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Save Money On Diapers

As a parent you know, or soon will know, that diapers are a major expense with babies. If you can find a way to save even a small percentage off of the cost, it will add up to a lot of money in the end. Take a minute and learn how to save money on diapers and stretch that parenting budget.

Diapers are incredibly expensive. A box of diapers can easily go for up to $50 and it seems like as a parent, we are always buying them. A year of diapers can be well over 1000 dollars but there are ways to cut back on that.

Saving even a little bit on your diaper costs can add up in a hurry. So, in order to stretch that budget, let’s take a look at some ways to save money on diapers.

1. Get Samples From The Manufacturer

Diapers are a big business and every manufacturer is trying to win a bigger share of the market. Use this ambition on their part to your advantage. To do that, simply sign up with company websites and request samples.

The big manufacturers out there are Huggies, Luvs, Pampers, Good Nites and The Honest Co. Visit each of their websites and sign up. You may receive free samples simply for signing up but you can also request samples by contacting customer service. Do both because the more hooks you have in the water, the better.

2. Ask For Samples From Your Doctor & Your Hospital

Diaper companies go right to the source when they market their products. They try to hoop you from the beginning by giving a lot of sample to doctors offices and hospitals.

Not all doctors make it a habit of passing these samples out and the supply can build up. Ask your nurse if they have any samples when you are there and they might just use you as an outlet to get rid of them. You might get a few diapers or a few dozen but in any case, every free diaper is money saved.

3. Stock Up At Your Baby Shower

Clothes and toys are great but chances are that they will see little use with your baby.

Make it a point to register for diapers and lots of them. Choose multiple sizes so that you are good to go as baby grows. Having multiple sizes of diapers on your list also pushes the point to your guests that you really want those diapers.

4. Exchange Baby Gifts For Diapers

In case people do not get the message, you can always exchange those baby gifts for diapers.

Your baby can only play with so many toys and wear so many newborn sized outfits. Pick a few of the choice ones to keep and return the rest for the money you need for diapers.

5. Network With Other Parents

Keep in touch with as many new parents as possible and network. Babies are constantly growing out of diaper sizes. When they do, parents are often left with dozens of diapers that are of no use to them.

Be there to graciously and enthusiastically scoop up all of those free diapers.

6. Buy Quality Diapers

Diapers are one of those products that you want to buy name brand. You might think that it is a good idea to save a few bucks by buying the store brand but that is often a mistake.

Most store brands do not do a good job of wicking moisture, do not hold as much and often leak. This not only leads to ruining a lot of clothing, it also leads to having to change those diapers more often.

Pick a name brand diaper and you should come out ahead money and frustration wise.

7. Wait To Open Boxes

It might seem like a good idea to open those diapers up and organize them but this can cost you.

Simply put, you can not return an open box of diapers. If you pull to many out and baby outgrows a box or you just decide that a certain brand is not for you anymore, you are stuck with them.

Only open a box of diapers as you need it and try to keep track of store receipts. Most stores will allow you to return unopened boxes for store credit, even without a receipt, but if you can keep track of receipts, even better.

8. Clip Coupons

Use your local paper to clip coupons for diapers. Keep them organized and then use them in conjunction with store sales to really double down on your savings. You should always be looking for coupons and checking on stores for sales. Most store prices take effect on Wednesday and are advertised on online circulars starting on Tuesday. Stay up to date so that you are ready to pounce.

9. Contact A Charity

If you have a low income and can not afford diapers, there may be charities that can help you with free diapers. Diapers can add up to 100 dollars a month easily and this is a burden on many households. Charities like the National Diaper Bank seek to lessen the burden.

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