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It is hard to live in your home without a properly working HVAC system. If yours has gone south and you have bad credit, you might be facing a problem. We might be able to help you with this problem with a free 2 minute loan quote. Get an offer on the money that you need to buy a new heat pump or air conditioning system for your home. Ready to get started?

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About Loan Monkey

We believe in complete transparency and the first thing that you should know is that we are NOT a direct lender.

Wait though, that is a good thing. You are probably used to trying to work with lenders and what typically happens, with bad credit, is that you get turned down. One lender means one specific set of requirements to get an approval.

Instead, we get you access to a loan network with many lenders and many different sets of requirements. This means that you have more chances of getting an approved offer after submitting just one loan quote request. If you need money desperately now, this saves time and a lot of frustration.

Now that you know how we work, let’s take a look at how the quote process works.

Your Loan Quote

It takes just a few minutes to complete the short loan form with only some basic information.

  • First, you will need to enter the information about yourself. Just some basic contact information and details to confirm your identity.
  • Next, you will need to enter information about your income. It does not have to be a job, just money that you get regularly.
  • Finally, you will enter your bank information. This is needed because, if you accept an offer, your lender will deposit money right into your bank account. This is a big plus because it will make you a cash buyer with all of the benefits that come with that.

That is it, a pretty short and sweet loan quote form. There is no easier way to get an offer for HVAC financing with bad credit.Once you complete the form, simply agree to the terms and submit it to the network.

Once securely transmitted to the network, if approved, a lender will make you an offer. You will be directed to their website in order to see the offer and complete the loan process to get you the HVAC system or Heat Pump that you need.

If you like the offer, you can accept it and if you do not like it, simply turn the offer down and walk away.

If you read and liked the terms, your lender will work on getting you the money just as soon as possible. This could be as early as the next business day if conditions are right. Rest assured that you will be shopping for that HVAC system just as soon as possible though.

Your Loan Payment

At Loan Monkey, because we are not direct lenders, we have no control or knowledge about the offer that you will receive. Having said that, we can offer you some advice on making that payment, whether it be 300 dollars or 500 dollars per payment

Here are some tips for handling your loan properly.

  • First and foremost, make sure that you can afford that loan payment. If you can not, you should turn it down, even if you need that AC or Heat Pump. Taking on a loan that you can not afford will only make your problems worse in the long run.
  • If you can afford the loan, insert the payment into your budget so that you can plan accordingly. Affording your loan might require you to cut back in other areas or increase your income with some side work, so plan to do so if needed.
  • Finally, make sure that you are aware of the exact day that your payment will be withdrawn. In most cases, your lender will automatically withdraw the payment from your bank. If this is the case with your HVAC loan, make sure that you have the money in your account on time to avoid overdraft fees or late payment fees.

Buying Your HVAC or Heat Pump

If you qualified and decided to accept your loan, you are now faced with an important decision, where to buy your new system. Systems can cost as much as 6000 dollars or more, so you need to shop carefully.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to vendors but not all of them will be the most qualified or offer you the best price.

The benefit of being a cash buyer in this situation is that you have a lot more choices. If you were to have obtained store credit from a single provider, you would have been stuck with the prices they charge and the brands they offer. With cash in your account, you can buy from anyone and get exactly what you want for your home.

Here are some things that you should look at before pulling the trigger on that HVAC system.

Is The Vendor BBB Certified?

The Better Business Bureau is actually a for profit organization that maintains ratings on vendors. Many people think that they are a charity or government organization but they are not.

Having said that, a company that seeks BBB accreditation is more serious about their reputation. Look for a company that is BBB certifies and is maintaining an A rating.

Also, do not take their word for it. Many companies claim to be BBB certified but in fact are not. That is a huge red flag.

Does The HVAC vendor have good reviews?

These days, it is easier than ever to look up reviews on a company. Just search for the company name and see what pops up. You want to see many good reviews and, of course, few negative ones. If they have one or two negative reviews, look at how they handled them. You can not please everyone, but if a company handles negative complains respectively, it says a lot.

Also, make sure that you do a search on the company phone number. This is a little trick to weed out companies that have changed their name. They may change their name, but they hardly ever change their phone number.

How Long Have They Been In Business?

Every company has to get started at some time but that does not mean that you need to let them “cut their teeth” on you.

Look for a company that has been in business for at least 5 years. That length of time is enough to start seeing some reviews and know that they are not a “fly by night” company. You want to make sure that the company you choose will be around for warranties and service.

What Do The Bids Look Like?

Once you have narrowed down your choices, get bids from at least three different contractors and resist the pressure to sign up right away, even if they offer a special deal.

When you have all of the bids for your HVAC or Heat Pump in front of you, it is time to compare. A low price is good but also look at the completeness of the bid. You do not want a contractor that cuts corners or who will come back for more money once the job is underway.

Use your gut feeling and the research that you have just done to choose the contractor that you feel the most comfortable with. This is a big part of your home and you should not make this decision on price alone.

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