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Plan A Wedding Without A Loan

If there is one thing that you can say about weddings, it is that they are expensive. Just put the word wedding in front of something and it doubles the price. Looking for a caterer, that will be 3000 dollars. Looking for a wedding caterer, that will be 6000 dollars. There is seemingly no end to the expenses involved in a wedding. So, what are you supposed to do if you want a great wedding but don’t want to get into debt? We can help.

With some thought and careful planning, you can truly have a great wedding without a costly personal loan. Start your marriage out on the right track, without unnecessary debt. Here are some ways to do that.

1) Write Your Budget In Stone

If you do not know how much you can afford, you are almost guaranteed to overspend. There are just too many ways to spend money with weddings and too many hands being held out.

Sit down and think about how much you can truly afford to spend. Take how much money you have now and then add how much you can reasonably expect to save before your wedding happens. Be honest with yourself and do not just assume that you will find a way to save the money you need. If your wedding is in 6 months and you have 2500 dollars saved, don’t set your budget at 10,000 dollars. It probably just will not happen.

Once you have your budget, divide it up amongst the various wedding categories and use it as a template when doing your shopping. This will keep you from blowing all of your money on one or two particular expenses and keep you out of a last minute loan.

2) Know What Is Important To You

Everyone has some things that are just on their must have list. Before you get too in depth with your wedding plans, write down what those must haves are. It could be a chocolate fountain or a particular DJ, but figure it out before you start making arrangements.

By knowing what is truly important to you, there will be the ability to work a budget around the expenses that are just non negotiable. It will also allow you to stay focused on what is important and not all of the other shiny things that you will soon be presented with.

3) Know Who Is Important To You

If you are planning a wedding on a budget, you just can not afford to invite everyone you know. This may lead to a few hurt feelings, but there are ways around that.

Determine exactly who needs to be at the wedding, starting with family and then branching out to friends. For those that do not merit an invitation, try to reach out and explain the situation with your budget constraints. If they are a distant friend, they may not even want to come to the wedding, but they would appreciate knowing you thought about them.

4) Consider Eloping Or A Destination Wedding

Simply eloping or choosing a destination wedding can solve a lot of budget issues.

For starters, it drastically cuts the wedding party size. Many people will be unable to take off work or will not want to burn their vacation time traveling with you. Others will not be able to afford to travel. In any case, you are off the hook for paying for them to attend.

Another benefit is that you take care of your honeymoon and wedding all in one swoop. Since your venue will now be in your honeymoon location, you may be able to save thousands of dollars.

5) Limit The Alcohol Selection

One of the costliest things that you can have at a wedding is a full bar. Limit the alcohol that you serve to just beer and wine and you can cut your expenses dramatically. Without the full bar, you may even be able to get away without having a bartender, although rules will vary from venue to venue.

To further add to your savings ask if you can provide your own beer and wine instead of getting it through your wedding venue.

6) Move Your Wedding To A Private Residence

Have some friends or a relative out in the country? Move your wedding there and cut your expenses in half.

The average venue will cost roughly 50 percent of the cost of a wedding. While that cost might include decorations and seating, it is still a major expense and an area that you should look to for savings.

If you have a friend with a home of suitable size, it will help you save and there will numerous other benefits. With a traditional venue, you are on a schedule. You will only have access to your area for a few hours before and a few hours after your ceremony. This can be a tense situation as you rush to set up for your wedding, take pictures and then stay on schedule with the ceremony. Having a venue at your full disposal can cut a lot of stress.

7) Pass On The DJ

Instead of paying for a pricey and sometimes annoying DJ, bring or rent your own stereo equipment. You can then download a playlist and use your phone as an inexpensive DJ alternative.

This will save you a good deal of money with the average DJ costing 1200 dollars or more. It will leave you on the hook for arranging toasts and announcing special dances, but that is why you have a wedding party.

8) Pick A Cheaper Date Or Time

Everyone want their weekend wedding, and this is why venue rates are so high on these days. There is only one Saturday night per week and that means venues charge a premium. If you want to save money and stay on budget, pick another day during the week. Week days will be the cheapest, but you may be able to save money with something slightly less desirable, such as a Sunday night wedding.

Of course, there is a drawback to having a wedding on an irregular day, it could cut back on the number of people able to attend. While this is a potential negative, you can turn it into a win by being able to further reduce your guest list, saving you more money.

9) Downsize The Wedding Rings

Your wedding rings could represent thousands of dollars of your wedding budget. If you get cheaper rings, you could allocate more money to the actual wedding service itself.

If you think about it, this makes perfect sense. After all, you can always upgrade your rings at a later date but you only get one shot at having a perfect wedding. Put the money where you need the funds right now.

10) Start Your Planning Early

The sooner you start planning your wedding the better. If you wait until the last minute to make arrangements, you may have to deal with higher prices or you might be rushed into making decisions without doing the research.

With time on your hands, you can look at all of your options and decide which will be the most affordable. You can also use your extra time to look for cheaper choices or to do some of the work yourself. Learn how to make your own centerpieces, plan out the perfect wedding music mix and even make your own wedding party gifts.

Time is one of your greatest assets when looking for a budget wedding.