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Make More Money Now

Money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can buy financial security. There is nothing like knowing that you have a big savings account and could ride out any financial storm. If you want to kick start that savings, the best way to do so is to start earning more money. Here are some ways to do just that.

We Could All Use More Money

There are a lot of ways to make extra money. The problem is that most people become complacent and satisfied with the status quo. This is no way to get ahead and there is almost always a way to add some additional income. Income that could be very well used to build a savings account or investment fund. Let’s take a look at some of the ways to start earning more money ASAP.

Ask For A Raise

Let’s start with the basics like asking for a raise. If you never ask, you will never get. People are too afraid to simply ask for more money but it works. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

If you are a good employee, you should not be afraid to ask for more money, especially if you have not received a raise in some time. Good employees are hard to find and your boss is not going to fire you if you ask for more money. The worse they can do is say no.

Of course, if you are constantly calling in sick or late to work, asking for a raise can really backfire on you. This is only an approach to take if you are a good employee. Be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you would give you a raise.

To ask for a raise, be polite, do not ambush your boss. Schedule a meeting with him or her and be prepared to state your case. Demonstrate that you are a good employee, that you are reliable and why you deserve a pay increase. If they want to keep you happy, they will often accommodate your requests.

Look For A New Job

Asking for a raise can work at some times, but not always. The biggest problem is that companies these days depend on complacency. They know that most employees will just stay put and be happy with an annual cost of living increase.

They save the big money for new hires so that they can attract more employees in a time where it is difficult to find employees. That new hire in the next cubicle is probably making just as much as you if not more.

If you want a big raise, you need to be prepared to make a move. Polish off that resume and put yourself out there on job boards. If you are in a white collar, in demand position, contact a recruiter. If you are in a blue collar job, check the employment adds and start submitting applications.

It is not uncommon to see people receive 20 percent pay increases by simply making a lateral move to another company. In many ways, making a move is a risk but it is one that can pay huge dividends.

Improve Your Skills

If you want more money from your current employer or want to be more attractive to a new company, improving your skills can be very beneficial.

There are a lot of ways to do that. You can get an advanced degree, complete some certifications or even learn a new language. Think about what skills are valuable in your industry and get them.

Another skill to improve upon could be your appearance. Invest in a nicer wardrobe and show up sharp and wrinkle free every day. If a uniform is your daily attire, make sure it is neatly pressed and in good shape. A sharp appearance may not yield immediate returns, but it will be noticed.

Get A Side Job

If you are working 40 hours or less a week and have no kids, you should have a side job. Even if you have kids you still may be able to squeeze a few hours a week in and every extra dollar counts.

These days, it is easier than ever to get a side job if you need money immediately. Walmart is a great example. Retailers such as this are open 24 hours or nearly 24 hours every day. This means that they have a shift that can fit just about anyone’s schedule. In addition, in the search for more employees, starting pay is higher than ever.

Another great option, if you want to set your own hours, is Uber. You can join, download the app and then start driving whenever you have some free time to earn. Uber claims an average of 25 dollars an hour for drivers, so you can make some pretty decent money in your spare time. All that you need is a 4 door car in decent shape and you are good to go.

Start A Side Business

If working for someone else is not your thing, consider a side business. You can profit off of what you are good at. If you are a great baker, consider selling birthday and evening wedding cakes on the side. Are you a creative crafter? Sell your products on Etsy.

Lack creativity? No  problem, there are a lot of small businesses that you can start on the side. Walk dogs or pet sit with the help of, cut lawns on the weekend, clean houses, design websites. There are dozens and dozens of services that you could offer. Check out the services section on Craigslist for inspiration.

Work From Home Online

Last but not least, there is working from home with your computer. Yes, there are some ways to make money online. Not all of them pay great, but the hours and work environment are perfect.

Surveys are the first area that people turn and yes, you can make a bit of money with them. Not much, but you can pull in an extra 50 bucks a month or so from them. Use the survey points to buy gift cards for stores that you regularly shop such as Walmart or Target. Survey work can help you take the strain off of your food budget, allowing you to devote more money to savings. Check out legit survey companies such as Swagbucks or Inbox Dollars.

Another option, if you are good with a computer is to sell your services on Fiverr. Design logos, make websites, do voiceover work, there is a seemingly endless things you can sell on Fiverr and not all of these things sell for just 5 bucks.

Wrapping Up

Money is not everything but it is an important part of life. Money buys financial security, a good home and maybe even an early retirement. So, do not be complacent. Get out there and earn every dollar that you can and every dollar that you are worth.

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James Car is a finance, loan and budget expert based in the United States. After attending Brookhaven college, he went on to become a successful entrepreneur. He now enjoys writing articles that help people save and make the most of their money.