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If you need 120 dollars right now, we may be able to help. Even if you have bad credit, it takes just a few minutes to get an offer for the money you need. Why not get your offer?

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How To Pay Back Your 120 Dollar Loan

Loans are a great way to take care of money problems in a hurry, but you need to give some thought to how to pay them back. So, get your loan offer and then we will show you some easy ways to pay back the 120 dollars.

1) Cash In Your Back Up Phone

Like most of us, you probably have your last phone sitting in a drawer. The idea makes sense, I mean who wouldn’t want a back up phone. The problem is that most phones are built so well these days that you really do not need a back up. Today’s phones can survive being dropped on their screen and can even do several minutes submerged in toilet water with no issues.

What that means is that you have a depreciating asset sitting in your junk drawer. One that you can sell and get the 120 dollars you need to pay back your loan. Sell it and get your finances back on track.

Selling that old phone is just as easy as heading down to the local grocery store. Most cities have something called an ecoATM which is an automated kiosk that you can use to get an offer for your phone. Simply bring your phone down to one of these machines and get an offer. If you like it, walk away with the money you need.

2) Sell An Old Couch

Is the living room getting a little cramped? Maybe it is time to sell an unneeded piece of furniture like a couch, love seat or maybe an extra dresser from the bedroom. These things sell quickly on Facebook Marketplace and they could get you most or all of the 120 dollars that you need.

The trick with selling online is to make sure that you price your items well and be available. If someone is looking for furniture, they have a lot of options and being the seller who responds promptly could earn you a sale. If you have a truck or trailer and can deliver, your odds of making a big sale increase even further.

Of course, you do need to use caution when dealing with buyers. Although Facebook has less scammers than other online marketplaces, they are still present. Above all else, only accept cash.

3) Do Some Day Labor

The going rate for day labor these days is 15 dollars per hour. That means that working a simple 8 hour day labor shift can earn you the 120 dollars that you need to pay back your loan.

To find one of these day labor shifts, simply look to Craigslist. The employment section of Craigslist is full of listings for short term jobs. Most of these listings will be found under the general category. The jobs might be doing something hard like manual labor or they could involve something as simple as holding a sign at an intersection for a new home builder.

One thing to keep in mind with day labor is that you have the ability to negotiate wages. Employees are hard to come by and that gives you a bot of leverage. You might not be able to double the pay rate of a job, but you should be able to negotiate the pay up a few dollars.

4) Make A Life Saving Donation

You have surely heard about plasma donation, but you may not know just how profitable it can be.

Plasma is in high demand because pharmaceutical companies need it to produce life saving and therapeutic treatments. These are not charities by any means, which means they pay you for your plasma. This will allow you to earn a good amount of money while doing a good thing.

But how much can you earn? The average price for a donation is 50 to 75 dollars but this does not include the first time donor bonuses that most clinics offer. With your bonus, you can easily score enough money to pay back your 120 dollar loan.

As a side bonus, you might just find that you enjoy donating plasma. It is, after all, rewarding both financially and spiritually. With the ability to donate twice a week, it can also continually earn you anywhere from a  400 to 600 dollar payday every month.

5) Open A New Checking Account

Wouldn’t you like to earn money for simply opening a new account?

Getting the money that you need could be as simple as opening a new checking or savings account. Since most banks pay 100 to 200 dollar cash bonuses to attract new clients, this could be all the money you need to pay back your loan.

Of course the catch here is that you need money to fund a new account, but it could be money you have earmarked for bills. If there is no minimum time that you need to keep the money in the account, you could still be able to profit.

Another possibility is to refer friends. Many banks and credit card companies will offer you money for simply referring a friend. If you like your bank or credit card company, this could be a good thing for you and your friend. They get a great account and you get money, so put the word out.

6) Get Rid Of Your Tacky Jewelry

That old gold jewelry might no longer be in style, but the gold still holds value. Take your old gold to a gold and silver store and cash in.

The key with selling your gold is to not get ripped off. There are many stores that will try to undersell the actual going rate for gold. As an outsider to the industry, this sort of thing can be hard to spot. This is why you should get an offer from two to three gold and silver stores, just to make sure that you are getting a good price.

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