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Save Money On Lawn Care

If you own a home with a lawn, lawn care is an expense that you need to be concerned with. Many people love doing their lawn and the only expense that they need to consider is the initial expense of lawn equipment. For the rest of us, we need to consider professional lawn care and it can get expensive. Check out these easy ways that you can save money on this expense.

Cutting The Grass

Depending on the size of your lawn, the cost to cut and edge it on a regular basis can get quite expensive. If you spend 30 dollars a week, that could be over 1500 dollars a year in lawn care costs. Like every other expense that you face, there may be ways to reduce it. Let’s take a look at a few of these way.

Get Rid Of Grass

One way to cut down on the expense of your lawn care it to get rid of as much grass as you can. If you do not have as much grass to actually cut, your mowing bill will be much cheaper. Depending on the size of your lawn, you might even be able to completely eliminate grass.

One way to do that is with extensive use of mulch or rock beds. They may require regular weeding or application of herbicides, but are generally less maintenance than a full lawn of grass.

Another option is to hardscape by making rock or wood paths and seating areas. This not only cuts down on your maintenance costs but will also add value to your home by creating additional living space.

Finally, although there are other ways to accomplish grass reduction, consider AstroTurf. Many home owners are turning to artificial grass as a great alternative to the real stuff. It never needs cutting, is green year round and is less affected by rain. No more muddy lawns after a rainstorm. This stuff is even great with pets since it rinses clean.

Getting rid of grass might come with an additional initial expense but it will pay for itself in the long run. You get no weekly cutting bill, a lower maintenance house in general and iften improved home value.

Create A Package Deal

If you own a lawn care company, getting from lawn to lawn is an expense. They try to be as efficient, travel wise, as possible but there is still travel involved and that means down time. If several of your neighbors need or are using a lawn service, why not put together a package deal.

Contact a few lawn companies and ask for a deal to do 3, 4, 5 or even more lawns at one time. The more fellow home owners that you get to go in with you, the better deal that you should be able to get. It is a win win for everyone. You save the lawn company money and they pass the savings down to you. In addition, you consolidate all of that lawn care into one day meaning you won’t have mowers going every morning.

Avoid Winter Rye

Many people love the look of a green lawn all year round. To get that, they plan Winter rye grass. If your goal is to save money, this could be a huge mistake.

Winter rye grows incredibly fast and you will need to have it cut at least once a week. So, all of those days that you would have had lawn care free, suddenly become in play again.

Avoid the winter rye and just embrace the winter lawn dormancy.

Do It Yourself

The cheapest option but not always the most fun one. This will, of course, involve the initial investment in lawn equipment. With a standard lawn, a push mower and electric trimmer should be all that you need and you should be able to get equipped for well under $500. If you have a moderately large sized lawn, that could mean buying a riding mower. These are good for up to about one acre and will cost you about $1500 for  a decent model. If your lawn is larger, purchasing a zero turn lawn mower starts make sense. These start at around $3000 for a very basic model and can go up quickly to around $10,000 for a professional model.

If considering doing your own lawn care, be sure to compare the cost. Sure, you would be saving money but it could actually cost you in the long run. If it costs you $30 to have your lawn cut but it takes you yourself 2 hours to do it, that is $15 an hour. Could you make more money than that taking the time and spending it on work? If so, it may be better to pay to have your lawn cut.

Controlling Growth

One last option is to cut down on the actual times a month that you need to cut a lawn. Believe it or not, you can manage how fast your lawn grows by managing the resources that you give it.

First and foremost, this means not over watering your lawn. Water your lawn deeply once a week and that is it. If you live in a hot climate, you should not need to water your lawn more to keep it alive, especially if you have Bermuda grass which thrives in hot water. If your lawn goes dormant in the hot Summer, let it. This is time that you do not have to pay for mowing.

In addition, do not overdo it with the fertilizer. Once a year fertilizing is usually sufficient and do not go overboard with the Nitrogen. Heavy addition of Nitrogen can cause a massive growth spurt which means, you guessed it, more cutting.

Wrapping Up

As you can now see, there are a lot of ways to cut down on lawn care expenses, even if you do not want to mow it yourself. Choose the one that makes the most sense to you or perhaps use a combination of methods. With a little though, you could cut your lawn care expenses in half or maybe even more.

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