Phone Bill Extension

Phone Bill Payment Extension

If money has gotten tight because of an unexpected expense or a short paycheck, one of the areas that you might be looking to make some cuts is your phone bill. We can help you stay in touch by getting you a free quote on a short term loan. Take a minute and get an offer. Otherwise, continue down the page and see if an extension is a possibility with your provider.

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Phone Bill Extensions By Provider

Cell Phone Payment Extensions

Every cell phone provider has their own rules and policies as it goes for bill extensions. All that we can tell you to do is contact your provider to find out if they will allow you to get an extension. Your cell phone company wants to work with you in most cases, even if you need 500 dollars or more to catch up. Choose your provider and see what they can do for you.

Choose Your Phone Provider

Choose your cell phone provider from the list below to see possible bill payment extension options.

T Mobile
Metro PCS
Simple Mobile

Verizon Wireless

Verizon’s extension plan is called a PROMISE TO PAY. To use it, go to your Verizon app and select “bill”. Then tap”make an advanced payment” and scroll down and tap”promise to pay”. Enter a payment amount and enter a payment date and then tap “promise”. Make sure everything is correct and tap “make a promise to pay”.

You can also set it up on the website by going to the “make a payment arrangement” page. You will then select “schedule a promise to pay”. Then enter the amount to pay, a date and tap “continue”. Review your information to make sure that it is correct and tap “make a promise to pay”.

You can contact customer service at 800-922-0204.

Sprint Wireless

With Sprint, you may be able to qualify for a PAYMENT ARRANGEMENT. To find out if this option is available to you, first sign into your account. Then, from your dashboard, click on the “other date” button and then click on the “calendar icon”. Finally select a date that works for you and a message will appear to tell you whether you qualify for a cell phone bill payment extension or not.

Contact customer support at 888-211-4727 for more information on payment extensions and offers that might apply to your account.

T Mobile Wireless

You may be able to make PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS with T Mobile, depending on the status of your account. From the website, log into your account and click on “billing”. Go to “payment settings” and select “make a payment arrangement” . Enter your details and select “agree and submit”.

From the T Mobile app, click on “bill” and then click on “payment arrangement”. Click “payment installments” to set up your arrangement and then select “payment method” to enter your method of payment. Finally, click on “continue” read your terms and then click on “agree and submit”.

You can also contact customer service by dialing 611 on your phone or by dialing 877-746-0909 from another line.


To see if you have payment arrangement options, log onto your account and open the payment calendar to see if future dates are available to you. If no dates are available, you do not have arrangements that can be made. Contact customer service for possible other payment alternatives. Late fees may still apply even if you make arrangements if the payment is made after your original due date.

If you would like to speak to customer service about your bill, you can do so by dialing 611 on your phone or calling 800-331-0500.

Cricket Wireless

BRIDGE PAY is the program that Cricket has if you don’t have the money needed to pay your bill right away. It allows you more time to pay your bill and allows you to split up your payment. You must set up this plan within 7 days of your normal due date, either before or after it. There is also a fee involved of $5 for a single line and $10 for a multiple line account.

There is no online way to set up BRIDGE PAY. You must either go into a retail store to set it up or call customer service at 1-800-274-2538.

Metro PCS

Metro PCS has a program that can get you a thirty day extension. It is called BILL FLOAT. Go to your online account page and login. Then visit the payment options section and select the BILL FLOAT option. Follow the instructions and you should be given a temporary 48 hour extension while your request is reviewed. You can contact Metro PCS customer service at 888-863-8768 or by dialing *611 on your cell phone.

Xfinity Mobile

Call customer service at 888-936-4968 to discuss payment arrangements if you can not make your bill due date. If you are in good standing, you should be able to get a ten day extension on your cell phone payment.

Simple Mobile

For any bill related issue, you can contact Simple Mobile at 877-878-7908.

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