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Mountain Bike Financing

Mountain bikes, at least good ones, are expensive. If you are looking for a bike and are short on cash, you can either settle for a cheap one or finance a quality bike that will last. A full suspension bike that will outperform the cheaper bikes and be much more durable. In the end, financing the better bike is usually a better deal because you are not throwing your money away on junk. If you think this is the right option for you, we can help with a free installment loan quote.

When it comes to mountain bike financing, sometimes it is better to deal with an outside lender.Why? Because then you can choose whatever manufacturer and whatever bike you want. You are not limited to what a store carries or what is available for finance. Let us get yo ua quick quote on an installment loan so that you can purchase your bike, cash in hand.

Infographic on getting a mountain bike with bad credit.

Why Online Mountain Bike Financing?

When you think about financing a mountain bike, your first thought is probably using a finance department at a sporting goods store. In many cases, this will not be the best choice however, especially if you have bad credit. Consider the following reasons to choose online financing.


Better Selection of Bicycles

How many mountain bikes does the average sporting good store carry? Not many. They have limited space and they have to divide that up into touring bikes, BMX bikes, kids bikes, etc. You might be lucky to find three models of mountain bikes.

This severely limits you. When you shop at a sporting goods store, you are often letting them choose the bike for you. I am sure that you have an idea of the perfect bike and know where to get it. When you get an installment loan, you can go get the exact bike that you want.

In addition, because you are a cash buyer, you would even be able to buy a used bike. Save hundreds of dollars on a bike that might be just like new.

Better Bike Pricing

Stores like to be tricky. When they offer a good financing deal, do you think they are also offering the best price on the bikes at the same time. You usually get one or the other. If you get your own loan, you can change all of this.

With your own loan, you can shop for the best price on a bike. This might mean directly from the manufacturer, at a local bike shop or even at an online store. It also opens the possibility of scoring a great deal on a slightly used mountain bike. This could really let you maximize your dollar. A bike that might have cost $1500 or more from a local store, for example, can often be found for several hundred dollars less online.

Quicker Approval

The process of getting a quote online is quite simple. The form at the top of the page is short and secure. In just a couple of minutes, you can get your answer.

In addition, because you are dealing with a lender network, your odds of approval are much better. What happens with a network is your information goes from lender to lender until one is found that wants to approve you. If one lender says no, you go to the next. This happens quickly and securely until you get your offer. This is much better than dealing with a single lender where if you get denied, you are done. Save time and frustration by working with a lender.

Mountain Bike Loan F.A.Q

Here are the top questions that we have found. If you have a specific one, please be sure to contact us.

Does my lender send the money to the store?

No, if approved for mountain bike financing with bad credit, your lender will send the money directly to your bank account. That will make you a cash buyer with all of the benefits that that entails like being able to better negotiate and even buying used bikes.

Can I get a loan online?

Yes, that is what we do. We give you online access to an extensive lender network. This large network makes it easier for you to get an approval quickly. Once approved, you can usually complete everything online and your lender will get you your money as soon as possible. In many cases, this is the next business day and it will be deposited straight into your bank account.

What will my payment plan look like?

This depends on your lender, the price of the mountain bike you want and your credit. Generally, the more money you need, the longer you will have to pay. If approved, your loan offer will have all of the details of your payment plan.

Can I get a full suspension mountain bike?

You can get whatever bike you like. When you get an installment loan, you will have cash in hand. This will allow you to go right to the manufacturer, shop online or even to buy used.

How much are the monthly payments?

We are not a lender and can not answer this. It will depend on your credit, how much you borrow, how long your loan term is and the conditions set by your lender. Everything will be spelled out for you with your offer however.

Am I guaranteed approval?

We can not guarantee that you will get approved. You will have to fill out the quote form to see. We can tell you that since we give you access to a loan network, your odds are better. With the network, if one lender says no, your info goes securely to the next. This happens again and again until you get that approval.

Can I get a bike with no deposit?

Absolutely. If approved, your lender will deposit the money that you qualify into your account so that you can buy your mountain bike. This means no deposit.

Will I need to make payments weekly?

This will depend on the offer that your lender sends you. Monthly payments are more of the norm but every lender is different.

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