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Paying For Emergency Auto Repairs

We love our vehicles but they sometimes do not love us. Sometimes they break down when we are not prepared to deal with it. Luckily, you often have more options than you might think to deal with your emergency auto repair. Take a look at some possible solutions and pick one that will get you back on the road.

Emergency Repair Options

If you need money to pay for an auto repair, there are actually a number of solutions available to you. Take a look at the solutions below and find the one that works for you.

1) Get An Online Loan

This is an easy solution that we can help with. If you want to get a quote, simply click on the loan quote link in the top menu.

To get an online loan, simply fill out our short loan form. It takes just a few minutes and if approved, you can have money in your bank account as soon as the next business day.


There are several advantages to an online loan.

One advantage is that you may be able to get approved, even if you have bad credit. We give you access to a large network of lenders and that means more chances of getting a YES.

Another advantage is that if you are approved and if yo accept a loan, your lender will deposit cash into your bank account. That means that you can get several price quotes from different auto repair shops which should help yo uget the best price.


Every option will have both good and bad points.

One of the disadvantages of an online loan, especially if you have bad credit is the cost of the loan itself. Interest and/or fees can really add up on these loans. Still, getting your vehicle on the road is important.

2) Credit Cards

If you have space on your credit card, that could be a good option for you. Every auto shop takes credit cards these days and with one swipe, your problems could be solved.

When you have good credit, you might even be able to get a zero interest card. Many cards have 0 percent or low interest introductory periods. That could allow you to finance your repair for free.


So what are the advantages of using your plastic to pay for an auto repair.

The most obvious one is convenience. If you already have a card with a suitable limit, you just need to hand it over and your car or truck will be repaired.

Another possible advantage, if your credit is good is that you may be able to qualify for a low or zero finance card. That can save you hundreds of dollars in interest.


There are certainly some disadvantages to using your cred to pay for an auto bill.

The most obvious one is the cost. The average credit card interest rate in this country is 17 percent and rates can go as high as 29 percent. With rates that high, the interest will rack up very quickly.

Besides the interest, you also have the availability of credit. You might simply not have enough of a credit limit to cover the repair cost.

3) Auto Shop Financing

Many auto repair facilities offer in house financing. They might use third party financing or they might use in house financing. In any case, it could be a convenient way for you to pay for your repair.

Take a look at the good and bad about going this route.


The biggest advantage to using financing from the auto repair facility is convenience. You can do it all in one place. If time is a factor, this could be a nice option.

Another plus, if they use in house financing is that approval may be easier. The vehicle itself could be the collateral that gets you approved.


There is a big disadvantage to financing with an auto service. It does not allow you to price shop. They have you as a captive consumer because you need the money to get your vehicle fixed. This might cause you to have to pay more for your repair since you will be unable to price shop.

4) Borrow From Family

The good thing about having friends and family is that they are often there to lend a helping hand. If the repair is not to costly, perhaps a friend or even a few friends could offer you a couple hundred dollar loan.


Obviously, this would be a free loan, so that is the chief benefit. Not paying interest and fees can help you get the repair paid off faster and help you get your finances in order quickly.


There are several cons to taking this approach. First, is the fact that money and family can cause issues. If you do not take the loan seriously, there could be hurt feelings.

Another problem is that you might not be able to borrow as much as you need. If you need to borrow three bills, that is one thing. If you need to borrow three thousand, that is a whole other deal. Most people do not have that much money to spare.

5) Trade It In

If the amount of the repair needed exceeds the value of the vehicle, your best option might be to simply trade the vehicle in on a new one.

Dealers will take anything in trade and they may give you a couple grand or more for even the clunkiest of clunkers.


The good thing about going with this approach is that you would get a new, working vehicle, maybe even one with a warranty.

Also, you would not have to wait around for your vehicle to be repaired. You would just hand over the keys and drive off a lot.


The disadvantage to this approach is that you would have to take on the burden of a new vehicle loan. If you currently had a loan on your broken down vehicle, you might also end up financing some negative equity.

Lastly, financing a vehicle requires some credit. If you have bad credit or no credit you might not be able to get approved. Even if you do, the interest rate that you pay might prove excessive.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, five ways to pay for that emergency auto repair. Hopefully you can take advantage of one of these ways to deal with your problem and get yourself back on the road.

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