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Save $500 This Month!

Do you find yourself in need of some money? Would $500 help? If so, here are a few ways to save that much money this month by making a few temporary cuts These are not things that you probably want to do long term but they can help you make money to handle an emergency. Ready to get started, let’s go.

There are a ton of ways to cut your expenses temporarily. Some of them will be a bit painful but it is only temporary and sometimes you have got to do what you have got to do. Here are some cuts to make that could save you 500 dollars or more in a month.

Stop Going Out To Lunch – Save $160

If you go out to lunch every day at work, you are probably spending around $10 each and every day to eat. Thai is assuming that you eat fast food or a simple fast casual restaurant. If you go sit down and have to tip, you might spend even more.

Let’s compare the cost of dining out to the cost of bringing your lunch. You can easily eat for $10 a week or just $2 a day. One way to do so is with sandwiches. $2 for a loaf of bread, $3 for lunchmeat, $2 for sliced cheese and $3 for a large bag of chips that you can split up. Not a big sandwich fan, no problem. There are dozens of menus that you can come up with for $10 a week.

Spending 2 bucks a day for lunch will save you 8 dollars a day over the cost of eating out. Saving $8 a day will save you $40 a week or about $160 a month. As an added bonus, you might lose a few pounds by eating healthier in addition to the other many benefits of bringing your lunch.

Drop The Soda – Save $75

Soda is expensive no matter what brand you go with. If you buy it by the twelve pack, you can easily drop $5 per pack. With 2 people drinking just 3 cans of soda a day, you would go through 180 cans a month. That is 15 twelve packs with a value of $75. Switch to water from the tap and keep that money in your pocket.

Also note that your savings could be much more if you drink more soda, if you buy it in singles from convenience stores or if you get a soda at a restaurant.

Skip The Movies – Save $160

Outside entertainment like movies can cost quite a bit. For just two people to go to the movies, for example,  it would cost around $40 with a drink and popcorn. That equals $160 a month if you go to the movies once a week like so many do. Have kids? You would actually save much more in a month, well over 300 dollars is likely.

So, skip the movies. Of course, you still have to entertain yourself. Here are some ways to do that.

  • Go For A Walk
    When was the last time you just went for a walk. Walks are very therapeutic, can be entertaining and can help you get in shape. Simply take a walk around the neighborhood or kick it up a notch by heading to the park.
  • Play A Game
    A game of cards or even a board game can help bring the family together and is absolutely free. You probably have an entire closet full of games just sitting there collecting dust. Crack pen the closet and have fun.
  • Work Out
    Have you been thinking about getting back in shape. Stop thinking about it and take that extra time to do a workout. If you do not already have a gym membership, you can get plenty of good muscle toning ideas online. There are many body weight exercises that can build muscle and when yo are done, just go for a jog.
  • Read A Book
    The lost art of reading. Nobody does it anymore but give it a try and you might find that you missed it. Don’t go for a new book, instead choose to read a book that you already now and love. It will be like watching a classic favorite movie.
  • Do Something Free
    Just about every city has free events from time to time. This could be a free concert, fair or even movies in the park. Check all the cities in your area and see what is going on.

Make Your Own Coffee – Save $50

If you are a coffee house fiend, you need to give that up this month to make your $500. A simple cup of coffee can cost $3 at Starbucks and that is one of their cheaper drinks. You can spend much more if you indulge in things like frappuccinos.

Assuming that you only drink coffee during the work week, that is $60 a month. Compare that to the $10 you would need to spend on some good grounds and a cheap thermos. This is an easy way to save $50 or more a month and avoid that 10 minute long line at the coffee house every day.

Suspend Your Cable Or Satellite – Save $85

You may not be ready to cut the cord but you can still take advantage of the savings on a temporary basis. The average cost of cable is $85 and it is even higher for satellite.

Call your cable or satellite television company and tell them you are leaving town for an extended period and you would like to suspend service. With the state of the industry, they will do just about anything to keep you from actually cancelling.

So, chances are that you can suspend it for free with little to no effort. DirecTV, for example allows you to suspend service from anywhere from 1 to 6 months. Dish Network charges $5 a month and allows you to suspend service for up to six months. Keep in mind that no contract time will be used while on pause.

Replace your satellite time with some nice free activities like reading or simply replace the satellite or cable with a free trial to a streaming service like Netflix. Who knows, you might find that you do not mss your expensive cable bill and actually enjoy streaming.

Wrapping It Up

With just the cuts above, you have saved $530 but you might be able to save more, depending on your particular usage and family size. Chances are that you will not be able to keep these cuts going for many months but 30 days should not be a problem and could help you handle a sudden money crisis.


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  1. Perfect, just in time. I need to save some money to pay for a septic air pump that went out. That was a $400 repair that wasn’t in the old budget!!

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