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Need 2000 Dollars Or More?

If you suddenly find yourself in need of 2000 dollars, we can help. Don’t fall for those get rich quick websites, what you need is a loan. We can help you get a quote for a loan that could satisfy your need. Even with bad credit, one of our lenders may be able to help. In any case, it is free to find out.

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How A Loan Works

This is quite simply the fastest and easiest way to get the cash that you need now. Here is how it works. Fill out the quote form above and hit submit. Your information will then be sent to the loan network. If approved, one of these lenders will make you an offer for the 2000 dollars that you need now.

Because you get access to a loan network instead of just one individual lender, your chances of getting that approved offer are much greater. If you get an offer, carefully review the terms and the costs of the loan before agreeing. If you like the terms, accept the loan and you will have the money in your account as soon as the next business day.

If you nod like the offer, simply walk away and find another way to get the 2000 dollars that you need. There is no obligation in just getting a quote.

Other Money Options

There may be other ways to get money if you need 2000 dollars right now. Here are some areas that you might consider before accepting a loan with all of the fees and/or interest that come with it.

Sell $2000 Worth Of Stuff

This will take a bit longer and will be more work but it can get you your money. You will probably have to sell multiple items to reach your goal, unless you have an extra car, motorcycle or boat lying around. Go through your house and see what valuable junk you have collected that you do not use or need. Round it all up and then put it up for sale.

Making A Successful Sale

You will want to list your items on one or more websites or apps to get the best response. There are a number of different resources available and you should take advantage of them all if possible. As far as items to sell, the hot items are almost always electronics and jewelry. Video game systems, for example, will often sell within hours of being listed. Below are the best places to list your items.


This is the first place most people think about when it comes to selling and buying used items. You should be very careful with Craigslist though because it is also the first place that scammers think of when deciding to scam someone. If you list your items here, you must accept only cash and in person only. You should also be sure to meet people in a secure location in the daytime. Someplace with a lot of people or even in front of a police station.

Facebook Marketplace

A relative newcomer to the online classified market is Facebook Marketplace. Facebook has, of course, been around forever but with this service, you can now sell on the website as well. The good thing about this venue is that there seem to be less scammers. They are there though, so you should use caution.


It may take a bit longer to get the 2000 dollars you need on eBay but you will probably get more for your items here. In addition, you also have the extra problem of having to deal with shipping.

To do the best on eBay and to have the fewest problems, be sure to take lots of pictures of your item so that the buyer has a clear understanding of what they are getting. You want to make sure that your buyers are happy because you should know that if there is a problem, eBay almost always sides with the buyer.


This is one of the newer players in the used item marketplace. You can get the app on apple and on android. You have probably seen the commercials for it on TV, if you still watch regular TV that is. Selling is nice and easy once you have downloaded and signed up for the app. Simply take a picture of the item that you want to sell, write  short description and boom, it is listed. The app will work best in well populated cities.

Local Gold & Silver

If you have a lot of outdated jewelry in your possession, a gold and silver dealer might be the best option. Will it get you 2000 dollars now, probably not, but you can get part of the money.

Even though the style of jewelry is not timeless, the value of gold is and they will give you money for your jewelry based on its weight. Best of all, it will be a quick transaction and you will walk out with your money on the same day.

Selling Online

Make Money In Business

If you need 2000 dollars right now, this might not be an option for you. If, however, you have a bit of time, consider going into business. There are a number of businesses that you can start with almost no startup costs. Once you get set up, you can start earning the money that you need.

How Starting A Business Works

The first thing that you will need is a DBA or Doing Business As certificate. It will allow you to get a business checking account in the company name that you choose. It shouldn’t cost much, about $20 in most cases.

Next, go get a free business checking account. These are getting harder to find but you can find one, usually at smaller local banks. Those two things are basically all that you need to get started but you might need other things like licensing or insurance depending on the area you live in and the business you decide on. Most of the businesses below do not require those things but you should check what is required in your city. Now, on to the businesses.

Lawn Care

A super easy business to start. One thing that you can be assured of is that grass will grow. If you have a lawnmower and a weed eater, you are in business. You can advertise your business with a simple flyer that you pass out house to house or you can do some good old fashioned door knocking. Prices will vary per region but $20 to $50 a yard is the typical range. You would want to charge more for larger yards obviously and for those that require extensive edging. At $50 a yard, you can avoid a $2000 loan by cutting just 40 lawns.

Poop Scooping

The low capital start ups often have one trait in common. They involve doing the things that people do not want to do themselves. This includes picking up dog poop. All you need is a scooper and some trash bags and you are in business here. Advertise it the same as a lawn business and watch the business flood in. Do, make sure that you dispose of animal waste properly so that you do not get yourself in trouble with the city. This business is almost all profit because of the low operating expenses, mainly gas. Make an easy $200 a day or more, part time. This means that you can make your money in no time.

Carpet Cleaning

Another service that people want done but do not want to do themselves. You can find used carpet cleaning machines on Craigslist for as little as $300 if you look around. You can then take these machines and a little chemical and earn $80 to $120 an hour cleaning carpet.

But you don’t know how to clean carpet? No problem, there is a lot of information available online so do your research. If you are careful not to over-wet the carpet and use only basic cleaners designed for residential carpet, you should not run into any problems. Making around $100 an hour will get you the $2000 that you need in no time. Be sure to do good work and ask for referrals to grow your carpet cleaning business.

House Cleaning

Another super low startup cost business. Not quite as profitable as carpet cleaning but it will cost you less to get started and there is more work out there. More people hire maids than hire carpet cleaners. You will make closer to $40 an hour cleaning homes but the work is very constant and most customers will become regular monthly clients allowing you to quickly grow your business. With some success, you can avoid a 2000 dollar loan and keep making money in the future.

