bucks to go see a single movie. Replace that with a dollar theater ticket, which is not really a dollar anymore, and save 7 bucks a ticket. That is 14 dollars for two people on a weekend or 56 dollars a month. Over the course of 3 months, that is 168 dollars.

Replacing those matinee tickets with dollar or discount theater tickets is easy. You just need to adjust to being a few months behind the curve. You see the new releases a few months late, no big deal when you consider the savings.

Add this 168 dollar savings to our total and you have 1128 dollars. More than enough money to get the fishing kayak or even touring kayak of your dreams, loan free.

Wrapping Up

I will be the first to admit that not every cut here applies to everyone. Not everyone goes to the movie every weekend, for example.

The biggest point to this article is that you see how small cuts can add up to big savings over time. If you want to save for a kayak, or any major purchase, leverage the power of the accumulation of tiny cuts. It works.

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