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Making An Extra $1000

1000 dollars, it seems like a lot of money, but it is actually a very attainable amount of money. Take a look at a few simple ways that you can make an extra grand this month in your spare time.

Nee An Extra 1000 Dollars This Month?

It may be easier than you think to add an extra 1000 dollars to your bank account this month. Take a look at some proven ways that you can get the extra money that you need.

1) Plasma Donation

Plasma donation has always been a great way to make money but recently, the opportunities have gotten even better.

Plasma is in need more than ever and to fill the need, donation centers have been rolling out bonuses, big ones. That makes plasma donation a great way to pick up more than 1000 dollars this month.

To get started, simply find a “for profit” plasma donation center near you. It has to be a for profit center, so be careful not to select a free charity. Charity is good, but you need the money, no shame in that.

Once you find your donation center, simply go in and donate.

It takes about 60 to 90 minutes to make your donation. During that time, all that you have to do is simply sit back and relax. If you are not good with needles, just look away and play on your phone during the procedure.

With plasma donation, the plasma is removed from your blood and your red blood cells will be returned to you. This means that you will not feel tired after donations and you will be able to donate up to twice a week. This ability to donate frequently and high new patient bonuses are just the thing if you need 1000 dollars this month.

2) Buy & Sell On Craigslist

This method takes a little hustling, but it can certainly be used to earn an extra 1000 dollars this month.

Here is what you will be doing. You need to buy low on Craigslist and then resell the items at a higher price. Buying low and selling high is the classic way to make money.

With Craigslist, this is easier than you might think. Many, if not most, people selling something on this website are just looking for some fast cash and a quick sale. They do not want to hold on to an item for the maximum profit. This will allow you to buy something cheap and then resell it on Craigslist, or even better, another website like Facebook Marketplace or eBay.

For the best chance of success with this method, pick a niche. You need to be able to recognize the deals and you can not do that if you are trying to buy a little bit of everything.

Also, be careful when you relist your items. Take new pictures and wait a few days before posting them if you intend to use the same website where you made your purchase. Even better is to choose a different local website to sell or choose a niche with items you can sell on eBay. You will have to deal with shipping but your items will sell fast and probably for more money than they would have sold local.

3) Have A Garage Sale

The garage sale is a timeless way to make some extra money over the weekend. If you need an extra 1000 dollars this month, it might be just the ticket.

Will you get 1000 dollars in just one garage sale? This is unlikely, but you can have several sales over the course of the month and bring in the money that you desperately need.

The key to having a successful garage sale is signage. You need to get customers to your front door, so one sign at the entrance of your neighborhood will not cut it. There should be a sign at every turn along the way to guide your customers in.

Once you have your customers, lure them through your merchandise by placing the high ticket items in the back. This ensures that they have to pass through all of the “smalls” and hopefully make an impulse buy.

Before you throw your first garage sale, be sure to check with your local HOA and city to make sure that sales are allowed. In some areas, they may be limited or may require a permit. No use risking a costly fine if your goal is to make money.

4) Pick Up Some Scrap Metal

Scrap is big business. It costs companies much less money to recycle metal than it does to find and refine new metal. This means that you can profit from collecting and bringing in scrap metal. This is not as hard as it sounds.

Scrap metal is discarded everywhere. It is simply left in fields to rust, placed on the curb to be disposed of with regular trash or given away for free on local classified websites. Finding the metal you need is as simple as taking a drive through the neighborhood or checking the “free” section of Craigslist.

Once you have your scrap, bring it to a recycler and receive up to 30 cents a pound. That might not sound like much, but you have to consider how much this stuff weighs, Just one used water heater can weight 50 pounds and bring in up to $15 by itself.

5) Drive For Uber or Lyft

If you have a knowledge of your city and a good 4 door vehicle, driving for Uber or Lyft can be a great option. They pay weekly, so at the average rate of $20 an hour, you just need to work 50 hours in a month to get the 1000 dollars that you need.

The trick to driving with one of these companies is to know the best area and the best times to drive. The more in demand the rides are, the more that you will get paid and the less down time that you will have.

Choose a heavily populated area, hopefully one with a lot of tourist traffic. Then, experiment with different times of the day to see when the demand is at its peak.

Also, keep promotions in mind. Sometimes these companies offer sign up bonuses for new drivers. Uber also offers little performance bonuses. Make 40 trips in a week, get a bonus. Complete a number of consecutive drives, get a bonus. These little extras can help you get the money you need a lot quicker.

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