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Need Money ASAP?

Looking for Money in a hurry? We can help by giving you a number of options. One possible solution, a loan quote from one of the lenders in our network. There is no obligation and quotes are free. Is that does not work in your situation we have a number of other options, so let’s get started.

First A Free Quote

Even if you decide not to pursue a loan, it would be nice to have an offer as a backup at least. It takes just a few minutes to get a quote with only basic information.

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Reasons To Get A Loan

I need a loan ASAP, we hear that all of the time. If that is your situation we may be able to help.

There are many reasons that you might need a loan right away. In many cases, a loan might be the right thing to do. In other cases, you might have some other options. Here are some cases where you might want a loan as well as some possible alternatives.

I Need Money To Pay The Rent

ASAP rent assistance

Sometimes you might need some extra money to pay the rent. This might be because of an unexpected shortage in your paycheck or another expense that snuck up on you. Being late on rent is a stressful situation and the thought of losing your home is very unsettling.

Loans Can Help Pay The Rent

It takes just a matter of minutes to get your Loan quote. If approved, you can get your money as soon as the very next day. If you need to solve your housing issue quickly, this is the fastest way to get it done.

Alternative Ways To Pay The Rent

You might have alternatives to pay the rent that do not involve taking out a loan. Here are some possibilities.

  1. Contact your landlord.
    Many landlords may be willing to work with you on the rent. The cost to evict a tenant can be high. Once evicted, they have more costs like make ready and the cost to attract a new tenant. Most landlords would like to avoid these expenses entirely by working with a tenant that they feel is making an effort to get caught up.
  2. Ask friends and family for money.
    A free loan always beats an interest bearing monthly installment loan. If you only need a few hundred dollars to get caught up this might be a good choice.
  3. Sell your car.
    If your car is paid off, consider selling it to get caught up. You could switch to public transportation until you get back on your feet and then finance a new vehicle or save up for another one. Many dealers will buy cars outright and can issue you a check the very same day.
  4. Government programs.
    Sometimes when you think you need a loan ASAP, what you really need is to look at your situation. If you are in a situation where you qualify for government aid, you might be able to get help with housing. Here are some organizations that help with rent. Maybe one can assist you.

I Need Money For A Car Repair

ASAP Car Loan

Cars are guaranteed to break down at some time. When they do, we are not always prepared to handle the situation. You need your vehicle to get to work, to get the kids to school and just to function normally. It is a situation that needs to be handled quickly. So, when you need money ASAP to fix your car, here are some possible solutions.

Loans Can Get Your Car Fixed

If you need to get things handles now, fill out the form at the top of the page and get a Loan quote in minutes. If you are approved and accept your loan, it will be deposited directly into your account. This can happen as soon as the next business day.

Alternative Ways To Fix Your Car

Like with everything else in life, you have choices. Here are some other ways to get money ASAP that you can use for car repairs.

  1. Ask your family for a loan.
    This might be a tough one since auto loans can run close to and even over a thousand dollars. Still, maybe you have a rich family member who can help.
  2. Finance your repair with the garage.
    Many garages will allow you to finance a loan with them. Be careful though, because if you do not pay back the loan, they can take your vehicle.
  3. Buy a new vehicle.
    Maybe it is time to call it quits with this vehicle of yours. It could still be used as a good trade in though. The cost of that repair could easily pay for a few of the payments.
  4. Have a friend repair it.
    Know somebody handy with vehicles? Maybe you can have them repair it for you. This option might only cost you the money for parts, a pizza and perhaps a six pack.
  5. Get a cash advance.
    If you only need a few hundred dollars, a cash advance might be just the trick. A loan for around $300 will not cost you too much in fees but you will have to pay it back soon.

I Need Money For A Vacation

ASAP Vacation Loan

Sometimes you just want to get away even if you do not have the money for it.  How do you get the money to get away when you do not have it?

Loans Can Fund Your Trip

An installment Loan might be just the thing if you are ready to take a trip. You can get a loan ASAP, making it an option worth pursuing since the quote process is free and you are under no obligation.

Alternative Sources Of Vacation Money

Loans are not always for everybody. Here are some other ways to take a vacation if you really need one.

  1. Go on a cheaper trip.
    Perhaps you are over reaching and trying to take a trip that is outside of your means. Instead, why not come up with a cheaper budget and avoid getting in debt.
  2. Take a “Staycation”
    Instead of traveling, why not stay at home and act like a tourist in your own town. There are probably attractions in your city that you have not visited. Act like a tourist but one with a free place to stay  and who doesn’t need to pay for travel or rental cars.
  3. Do not go on vacation.
    Maybe instead of taking a vacation, you can put in some more hours and save. Maybe take on a part time job, open a savings account and begin budgeting for a future trip. You might enjoy your future vacation more knowing that you will not go in debt for it.

I Need Money To Keep The Electricity On

ASAP Electricity Help

You have got to have electricity, especially in the heart of the winter or summer. If you have come up short and it is time to get the bill payed, you need options.

Loans Can Keep The Lights On

When you need money ASAP, a loan could be only moments away if you take advantage of the short quote form at the top. It takes about a minute to enter your information in and then you will get your decision fast. If you like your offer, the lender will put the money right into your account as soon as they can.

Other Ways To Keep The Juice On

A loan is not the only source of money for electricity. Here are some other options that you might have.

  1. Government programs could help you.
    Contact the human resources department of your city government and see if they have any programs that could help you keep your electricity on. Most of these programs would provide you grants that you would not have to pay back if you qualify.
  2. Contact the electric company.
    Your electric company might allow you to split the bill up or they themselves might have some programs that can help you.

How To Get A Loan

The process of getting a loan is very simple. There are just a few steps.

Fill Out The Loan Quote Form

Take a minute and complete the short loan quote form. You are only going to be asked some basic information about your address, your contact information and employment information. You will also be asked for your bank information. This is so the lender can deposit your money into your account if you choose to go forward.

Submit Your Information

Once you fill out your form, you can then agree to the terms and submit your information. Your information will then be sent to our network of lenders. It will go from lender to lender until one is found that would like to make you an offer. If you need a loan ASAP, it is often the fastest way to get a quote, even if you have bad credit.

Review Your Offer

Your lender will then present you with an offer for you to review. Be sure to look at all of the terms of the loan. In particular, be sure that you now how much your financing will cost you. This is the way that you can judge if it is a good idea or a bad one to accept your loan.

Accept Your Loan Offer

If you like the terms of your loan, you can now accept the loan offer and your lender will deposit the money directly into your bank account.

Spend Your Money

Your lender will deposit the money directly into your account. When they do, it is yours to do with as you please. Use it to handle whatever emergency that you have or to make a purchase.

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