Money in a flash.

Need Cash In A Flash?

Funny thing about cash, when you need it, you usually need it fast. If you find yourself in a situation where you need cash in a flash, here are some ways to get it. You might actually be surprised at all of the options that you have.

First things first, how much money do you really need? Sit down and determine what it would take to handle your current situation and we can give you some options on how to handle matters.

I Need 200 Dollars or Less

This is a relatively simple amount of money to come up with and we can even help you get it fast. If you need 200 dollars immediately, the fastest option is with a loan. Not sure if a loan is for you? No problem, there is no commitment in just getting an offer, and in the meantime, here are some more choices.

Trade In A Device

That old phone or tablet is not doing you any good sitting in your drawer, so trade it in now and get the money that you need in a flash. Even an iPhone that is several generations old will still bring in around $200, but you need to act quickly. Every day you hold on to it, your device loses value. Find an ecoATM to trade it in today or there are many online services that will give you cash for your phone.

Put Off A Bill

Your creditors are far more willing to work with you than you think. Simply call up a few of them and see if you can move a bill to a later date or even defer a payment entirely. This is particularly easy to do with car loans and it is so common that many lenders even have an automated system to handle deferral requests.

Have A Garage Sale

Got a lot of small items that you can sell? If so, you have a garage sale in the making. Just set up a table and get some cheap stickers and get your junk in order. In just a few hours, you can make the money you need in a flash. As a side benefit, you get to de-clutter your home.

Sell Something You Don’t Need

If you have a high ticket item that you do not need, you can sell it fast on Facebook Marketplace. Just price it competitively and it will sell quickly and you will not have to deal with the headache of a garage sale. Just use caution with buyers, they will not all be legit.

Take Out A Payday Loan

Not an ideal situation, but it can certainly get you 200 dollars or less in a flash. Just make sure that you are willing to pay the high cost of financing and that you can afford to have the money come out of your next check.

Borrow From A Close Friend

Friends and money can mix, if you take the proper precautions. What this mainly means is getting your transaction in writing. It might seem impersonal with a friend, but it is the only way to ensure that there is no confusion about what is being borrowed and what is being paid back.

Take On A Side Gig

A lot of side jobs pay money weekly and some pay the very same day. This gives you a lot of options to get money if you need less than a few hundred dollars. Think about places like Uber and just about any food related business where cash tips are common.

I Need 900 Dollars Or Less

So, what if you require a bit more and need 900 dollars or less. Obviously a loan would handle the problem, which we can help you get. That being said, you may have more options. Have a look.

Borrow From Your Employer

Better than a payday loan, because there should be no interest. Many employers are more than willing to advance you money on your next paycheck. This is a simple accounting transaction for them, and all it really costs them is time. Most employers would rather see you take an advance than to accept an expensive loan, so it is worth asking. Just be prepared for your next paycheck to be short and make the necessary arrangements.

Change Jobs For A Bonus

Employers are hurting for employees these days, mainly in the blue collar sector of the economy. In order to attract employees, many of these companies are offering sign on bonuses. This could be anywhere from 500 dollars to over 1000 dollars. That means that changing jobs could be a great way to get the money you need. You might also end up with a job that pays more and one that you like better.

Get A Title Loan

Arguably one of the riskiest loans that you can take, a title loan will get you the money that you need quickly. Borrowers must be careful however and realize that you are putting your vehicle up as collateral. Ultimately, the lender does not want to have to repossess your vehicle, but they will have the option if you default on your obligation. Do not accept a title loan unless you are 100 percent sure that you can make the payments.

I Need 1000 Dollars Or More

If you need 1000 dollars or more, things get a whole lot more complicated and your options go down.

Take Out A Loan

Given the amount of money that you need, a loan is going to likely be your best option. This can work, even if you have bad credit, but you need to be careful. If your credit has seen better days, the loan interest rate will probably be very high. Just keep in mind that lender rates do vary greatly, so get a few different quotes. Once you have your quotes, check to make sure that the interest is reasonable in your mind and that you can afford to pay the money back.

Use Multiple Methods

This option might involve some hustling, but if it keeps you out of a loan, it should be worth the effort. Simply stack multiple methods to get the money you need in a flash. This might involves selling an old device, asking your employer for an advance and even having a garage sale. Use every source available to get money and then stack them to get the full amount that you need to handle your emergency.

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