Web Design

Become a WordPress or Facebook expert and make money from home. Little overhead is needed because these are free programs, you just need the knowledge of how to work with them which means practice.

Once you have the skills, you can earn upwards of $100 an hour charging people to make website for them. You can also get good money building and maintaining Facebook presences. Companies need these things but most just don’t have the time or knowledge to get it done. Make $2000 in a single week with this business model.

Junk Removal

Do you have a truck? You can get paid to remove peoples junk. All that is involved is your vehicle and a little manual labor. Be sure to familiarize yourself with fees at the local dump and know what can and can not be disposed of. Things like tires, batteries and paint require special disposal and are more expensive to handle.

Recycling Business

You can make a lot of money selling valuable scrap metal, especially metals like copper. The great thing is that the items you sell for recycling are typically free. All you need to do is drive around on bulk trash day in neighborhoods.

You will find metal just lying around for the taking. Metal that would have been destined to the landfill can be converted to usable items. You can therefore help the environment and make money at the same time. It will take a lot of hard work to get to $2000 but it can be done.

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Refinance or Sell Your Home

We are getting a little more extreme here but this can be a great way to get 2000 dollars now. There will be fees associated with this option and it could take a few months, but it will work.

How Selling Your House Works

Your first step will be to contact a realtor for a consultation. They will be able to give you an estimate about what you can sell your home for based on comps in the area. You can then figure about how much you can walk away with, after fees, if you sell your home.

If you decide to go ahead with the listing, you will need to prep your home for showing and keep it clean and in good order during the showing stage of the sale. Once you get an offer and accept it you will need to, essentially, pack up and get out by the closing date. This option will probably yield you far more than $2000 and if you have been in your home long enough it may even be tax free.

How Refinancing Your Home Works

You will need to contact a mortgage broker and inquire about a cash out refinance loan. This will allow you to pull out some of the equity in your home when you refinance. The amount that you can pull out will vary from state to state. There will typically be fees involved with the refinance but these could be offset by potential savings in interest if you qualify for a lower rate.

Sell Home

If you need less money, you might be interested in reading this article.

Rent Out A Room

Well, you probably will not make $2000 all at once but in the course of several months. If you have a nice room, you can easily get $400 or more a month if you include all bills. In 4 months, you will have the money that you need.

How Does Renting A Room Work

It is simple, you simply take out an ad in your local paper or even Craigslist. You have two ways you can go about it. You can either look for someone to rent your room on a monthly basis or you can look for someone to rent it on a daily basis. If you want consistent money and do not want to deal with a lot of people coming and going, go monthly.

If you live in a touristy area and want to make more money, you can rent your room on a nightly basis. If you go with the daily option, you would have  far better luck renting out your entire home on a place like AirBnB.

Make Money At A Part Time Job

This might take several months to accomplish but you can make $2000 or more in a few months of part time work. Luckily, it is a employees market right now and jobs are plentiful for decent wages. Here are some places that you might try.

Stocking Jobs At Night

Place like Target and Walmart need stockers at night to keep there shelves full. These jobs fit in well for those with regular day jobs who need to make a little extra money. With the beginning wage at Walmart now being $13, you can make the money you need in just a couple months of working part time evenings. An average part timer can make $300 a week before taxes. When you leave, do so on good terms so that you can get your job back if you find yourself in need of money again. This means give them at least two weeks notice.

Driving Jobs

If you have a car and a smartphone, you can get employed driving in your spare time. Look at companies like Lyft and Uber. You can turn this income on at any time so it truly is on your schedule. In a few months of leisurely driving, you have $2000, maybe even more.

Wait Tables

Have a good personality and like people? Consider waiting tables for extra money. If you are good at what you do it is not unheard of to make $30 to $40 an hour. This would give you the money that you need in as little as 50 hours of part time work. Look for restaurants with higher ticket totals like steak houses and bars.

Walk Dogs

People go on vacation and need people to take care of their pets. To get this work, you can either go out on your own by taking out ads in a local paper or you can work for a company directly. The best option is to contact some local dog walking services to see if they need help. If that does not work, you can go through a service like Rover. Rover will match you with people looking for experienced and reliable dog walkers. They will take a cut of your earnings but they will get you a lot of work.

Day Labor Jobs

There are day labor centers in many cities but these will often be for hard day labor work. Looking for something easier, you might try the miscellaneous section of craigslist or an employment agency. You should also be on the lookout for stores going out of business. They often need people to hold signs on street corners to drive traffic. The good thing about day labor jobs is that they almost always pay in cash. No waiting weeks for a first paycheck.

Borrow $2000 From Other Sources

There are some non traditional forms of loans that you can also look into to get your $2000. Not all will be available to you, but it is worth a read.

Borrow From Friends/Family

Got a rich uncle? Try borrowing from friends and family when possible. Even if you can not get all of the money from one person, a hundred dollars hear and a hundred dollars there can add up. If nothing else, it lowers the amount that you ultimately need to borrow. No interest loans just can not be beat but be careful to pay the  money back in a timely fashion.

Get A 401K Loan

If you have money in your 401K, this is a great way to borrow money. You will have to pay the money back but the loans are usually spread over a long period of time and the interest is low.

Get A Title Loan

If you own your vehicle outright, you can get a title loan on it. Be careful with title loans though. The interest can be high and if you default, the lender can take your vehicle. A large portion of borrowers who use these loans wind up losing their vehicles. For that reason, a title loan should be used as a last resort.


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