Saving money on a new baby.

New Parent Savings Tips

Saving money can be difficult, especially when there is a new little one in the house. As a new parent, the temptation is to spend and spend but it shouldn’t be that way. To help you to save with child, we have a few money saving tips.

    1. The Discount Club Is Your Friend.
      You will want to immediately join a discount club like Sam’s Club or Costco. The savings will pay for the membership in the first month. Almost everything that you need for a baby will be much cheaper and available in bigger boxes. This includes diaper, wipes, formula and even baby clothes. Those onesies get stained pretty easily, buy them by the dozen. You can easily save hundreds of dollars at a discount club so if you don’t want to be desperate for money, start here.
    2. Don’t Break The Bank On Birthdays.
      The first two birthdays might be special for you, but not so much for your baby. They will probably sleep through the biggest portion of the first one and will never remember the second one. Save money and just do something simple. A backyard barbecue or just have a few family members over. Just be sure to take a lot of pictures and enjoy the influx of extra baby help that you have for the day.
    3. Think About What You Register For.
      Don’t just go crazy scanning everything in the store when you register. Use your baby registry to get a head start on the baby necessities. Make sure to register for the not so fun items. Plain onesies, diapers, wipes, baby lotion and shampoo. Get a few toys but be careful not to register for things that you really do not need and won’t use much.
      In addition, be choosy about where you register. Choose places like Target or Walmart where people get more bang for their buck. Some stores will also give you extras for registering with them like coupons or free gifts.
    4. Limit Spending On Special Outfits.
      Buy items that can be worn over and over again and nothing too fancy. Remember, babies love spitting up on the most expensive shirts first. Also fancy Christmas and Halloween outfits are probably going to be uncomfortable which is just going to irritate the baby, possibly spoiling theirs and your fun.
    5. Don’t Turn Down A Baby Shower.
      You will have your main baby shower with family and friends but your work might want to throw you one as well. Don’t give up the opportunity to get extra baby gear. Graciously accept the offer and reap the rewards.
    6. Shop Baby Thrift Stores.
      There are a ton of resale shops for baby items. They outgrow toys and baby gear quickly so why pay full price. Pick them up for a bargain and then sell them back again when you are done. Consider baby toys more of a rental item.
    7. Join An Online Parents Group.
      Most communities will have parenting groups that chat online and even have local events. They give each other tips and donate kid gear to each other when they are done with it. The support is good, as is the influx of free stuff.
    8. Start Thinking About College.
      It might seem weird to start saving for college before your baby can even walk but now is the time. If you start saving now, the burden is much less on you. Divide the expense over 18 years instead of 5 or 6. Look into 529 plans that give you tax deductions for contributions that you make to them.
    9. Take Advantage Of Free Babysitting.
      When babies are little, there is no shortage of free babysitting offers. Take advantage of them to save money when you and your spouse want to have a night out. Enjoy it now because the offers dry up when the kids get a bit older and more difficult.
    10. Return Gifts You Don’t Need.
      Don’t just leave that gift in the box in a closet. Return it and get cash or store credit. Use the money to buy the things that you will need like diapers. Have I mentioned diapers yet, you will need diapers, lots and lots of diapers.
    11. Get A Free Breast Pump.
      If you have health insurance, and hopefully you do, you can usually get a free breast pump. Contact your insurance company for details. Some will buy it for you and some will reimburse you for it.
    12. Get Samples From Your Doctor.
      Doctor’s receive samples from manufacturers all of the time. Ask your nurse if they can give you some. Every free item you get saves you money and this will allow you to try several different brands to see which ones you like. Not every diaper is created equally.
    13. Buy Small Packs At First.
      Once you open that big box of bottles, nipple or diapers, it is yours. Start with a small pack until you find the one that you like. This is particularly important with bottles and nipples. Some babies just do not take to certain styles and it may take some trial and error.
    14. Breast Feed & Then Pump.
      Do this as long as you can. It is better for babies and much better for your pocketbook. Once you switch to formula, you will see just how much money you were saving. Those little cans of powder are super expensive.
    15. Buy Gear That Grows With You.
      This means convertible baby gear. Get a car seat that is 3 in 1, a stroller that can be used with a carrier and without and cribs that convert to toddler beds. Tip: make sure the bed actually comes with the parts needed to convert. Some require an additional kit.
    16. Don’t Spend Until After Your Shower.
      You are excited about your new arrival but you will get so much of what you need at your shower. Don’t spend money now, wait and see what you get. Even if an item is not on your registry, wait, people do not always buy just what you registered for.
    17. Buy Good Diapers.
      Generic products can save you a lot of money in most cases, but this is not the case with generic diapers. Cheaper diapers do not hold as much, are ill fitting and leak. They are frustrating and can lead to a lot of stained clothing that you will have to discard.
    18. Don’t Open It Until You Use It.
      Once you open it or take the tag off, it is yours. Do not open anything until you need it. This can mean clothing, diapers and just about everything else. Your baby might outgrow something before you use it and if the tag is still on it or it is in the box, it can be returned.
    19. Look For Extra Earning Opportunities
      If you are staying home with baby, chances are that you will have a little down time to earn. Take advantages of apps on your phone that can save you or even make you money.
      Apps like Ibotta can save you money on the things that you already buy and websites like Swagbucks can help you make money from just surfing the internet and playing games. Best of all, you can do all of this on your phone while you are rocking baby, etc.
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