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Need $35,000 Right Now?

If you need a sizable loan, in the amount of 35000 dollars, we may be able to help. Even if you have bad credit, you could be minutes away from getting a loan offer. It takes just a few minutes to complete your quote and get your decision so what are you waiting for. Let’s Get Started.

Getting Your Quote Is Easy

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Getting Your Offer

So, you have decided that you need a loan and the best way to get the $35000 is through the Loan Monkey website. Great. Now, you are probably wondering how it is all going to work. Let me walk you through it.

First, you are going to need to check out the quote form at the top of the page. It will walk you through step by step and it will only take a couple of minutes at most to complete. All that you will have to have is some basic information about yourself including your contact information, income information and banking numbers. Banking numbers? Yes, that is so your lender can deposit money directly into your account if you accept an offer. This can happen as soon as the next business days in many cases.

Once you are all done, give it a quick accuracy check and then submit the form. It will then securely go to the loan network. The form uses 256 Bit SSL Technology to protect your important information. Once there, it will go from lender to lender until one is found that wants to make you an offer. If that lender is found, you will be given the details of your 35000 dollar offer for your approval.

The next step is up to you. If you do not like the monthly installment loan offer, there is nothing that you have to do, simply walk away and go pursue another option. If you do like it, you can accept it and your lender will go to work for you. They will wrap up the process and get you your money just as soon as they can. Like I said, this can occur as soon as the next business day.

Deciding On Your Loan

Before you commit to that loan offer, you should make sure that it is a good one and works for your situation. Not every loan is a good one and if you have bad credit, chances are good that the terms of this loan might be a bit harsh.

Only you can decide if the cost of the loan is worth the benefit.

Consider the total cost of the loan and the cost of not having it. Which is wore? Also, consider whether you can actually afford the loan payments. Do not just assume that the money to pay back the loan will appear.

If you do not have one, you should make a budget and fit the loan payment into it. Then, compare your new monthly expenses and see if you have enough money coming in to cover them. If not, you need to make some cuts, increase your income or turn down the loan.

Loan Repayment

The details of your $35000 loan repayment are up to you and your lender. They should spell them out in your loan offer but if there is any confusion, you need to contact them, preferably before you sign your contract.

What this section is going to talk about is ways to pay that $35000 back. This size of a loan is a big commitment and you need to take repayment seriously. Here is what you need to do.

Set Your Budget

Hopefully, you have a budget, if not, work on that. Once you have all of your bills for the month listed, including allotments for food, entertainment, etc, insert your loan quote. Then compare that to your take home income. How does it all look. Hopefully, the loan payment plugs smoothly into your budget and you can just carry on happily with your 35000 dollars. If not, you have got to make a little room in the budget.

There are three ways to do that. You can make some cuts, increase your income or both.

Making Cuts Is Easy

Making cuts to your budget is actually pretty easy because if you are like most people, you are blowing money on some ridiculous things. The biggest changes that you can make are going to be things like entertainment and food budgets. You have to eat and you need to entertain yourself in some fashion but you need to keep it in check.

Bringing your lunch to work is one of the simplest ways to save money and possible get healthier in the process. You can save an easy ten dollars a day brown bagging it versus eating fast food.

Decrease your dining expenses even further by limiting dining out at night or at least implementing some cost cutting strategies. For example, share entrees when possible. Most restaurants serve portions that are too big for one person to eat anyway. Also, cut the soda and alcohol and just get some free water.

Just cutting dining expenses alone can get the average person a much needed $500 a month, in many cases. That is a huge chunk of money towards that 35000 dollar loan payment.

Besides dining expenses, also look at ways to reduce your grocery bills by concentrating on cheaper staples like rice and potatoes. Things you can buy cheaply in bulk.

There are literally dozens of ways to cut a budget if you look closely and are willing to make a few sacrifices. Do this and when you are done, look at adding some extra income.

Side Gigs Are Easy

If you can not cut enough money to cover your payment, it is time to look at getting a side gig. Luckily, the economy is doing great right now which means unemployment is low. And, that means part time jobs are plentiful and are paying well.

If you do not want a schedule and want to work on your terms, look at Lyft. Once approved, you can just set your own schedule.

If you can work a shift, check out Walmart or Target as both companies have long hours and have increased their starting wages.

One final option is to just go out on your own with your own little side hustle. Cut lawns, open a carpet cleaning company, design websites even build fences if you have the skills. The sky is the limit and advertising is cheap at places like Craigslist. You are only limited by your creativity and your drive.

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