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Save Money On Guy Toys

Guys love their toys. ATV’s, Drones, Guns, Boats, ETC. These are things that just about every guy loves but they sure can get expensive. Like everything else though, there may be some ways to save on these things. Just because you are frugal does not mean that you can not have a little fun, you just need to be smart about it. Take a look at some great ways to save money on all of that fun guy stuff.

Guy Toys

Do guys need these things, of course not. That being said, guys want them and just because you are on a budget does not mean that you need to skip on all of the fun, you just need to use your head. Hear are some of the common things that guys want and how to get them cheaper.


4 Wheeler’s are high on the list of most guys. Who doesn’t want to hit the trails and run through the mud straddling 250 cc’s of power. A name brand ATV can cost almost 10,000 dollars. Here is how you can get that number down to a more manageable and budget friendly price.

Go Off Brand

There are some very capable foreign branded ATV’s that can be had for about a third of the price of the major brands. Tao Tao comes to mind. These might not have the flash of the major brands but they will certainly get the job done. Plus, if you happen to wreck it, you won’t be as upset about the loss of a $2000 ATV. It would hurt, but not as bad as an $8000 one.

Buy Used

One quick glance at Craigslist will reveal a ton of ATV’s for sale. If you get into money trouble, it is the luxuries that go on sale. That leads to a lot of guy toys being on the used market. Get that name brand machine for half the cost of new, possibly less.

Finance It

If you can not afford to take a full hit of your toy, look into ATV financing. Even if you have bad credit, this could be an option. A loan can allow you to spread the hit over several months to several years.


One of the newest types of man toys on the market is the drone. These little high tech flyers are just fun to play with and the fact that they make you feel like a spy, all the better. Drones can range anywhere from $200 dollars to $2000, it just depends on what you are looking for exactly. Now, that you realize the cost, let’s take a look at some ways to save on them.

Discontinued Models

Like most electronics, the technology is constantly being developed, refined and made more sophisticated. If you do not have to have the latest and greatest, you can take advantage of this fact to get a great deal on an older model. Just keep up with drone news and know when a model is approaching. When it is, keep an eye on the price of the old models and when they go on clearance, pounce on one.

Used Drones

As with a lot of toys, the used market is a great source. For drones, your go to destination should be eBay. Since there is such a large variety of drone types, this will allow you to get the exact model that you want at a good used price. You also get some good buyer protection in case you get that drone home and find that it does not work.

Finance It

Just like with ATV’s, a drone can easily be financed. In addition, even if you have poor credit, bad credit drone financing is available. Financing a $1500 drone can let you spread those payments out over a larger amount of time so that your budget does not feel a big hit. Shop for the best rate and make sure that the total cost of the loan is not prohibitive.


Whether they like to fish or race across the water pulling a tower, a boat is high on the lost of a lot of guys. There is no limit to how much you can spend on a boat. Realistically, they can cost anywhere from $5000 to well over $50,000.

The best way to save on a boat is to not get one at all, but if you want to learn for yourself about the expense of boat ownership, there are a lot of ways to save.

Buy Used

Boats are expensive. Not only to buy but to maintain. This is why there are so many used boats on the market. People get tired of maintaining them and just want to dump them. This is why boats depreciate far faster than automobiles. More boats on the used market drives prices down.

If you want to be a boat owner, this is a good thing for you. It is not uncommon for a boat to depreciate 50 percent in just two years. A big loss for the previous owner is a big plus in your pocketbook if you want to take that boat on.

Model Year Clearance

Just like with cars and trucks, new models with new features come out every year. The new models necessitate the clearing of old model inventories and the new features make these older models less desirable for some. This opens the door to savings opportunities to you.

If you are looking for a new boat during the middle of the year, consider waiting a few months until the new models come out. It could save you thousands off the price of that fish or ski boat.

Boat Clubs

One last option to save money on boats is a boat club. They sell monthly memberships that allow you unlimited access to a number of boats. No, you never own the boat but this might not be a bad thing.

With a boating club, you pay one membership fee and get access to a number of different boats from fishing to ski boats. You reserve the boat you want for the time you want and never have to worry about maintenance, loan payments, storage or anything.

Will a boat membership save you a lot over owning a boat, maybe not. It will however give you access to a number of different boats for one price and, should you decide to sour on boats, allow you an opportunity to get out of boats altogether very easily.

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