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Payday Loans Open On Sunday

Looking for a payday loan quote on the weekend can be difficult, especially on a Sunday. Loan Monkey can help you though. Our network of lenders works on the weekend and we can get you a fast, free and secure loan quote right away. Ready to see for yourself? Check out the short form below to begin.

Get A Quote On Sunday

Getting a quote is quite easy online and is a better choice than trying to find a local business that is working on Sunday. This is because most financial institutions just do not work on the weekend. An online retailer however will have longer hours and can get you your money as soon as the next business day. There are some things that you should know however in order to be an informed consumer. Keep reading and educate yourself on the ins and outs of getting a loan on Sunday.

  1. Funding may be delayed.
    Pretty much nobody does same day funding but if approved for a Sunday payday loan, you could get your money as soon as the next business day. This still makes it one of the fastest types of loans to get.
  2. Approval may come slower.
    While our lenders do approve loans on Sunday, there are more lenders taking applications during the regular work week. This means that it might take a bit longer to get an approval. Our system will send your information from lender to lender until it finds one that wants to work with you, so sit tight.
  3. You need to understand your loan details.
    Just because it is Sunday and you may be in a rush to get things done, does not mean that you should skip past your loan terms. Be sure to read everything that your lender sends you so that you know how much you will be paying back, when you will be paying it and all fees and interest rates involved. Do not let your hastiness get you into trouble.
  4. Approval may be harder on Sunday.
    Also, keep in mind that it might be harder to get an approval period on a Sunday. This is because many lenders are not open on this day. The fewer lenders, the lower your approval odds. This makes using a lender network such as ours particularly important.

It’s Sunday, Relax A Bit & Think

Hopefully you are not working on this great Sunday. If you are not, you should have some time to relax and think about your money options. This is important before taking out a loan, especially a high interest rate loan. So, do you have any other options? Here are a few possibilities of places that you can get money today.

  1. Family
    You knew I was going to say it. Family could help you out with money and could probably get it to you today. With instant transfer services like Zelle, you may not even need to leave the house to get a free loan from a family member.
  2. Pawn Shops
    Many pawn shops are open on Sundays. The only catch is that you have to part with something you might want to keep and they do not give you much money in exchange. Still, it remains a viable option.
  3. Coinstar
    You know, those little change counting machines you see at the grocery store. Maybe you have a jar of coins that you could raid to get you some money. It is not uncommon for someone to have ten or twenty dollars in coins stuffed in your couch. If you have been saving coins in a jar, you might even have a hundred bucks or so.
  4. Old Cell Phones
    If you have an old cell phone around, you might be sitting on a pile of money, especially if its an iPhone. There are automated kiosks in most cities that allow you to sell your phone and get money instantly. They are automated, so they are obviously open on Sunday.  Could be $100 or even $200 sitting in your junk drawer right now.
  5. Doing Without
    Think about it. Are there any expenses that you can cut? Do you really need cable? Can you ut your cell phone contract on hold? There are lots of ways to temporarily cut back on expenses that might negate your need for a loan entirely. Sit down, right out all of your expenses and come up with a plan to make the cuts you need. It could be as simple as taking your lunch to work or perhaps riding the bus to save on gasoline.