Getting pet loans for bad credit.

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Thinking about getting a loan for your new puppy? DO NOT get a loan from a pet store. Let us get you an installment loan quote so that you can get your new puppy from a reputable breeder. This will allow you to avoid pet stores with their questionable ethics and give you far more options. Want a French Bulldog or a Poodle, the choice is yours when you have the ability to go straight to a breeder with cash.

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Puppy Loans & Pet Financing

This has become increasingly  popular and while some might think it is crazy to finance an animal, we know that financing makes owning a pure bred animal much easier. We can get you an easy quote on a pet loan for bad credit or good credit.

People tend to make one huge mistake when it is time to get their financing. They go to a pet store and apply. There are so many reasons to avoid this and instead, use an installment loan as a puppy loan. Installment loans are especially beneficial if you need pet loans for bad credit. Here are just a few of the reasons.

Limited Puppy Choices

When you shop at a pet store like Petland, you are limited to the animals that they “stock”. If you want a specific breed, you are often out of luck. When you get a personal installment loan, your lender will deposit the money directly into your bank account. You can then take that money and shop a real breeder.

Having cash in hand will let you get the exact breed of puppy that you want. It will also open you up to more examples of colorings and temperaments. You can visit the breeder and interact with their puppies in a more realistic environment. Every puppy is affectionate at a pet store, they want out of there. In a real environment, you can judge a puppy on playfulness, curiosity, intelligence, bravery and see if they have a real loving personality.

You Can Avoid Pet Stores

I won’t get too preachy here but pet stores are not good places for animals. The puppies are ripped away from their mothers at early ages and then kept in cages until they are purchased. Besides this just being plain mean, you have to wonder what it does to an animals personality. While they are stuck in a cage without love or attention, their brains are developing. It has to have a permanent effect on them and could perhaps affect the way they bond with you.

By comparison, when you buy from a breeder, the puppies are kept with their mother. When they are separated from their mother and siblings, they go home with you. This is an excellent way to bond with your new puppy because you immediately become the mother figure for your new pet. They will quickly learn to depend on you and become loyal. Loyalty is an extremely important trait in a dog.

Another reason to avoid pet stores such as Petland is who they get their animals from. A reputable breeder would never sell their dogs to a pet store. The pet stores would not pay the proper price and good breeders care what happens to their animals. This means that pet stores purchase from lesser quality puppy mills where the dogs are often overbred. Overbreeding produces lower quality puppies that will be more prone to defects.

Good breeders take care in how they breed their dogs. They have hips and joints checked and certified. They also do not breed dogs that show signs of negative traits and defects. Each breed of dog has certain negative traits that can occur like hip dysplasia. Good breeders attempt to minimize these things by only breeding strong dogs that do not show defects.

More Affordable Puppies

You can avoid the mark up that pet stores charge. Pet stores buy from cheaper puppy mills but that does not mean that they will sell you a dog for a low cost. The prices are often much higher than what a good breeder would have charged you. You might pay $1500 for a pup that you could have paid $1000 for at a breeder.

When you get a pet loan, you get a better puppy for a cheaper price. In addition, you will have more time to pay of your pooch because of it being a multiple installment loan.

Potentially Better Loan Rates

When you shop at the pet store, you will get a store card rate. Think about the average department store card. What is the interest rate? It is usually pretty high.

Your rate will, of course, differ depending on your credit but you could potentially get better terms with an installment loan. The rate you get is dependent on your credit and the lender who makes you an offer, so I can not guarantee that this will be the case. Might as well find out though.

French Bulldog Financing Possible

This is a breed that you might have trouble finding at a pet store. They are in high demand and even if a pet store does “stock” them, they will go fast. If you get an installment loan, you can have cash to pre-order a dog with a good breeder. This is the only way to secure a high demand dog. You have to put a deposit down on a French Bulldog or other popular breed before they are even born.

Puppy Loans For Bad Credit

Even if you have less than perfect credit, you may be able to get a bad credit pet loan. This is where we can really help you at Loan Monkey. We can not guarantee that you will get approved but we can increase the odds of you getting an offer. How? By giving you access to one of the largest lender networks on the internet.

When you apply at a store, you are applying with a single lender. if you do not fit into their mold, you will get denied. It is different with a lending network. With a network, if one lender does not approve you, your info goes to another lender. This is repeated quickly and securely until you get a loan offer.

Bad Credit Pet Loans

Of course, the lower your credit score, the higher your interest will be. There is no charge to get a quote however so if you do not like the offer, simply walk away.

For improved odds of approval, you should have a steady work history and a provable source of income. Even with other dents on your credit, you can often still get approved.

Keep in mind that bad credit pet loans will come with higher interest rates. Having said that, there is no fee to get a quote so why not see your offer. It takes just a few minutes to complete the quote process.

About No Credit Check Puppy Financing

There is no such thing as financing without some sort of credit check. Your lender has to do some sort of verification to make sure that you are real and can make the payments. Knowing that, you should also know that people with poor credit get loans all of the time, Do not pre-judge your credit because it never hurts to get your free quote.

Most Commonly Financed Puppies

Because of the cost of the following dogs, they are often financed to make them affordable to more people.

French Bulldogs

With a price range of $1500 to $3000, these are quite expensive dogs. They are also the fourth most popular dog in the united states. If you want a champion bloodline, expect to shell out between $5,000 to $10,000. That is a lot of money to come out of pocket so a loan is a choice many use.

Great Danes

Loving and affectionate but never cheap. Expect to pay $600 to $1500 for an American Great Dane. European bloodline Great Danes are typically between $1500 to $3000 but can get much higher for a champion bloodline.


The Mastiff is a very popular dog known for their imposing size. Despite the size though, they are also quite gentle making them good for families. The cost will typically be in the $1800 to $2500 range for a good puppy.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are highly intelligent and agile, making them the dog of choice for police departments and the government. They also make a great dog for active families. Prices are all over the board with inexpensive dogs costing as little as $500. A well bred dog from a breeder however will cost $1000 to $2000. Many people choose to break up this expense with financing.

Teacup Yorkie

Being a toy breed, litters are small, often only 1 to 4 pups. Limited availability means high costs. The starting price range is $1,000 but dogs can go for as high as $10,000.

English Bulldog

A face you are going to hat or love but definitely a dog with character. Most will go for between $1500 and $4000.

About Petland Puppies & Cats

Petland is a national pet store that sells puppies and kittens. If you have one near you, you have probably noticed one thing from time to time. Protestors. They are constantly under attack from physical protestors and lawsuits.  All of this attention might just be for a reason so before you decide to purchase from them, do a little research. It might change your mind.

In any case, going with a loving and responsible breeder is always the best choice.

Wrapping It All Up

So, let’s just wrap everything up. Here is why you should secure your pet loan online now. You may be able to get approved easier, you can make an educated decision on the loan without a cute puppy staring you in the face and you can choose whatever breed you want. Don’t be taken advantage of by the pet stores who offer poor breeding at high costs.

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