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Make Your Home More Sellable

If you are preparing to put your home on the market, you need to put your best foot forward. Here are some improvements that you should consider making to your home to get every dollar out of it that you can.

You only have one chance to make a first impression so the improvements below are really designed to wow potential buyers. Here are some of the top, bang for the buck, upgrades that you can make to get that home sold for the most money.


People start judging your home as soon as they pull up to it. Even though your landscaping is not a part of the physical home, it is a reflection of it. A well kept lawn tells people that the home itself is well kept.

At the very least, you should have the lawn cut and trimmed well. The last thing you want is tall grass that is creeping over the sidewalk. So, get it cut and edge it to perfection.

Kick it up another level by making sure that the flower beds are neat, clear of weeds and have fresh mulch. If you have no flowers or the bushes have seen better days, replace them. Flowers in particular are a great idea because they really brighten up the curb appeal.

Overall, a simple 250 dollar or so investment in landscaping can dramatically change the curb appeal of your home. If nothing else, it will make your home appear well maintained, whether that is true or not.

Exterior Paint

Probably one of the most neglected home maintenance projects is exterior paint. If you have an al brick home, this is an easy task as you will only have some trim to do. Touch it up and make sure to replace any wood that might have rotted or is showing its age.

If you have a wood, Hardiboard or stucco exterior, the project will be a bit more involved but still worth it. A well painted exterior puts your best foot forward at showings. Plus, the last thing a home owner wants to do when they buy a home is paint the outside.

Be sure to choose neutral colors that blend in with the style of your neighborhood. You might like the idea of being bold but you need to try to appeal to the largest number of potential buyers.

Front Door

A nice front door can make a big impression on buyers. It is difficult to make older doors look up to the task of security and the style are often very dated. For the cost of around 1000 dollars, you can replace that old door with something secure and sturdy. You can also help modernize your home and set it apart from others on the market.

According to Consumer Affairs, you can recoup 75 percent of the cost of your door in home value but the affect goes far beyond that. Just like with all the other repairs on this page, it speaks to the maintenance level of the home. It will give all of those potential buyers a nice and warm feeling about your home.

Garage Door

The front facing garage has started to become the norm in the industry. Why? Because it allows builders to eliminate the alley and squeeze more homes into a given amount of land.

What this means to you is that the garage door is now a major focal point of the home. Does your garage door look like it is going to collapse the next time it is lifted? Replacing it will have just as much of an impact as replacing the front door.

Going to Consumer Affairs once more we learn that you can expect to get a return of 85% on a new garage door, making it an even better investment than a front door. With the average cost of a garage door being 2500 dollars, it is a good investment to consider. You will get most of your money back and your home will probably sell faster.

Patios And Decks

Outdoor living spaces are extremely important these days. Adding a deck or patio is a good way to increase the living space of your home with a limited budget. A nice outdoor living area will go a long way towards making a buyer want to make an offer.

The good thing is that you do not have to go to the extreme. Even a simple 100 square foot patio can reap a big reward. If you are a do it your selfer, you can do something like that for a few hundred dollars in a weekend. Just level off a section of land, add some stone pavers and top it with a small outdoor table set. Instant outdoor dining area.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

If you are selling your home, it probably does not make sense to do a full kitchen remodel unless yours is a complete disaster. Still, there are many minor things that you can do that can make a big improvement.

For starters, look into upgrading the appliances. If your home is rocking an avocado green oven, now is the time to switch to stainless. Depending on the age of your existing appliances, replacing the oven, dishwasher and microwave could be a good investment. You can do all three in stainless for around $1300.

Another easy upgrade is the kitchen sink. It would cost around 400 dollars to replace a kitchen sink and faucet and the replacement is very DIY friendly. Consider going with a more modern large single sink to replace the old fashioned split sink design. The cost is the same and it looks cleaner.

Finally, old wood grain cabinets can get a new lease on life with a simple paint job. A couple hundred dollars in paint and new hardware and you might not even recognize them. A fresh coat of paint is on of the best ways to modernize a kitchen.

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