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Save Money On Furniture

Furnishing an entire home can be expensive, especially if you go full retail for everything. If you are tasked with the job of furnishing an entire home, we have some tips for you. Tips that can help you furnish an entire home for practically nothing.

Ready to get started furnishing your home on the cheap? Here are 5 ways to accomplish that goal without making any sacrifices.

1) Shop Facebook

Facebook marketplace is chock full of lightly used furniture with years of life left in it. If you are patient, you can easily purchase furniture for 10 percent or less of the original cost, but there are some tricks to it.

Be Patient, But Vigilant

The first trick is to be patient. You are not going to be able to instantly furnish your home instantly, especially if you have a style in mind. You will need to wait for the right furniture to pop up and you need to be constantly searching for those perfect pieces. Take advantage of Facebook alerts, which will notify you when the furniture you want becomes available.

Prepare To Negotiate

Most people expect you to negotiate, so don’t go in at full price. Study the other offerings online so that you get an idea about the going rate and then make a fair offer. In most cases, that will be about 10 to 20 percent lower than the asking price. Be careful about low balling as well. People are likely to block you completely and you might miss out on the perfect piece of furniture.

Have Transportation On The Ready

Finally, always have a way to get your furniture home immediately. Most sellers will not hold items on Facebook Marketplace, so you need to be ready to go get them just as soon as you make an offer.

2) Hit The Garage Sales

If you are not that choosy and need to get a home furnished quickly, you need to hit the garage sales, college style.

Simply get a truck or a trailer and drive around a few neighborhoods on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Bring cash and your best negotiation skills and you should be able to furnish most, if not all of your home for pennies on the dollar. Here are the tricks with garage sale shopping.

Don’t Be Picky

When shopping garage sales, you can not afford to be picky, because you are not going to find perfect furniture. You are pretty much just going to have to take what you can get, which is why this method is so good for college kids who are just happy to be starting out on their own.

Bundle & Save

Bundling is not just for insurance, it can get you some nice savings at garage sales as well. Most garage sale hosts are not just in it for money, they are looking to get rid of as much stuff as possible. The last thing they want to do is drag it all in at the end of the day. That means the more you buy, the greater the discounts will get.

3) Go For Foam

If you need to purchase mattresses, consider forgoing the traditional coil mattress for foam. Foam mattresses have a number of advantages.

They Are Highly Portable

First, is the  fact that they are highly portable. Manufacturers will compress a foam mattress down to a fraction of it’s actual size by sucking the air out of packaging. That makes shipping extremely easy and affordable.

Foam Is Much Less Expensive

You can purchase a foam mattress for a fraction of the cost of an old fashioned coil mattress. This is particularly true if you shop a mail order store like Wayfair. Where a mattress store might charge you over a thousand dollars for a coil mattress, you can have a foam one for around two hundred bucks, shipped.

Comfort Is In The Cushion

You might think that a simple foam mattress could never rival the comfort of coils, but this is not the case. Memory foam forms to your body and can actually be much more comfortable and even cooler.

4) Reach Out To Friends

So many people have extra furniture in their home that they do not use and/or do not want. They simply lack the motivation to put it up for sale and all it takes s a little nudge.

Make A Request

Simply put out a Facebook or social media message stating that you are moving and need furniture and wait for the responses. Chances are pretty good that friends and family will start offering up furniture and all that you need to do is go get it. The best part is that all of the furniture will come from trusted sources, meaning that you do not have the risk of meetups with strangers.

5) Purchase Interest Free

If you really have your heart set on new furniture, but still want to save, consider financing it interest free. It makes for easy to handle loan payments and with inflation, you actually save money, particularly if you finance long term. By the time you finish paying off the furniture, your money will be worth less which means you get more furniture for your money.

How To Get Financing

Interest free financing has been a thing in the furniture industry for decades, especially with companies like Rooms To Go. Just be careful to do two things. First, do not overspend, no matter how much credit you are extended. Second, make sure to pay off your loan on time because, in reality, your interest will be being deferred. If you do not pay off the loan in time, you will usually have interest charged back to you.

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