A man who needs some money to get out of a jam.

Need Money To Get Out Of A Jam

Need money to get out of a big jam? Money problems are the worst, but you may have more resources than you think. So, before panic sets in, take a few minutes and look at 14 possible solutions to your money problems.

1) Get A Loan Quote

The easiest solution will always be to apply for a loan, and we can help. It takes just a few minutes to get an answer and there is no obligation. If anything else, use the money to take care of your emergency and then use the slower options below to pay it back.

2) Make A Donation

Did you know that your plasma could be worth as much as 1000 dollars? It’s true.

Plasma is used to make a number of medical treatments and the companies that make them are not charitable organizations. They are very much in business to make a profit and are therefore more than willing to pay you for your donations.

Plasma donation is very different than giving blood. During the plasma donation process, your red blood cells are returned to you. Because your body does not have to regenerate these red blood cells, you can donate up to twice a week. Couple these biweekly donations with new donor bonuses and you can make some great money. Perhaps all of the money you need to get out of a jam.

3) Salvage Some Metal

Depending on the type of metal that you salvage, it could be worth as much as 2 dollars a pound. This is because it is cheaper to recycle used metal than it is mine and refine new metal.

The trick with making money from salvaging metal is finding it. This is not as difficult as it seems, because like a lot of things in this country, people just throw it out. Find metal on the curb on trash day, thrown in fields or listed for free on websites like Craigslist. All that you have to do is go pick it up and take it to a local metal recycling business.

4) Use An ecoATM

Who doesn’t have an old phone in a drawer or box somewhere in their home. We like to keep them just in case our regular phone is broken or lost, but that rarely happens. Instead, the phone just sits around collecting dust and depreciating until it is worth nothing at all.

An ecoATM is a kiosk that will give you cash instantly for your phone. Just plug your phone in and get your offer. If you like it, leave with the cash you need to get out of your jam. To find an ecoATM, just do a search for one on your main phone. They are in most major cities, usually inside grocery stores.

5) Get A Credit Limit Increase

Have a credit card that is charged up? You still may be able to use it to get the money that you need. What you need to do is call and ask for a credit limit increase.

Call your credit card’s customer service department and first make sure that your income is up to date. If you have had an increase in pay since you received the card, this could get you a limit increase. Even if your income has not changed, some card companies will give you a courtesy increase if you have a good reason and your account is in good standing.

6) Sell Some Furniture On Facebook

People are always looking for used furniture on Facebook Marketplace, and the website/app makes it easy to sell. With the availability of a top of the line messenger service, you can instantly be in touch with buyers who want what you are selling.

The trick with Facebook Marketplace, if you want your items to sell quickly, is to price them competitively. Do some quick research and see what furniture is selling for and then price your item at this level or slightly below it. Expect some haggling to occur, so price your item for 10 to 20 percent more than you hope to receive. If you want to get 200 dollars for a couch, list it for 240 dollars.

7) List An iPad On Ebay

Tech goes for more money online and eBay is your go to destination. With eBay, you have the ability to reach more buyers and the power of competition. Everybody wants to win an auction, even if it means overpaying.

List an iPad on eBay and it is sure to sell. The only downside is that to get max dollar, you will need to wait for a 7 or 10 day auction to end. Need the money faster? Set up your item as a “buy it now” listing and price it competitively. Just make sure that your settings require buyers to pay instantly with Paypal and be careful with out of country buyers.

8) Cut Your Hair

Have long flowing hair? Are you ready for a change to your look? You may be able to get that new look and handle your money problems. Just sell your hair.

Doing so is much simpler than you might think. All you need to do is find a listing site, create your listing and set an asking price. Depending on your hair, you could make anywhere from 100 dollars to over 4000 dollars in cash. Plus, just think about how much money you will save on shampoo.

9) Ask Your Employer

Many employers are more than willing to advance you money on your paycheck, you simply need to ask. If you work for a small company or one that handles their own payroll, your odds of approval are very good.

When you think about it, your employer has no reason not to grant you an advance. You will have already earned the money being given and it can help keep an employee happy. A happy employee is a loyal employee.

Should you decide to go this route, be respectful and try not to use this option very often. You probably want to be promoted at some point and asking for loans frequently might make you look bad.

10) Skip A Car Payment

If you have a car payment, the 400 or 500 dollars that you need to pay this month may be all the money you need to get out of a jam. Don’t just skip it though, you will need to contact your lender and ask for a deferral.

A deferral will basically move a payment to the end of the loan. You will still eventually have to make it because your loan will be extended by how many monthly payments you want to skip. To ask for your deferral, take the easy route first. Some lenders will give you the ability to ask for a deferral with a simple click of a website button. With others, you will have to call customer service.

In any case, if your account is in good standing and you have not asked for one in a year, deferrals are almost always granted.

11) Adjust Your Budget

You have a budget right? If not, now is the time to make a simple budget so that you can use it to find the money you are in need of.

Budgets are actually very simple. Just list all of your expenses including fixed amounts for things like food and entertainment. Preferably, you will want to list your expenses on a spreadsheet so that you can see changes instantly, but paper will do. Once you have your budget, compare it to your income and then look for cuts that you can make to free up some money.

12) Borrow From A Friend

Usually money and friends do not mix, but an interest free loan is very appealing, especially when you need money to get out of a jam. Yes, you can borrow from a friend successfully, but you have to be smart about it.

The most important thing is to get everything in writing. Memories get fuzzy over time, so you need to have something to prove how much was borrowed and how much is paid back. Money transfers should also be handled by check or electronic deposit, never cash. While this might seem impersonal, especially with friends, it is in everyone’s best interest.

13) Have A Yard Sale

What could be more American than the weekend yard or garage sale. Just pull out all of the knickknacks, clothing and let’s just say it, junk that you have and see if other people want it. In just a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday morning, your problem could be solved.

In order to have a successful garage sale, the most important thing is signage. Place a sign on a major road and then direct people all the way to your door. That means a sign at every turn along the way. Signs are cheap, get plenty of them. Do be sure to check with both the city and your HOA to make sure that a garage sale is allowed and that you do not need a permit.

14) Resell Free Stuff

This is last on the list, but it is a great way to make some extra money, not just now for your emergency, but also in the future. All that you have to do is resell free stuff.

Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are full of free listings. These are listings for goods that people just want out of their house. While it might seem unethical to sell something given to you, keep in mind that you are doing these people a favor. They simply want the clutter out of their home and you are facilitating this.

When using this method to make money, your best bet is to switch platforms. Buy on Craigslist and sell on Facebook Marketplace or eBay for example.