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Bad credit can make getting a loan a challenge, but we can help. To make it easier to get approved, we will give you access to one of the largest networks of lenders on the internet. More lenders equals more chances for an approval for the 10000 dollars that you need. Ready to get started.

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How Can Loan Monkey Help

We can give you access to a loan network that may be able to say yes, even if you have been turned down recently. If you need 10,000 dollars now here is how we can help.

Access To The Network

We give you access to one of the largest loan networks on the internet. We are not a direct lender and this is a very good thing.

With direct lenders, there is one set of requirements to get approved. This means that if you do not meet the requirements, you get denied. Then you either give up or have to start all over again, somewhere else. This can be both time consuming and frustrating, especially if you need money this second.

Networks work completely different. You submit your quote form for $10,000 and then it goes from lender to lender until you get approved. If the first lender says no, your info goes to the next one. This repeats over and over again until you either get your approval or exhaust all of the lenders in this huge network. This way of doing things greatly increases your chance of getting an approval with bad credit.


See that little lock thing in the address bar. That means that the website is secure. This makes it safer for you to enter your information online. Not every website takes the time to make sure that their website is secure.

In addition, our loan quote form uses 256 Bit SSL encryption. This protects your data, helping to keep you safe from identity theft and data misuse.


When you  need money, whether that be a few hundred dollars or ten thousand dollars, time is often very important.

We help you out with speed in several ways. First off, we have an A+ rated website as far as speed goes. This means you will not experience delays or website errors. There is nothing worse than being almost done filling out an online form only for the website to freeze. That will never happen on our website.

Another way that we speed up your loan process is by using a fast online loan network. The automated systems in place will get you approved just as soon as possible. No waiting around hours for an approval, in most cases, you will get it in minutes.


An informed consumer is a good consumer. We try to give you all of the information so that you can make a good loan decision. In addition to information about $10,000 loans, we also want you to know your loan alternatives.

Besides this, our lenders will also fully disclose all of the details of your loan. When you receive a loan offer, your lender will be thorough in the information that they provide. It will include the amount you are approved for, your payment, the loan term and the total cost of credit. Pay particular attention to the total cost of credit. This is the figure that tells you exactly how much it costs you to receive the credit if you carry the loan to term.

Alternatives To Borrowing Money

With dollar amounts as high as $10,000, there are often few alternatives to getting a loan. Most of us do not have other sources of this kind of money just laying around. Still, here are some possible ways to produce at least some of the cash that you need.

Sell A Vehicle

Do you have an extra car sitting in the driveway. It is a luxury to have a second vehicle if you do not need it. Perhaps the time has come to get rid of that luxury in the name of saving money. Even if you only raise a couple thousand dollars on the sale of a junk vehicle, it will limit how much you have to borrow. Maybe it will allow you to borrow $8,000 instead of $10,000.

If you decide to sell your vehicle, you have a few options. You can sell it yourself by taking out a classified ad or you can sell it to a wholesaler. Selling it yourself is tedious and a bit of a pain but it will give you the biggest return. Selling to a dealer like Carmax is easier because you can get a check for your vehicle the same day.

Do Without

Sometimes a loan is a needed expense to cover medical bills or other bills that can not be avoided. Other times, the loan is not a necessity.

If a loan will place too much stress and is for a non necessity, perhaps you should not take it. Some common examples of non necessary loans are four wheel ATV purchases, vacations and even weddings. Elopements are often a better choice and can provide just as many memories when done right.

Before taking out a loan, you should insert the payment into your budget. If it does not fit well and you can live without what the loan would buy, avoid it.

Bad Credit Loan Questions

In an effort to make sure that you are informed as possible, we would like to give you an opportunity to ask us some questions. Below are some common ones but f you do not see your question, please be sure to contact us.

  1. What will my interest rate be?
    We are not a direct lender and can not give you a definite answer but your interest rate will depend on a lot of factors. When your lender makes you an offer, they will take many things into consideration. They will look at your income, your credit and how much you want to borrow.
  2. Can I borrow more than 10,000 dollars?
    You should borrow only what you need but yes, you can borrow more. You can request to borrow up to $50,000.
  3. Can you guarantee me approval with bad credit?
    Once again, we are not direct lenders and can not guarantee you approval. Nobody can. Lenders will need to look at your credit to see if you qualify. That being said, with more lenders, your chances of getting approved are greater.
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