Opening a piggy bank looking for 180 dollars.

Need 180 Dollars?

If you need 180 dollars, you might have a lot more options than you might think. Let’s take a minute and look at all the ways to get the money you need, starting with the quickest solution.

A $180 Dollar Loan

A loan might not be your ideal solution, but it sure is a fast one. Why not see what kind of offer you can get? Remember, there is no obligation in simply getting a loan quote. You might not decide to accept it, but it is always nice to have a backup plan.

First, is 180 dollars enough money?

Stuff You Can Sell For The Money

We all have extra stuff that we just no longer need, we just don’t take the steps to get rid of it. If you are in need of 180 dollars, you probably have the incentive to make the effort. Here are some of the best options for making quick money on a sale.

Old Phones

Even if you didn’t need some money fast, there is no reason not to sell that old cellular phone. Sure, it is nice to have a backup phone in case you lose or break yours, but chances are that you will never need it. By holding on to your phone, you are only losing money as it depreciates.

Sell your old phone and get money today by locating an ecoATM. These little automated machines will allow you to get a cash offer for the money you need and get it the same day. How convenient is that? Most medium to large sized cities have them, so just do a quick search.

Electronic Devices

Old iPads and other brands of tablets hold their value fairly well and if you need less than 200 dollars, your device might just bring you in all of the money you need.

Of course, you should not sell your tablet if you will just need to buy another one soon, but if it is a device collecting dust, it may be time to cash in. Gazelle is a great example of a business that will help you do that.

Gazelle will make you a cash offer for your device and then all you need to do is mail it to them. Once they inspect it, your money will be issued to you ASAP. It could not be any easier.

Extra Furniture

Furniture is easy to accumulate and by the time we realize it, our home is all too full. Get rid of the clutter and get yourself more space and the money you need by selling some of this extra furniture. This is easier than you might think, as long as you have a Facebook account.

Facebook has one of the best online marketplaces, mainly due to their messenger service. It allows buyers and sellers to communicate instantly and that makes getting the sale a lot easier. Just price your furniture at a reasonable level and you can have a sale in hours.

Your Plasma

Don’t think you have anything of value to sell? You are carrying around quarts of valuable merchandise, plasma.

Selling plasma is a big business because companies use it to make a number of life saving treatments. These companies are also not in business as a charity, so they are willing to pay you for your time. How much can you make? As much as 900 dollars in your first month with first time donor bonuses. Easy money that you can use to solve your money problem now and keep earning in the future.

More Ways You Can Get Money

Don’t have anything to sell? No problem, you still likely have a few ways to get the money you need.

Ask A Friend

Loans between friends and family can get sloppy, but if you are careful, you can make it work. If you want to make it work, there are two things that you need to do.

First, you need to document everything. Count on memories getting fuzzy, so get it in writing. The best way to do that is to write out a simple loan contract. This might seem very impersonal, but it is for everyone’s protection. Write out the details of how much is borrowed and how much is to be repaid. In addition, only send money electronically so that there is a paper trail.

Next, treat the loan as if it was a bank loan. Pay it back as soon as possible and do not make any unnecessary purchases until the money is paid back.

Ask Your Boss

Did you know that some employers will allow you to take advances on your paycheck? It’s true and when you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

Most employers are paying you for work you did 2 to 3 weeks ago. This means that advancing you for money on your paycheck is advancing you for money you have already earned. It is a minor inconvenience for them, but a very appreciated service they can give to their employees.

Not all employers are willing to offer this service, but if you need money, you might consider asking.

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