Strategies for credit card debt.
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3 Strategies To Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Are you struggling to pay off credit card debt? Many Americans are and it shows since the average person has nearly 8000 dollars in debt tied to high interest credit cards. Credit card debt is the worst kind of debt to carry because of the great impact that it has on a budget. You could be paying hundreds of dollars a month, just in minimum payments and it is time to put that to an end. Take a look at 3 tried and tru methods that you can use to finally get rid of that credit card debt.

Working at home with screaming kids.
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Working From Home With Kids

Kids are fun but they can make life difficult at times. Someone has to watch them but you still need to make money. During this time, both of those things have gotten harder. With the economy in the dumps due to Covid-19 it is harder to earn money. Likewise, because of Covid-19 it is much harder to find child care that you can afford and trust. This is also made more difficult with schools moving toward online learning at home. What is a parent to do if they need to watch the kids and make some extra money? We have some ideas.