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If you find yourself in need of 2800 dollars, we may be able to solve your problem. Let us help you get an offer for the money that you need in just a few minutes. Even with bad credit, we may have a lender for you. There is no obligation, so why not get started now?

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Easy Ways To Get $2800

If you need 2800 dollars or more, there are several ways to get it. Some of these ways will be simple and fast, but some might take some time. In any case, these are proven methods to get money. Take a look.

1) Get A Personal Loan

If you want fast and easy, you can take out a personal loan. This will be the easiest ways to get the money that you need but it will come with interest and/or fees. Still if you need to have your money quickly, it is hard to beat a loan.

If a personal loan is the route that you take, we may be able to help you get an offer, even if you have bad credit. We can say this because we are not lenders, but instead get you access to a much larger group of online lenders. More lenders means more chances of getting an approval. Here is how it works.

First, fill out the form at the top of the page. Enter in how much you need now, 2800 dollars, and then some basic information about yourself. Then hit the submit button and get your answer. If approved, one lender from the group will make you an offer for the $2800 that you need. You will then be redirected to their website where you can review the offer.

If you decide that you like your loan offer, you can accept it and have money in your account as soon as the next business day. It is as easy as that.

2) Start Your Own Home Business

You need money, so it might seem counterintuitive to spend money on a business, but it might be a viable option. There are many businesses that you can start for little to no money, because you already have most of the equipment in your home.

What are these businesses? Maid services, lawn care, doggie waste removal, junk removal, etc. Think about all of the things that you do around your home that you do not like doing. Well, nobody else likes doing them too and you can profit from that.

Any of the businesses above could earn you an extra 200 to 400 dollars a week in your spare time, all that you need is the clients. Fortunately, there are a lot of free or low cost ways to get these clients. Craigslist allows you to offer services for free, Facebook is great for word of mouth and even a simple business card left on a door can be very effective. With a little hustle, you could have the 2800 dollars that you need in just 7 weeks.

3) Sell Some High Dollar Electronics

Have a few high dollar electronics around that you do not need? Most of us do. It could be the Apple watch that we just no not use as much as we thought we would or our last generation iPad. These things have value now, but they are quickly depreciating. Sell them now and get a good chunk of the 2800 dollars that you need right now.

The trick is knowing where to sell them. If you want money fast and are okay with losing some value for convenience, Gazelle is a good place to turn. They will make you an online offer and then send you a shipping label to send your electronics to them.

But what if you have a little more time and want top dollar? It is still hard to beat eBay for getting the most for your items. The competitive nature of online auctions combined with the huge audience will get you closer to the $2800 that you need.

4) Refinance Your Car Or Truck

If you have equity in your vehicle, you may be able to tap into it with a “Cash Back Refinance”. Just like with refinancing a home, you take out a loan with a higher value and the lender will give you cash back to use towards your sudden expense. So, if your car is worth 15,000 dollars and you owe 10,000 dollars, you might take out a new loan for 13,000 dollars. Your lender will then give you 3000 dollars cash back to pay for your emergency.

Refinancing your vehicle is a great alternative to a much more costly Title Loan but you need to have a few things. You need to have equity, you need decent credit and you need to find a lender that will do the deal. Not all lenders will offer “Cash Back Refinancing” so it may take some looking around.

5) Cut Other Expenses

Okay, so if you need 2800 dollars, you will likely not be able to cut that much in expenses in just one month, but you might be able to do it in 2 to 3 months. Take a look at some ideas.

First, if you have an auto loan, ask for a deferral. Most lenders will defer one to two months of payments for an emergency. If you have a payment similar to the US average of $563, that is nearly 1100 dollars right there.

Next, put all of your memberships on hold or cancel them. Cable or satellite television, gym memberships and those paid app subscriptions need to go. This can save you another 200 to 300 dollars over the course of a few months.

Once the memberships are cancelled or put on hold, take a look at your variable budgets like food and entertainment. Cut out entertainment entirely and then trim down your food budget with meal planning. That will put another several hundred dollars in your pocket each month.

Finally, take a look at the budget and scrutinize every other little expense. Can you switch to average month billing to save on your electric? What about calling your credit card companies to ask for an interest only payment. Every monthly bill in your budget is a potential opportunity to save some of the $2800 that you need.

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