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Make Extra Money During A Pandemic

Because of mandatory and voluntary closings, much of the country has found themselves with some extra free time. If you are in this situation, you might as well use at least some of your free time to make a little extra money. Make some cash to help you survive this financial crisis or, if you are less affected, to simply boost your savings. Here are some places that you can look.

Make Money Online

If you are reading this then you already have what you need to make money online. A computer or smart device and an internet connection. There are a lot of ways to make money online and most can be done at any time that you like. Below are a few options, but you may have more. Be creative.

Do Internet Surveys

Yes, you can make some money from these things but not a lot. Having said that, if you are just sitting around on the couch anyway, why not make a few bucks.

We are not going to throw you an affiliate link or anything, you are better off finding your own survey websites that you will enjoy. Just make sure that they are not loaded with advertisements and that they do not charge for access.

As far as the work itself goes, choose your surveys carefully. Look at the time and reward and pick the ones that pay you the most for your time. This could be one long survey but it is usually several lower paying but shorter surveys.

When it comes time to cash out your points, you will almost always be paid with gift cards. No problem, just use them for places that you normally shop, such as Walmart. You can then divert the cash you would have spent there, so it is the same thing as being paid in cash.

Keep in mind that you are not going to make a fortune with this activity, but 300 dollars in a month is reasonable if you take advantage of several websites.

Sell Your Services On Fiverr

If you haven’t heard of Fiverr, you need to check it out. It is a great website where people can sell their services starting at just $5. Now, 5 bucks is not a lot of money but this is just the starting rate. People can make a whole lot more than that.

The trick with Fiverr is to start out low and then increase your price as you get a good reputation. You can also offer basic services for the intro price of 5 dollars and offer more expensive add ons.

So, what can you make money selling at Fiverr? Pretty much anything digital. Can you make digital art, design a website or even do voice-over work? You can make money with these services and a lot more.

Start A Blog

You have a lot of free time now, so why not use it productively. Have you always wanted to start your own blog. This is your chance.

The easiest way to start off blogging is with a free WordPress blog. They will even give you a name for free. We recommend that you go the whole distance though and purchase your name and pay for hosting. You can get a domain name for around 10 dollars and hosting for just dollars a month.

Blogging is a nice way to make some extra money, but the income will not come overnight. It takes time, so choose a subject that you are fond of. That will give you the motivation to keep at it.

Get A Part Time Job

While some businesses are shuttering their doors, many are ramping up to meat the demand of the forced quarantine. If you have lost your source of income, here are some places that you can look to for some replacement work.

We encourage you to not seek one of these positions if you are just looking for a little extra cash in your pocket. Save these for the people who have lost their jobs and need the money to live.

Grocery Services

The one business that is busy right now is the grocery store. People are stocking up in a big way and pretty much every grocery retailer is hiring.

Even better is the fact that pay is increasing for these jobs. Because of the stress and the additional risk of catching the Coronavirus, wages of a few dollars an hour above normal are common.

Grocery jobs can range from stocking shelves, to running a register to filling online orders. In addition, they are available at nearly any hour of the day.


Think about services like Amazon. With people sheltering in place, the delivery business is booming. Amazon is planning on hiring an additional 100,000 workers to deal with the crisis. They are also increasing their starting pay to 17 dollars an hour.

Like grocery store work, Amazon is working nearly 24 hours a day fulfilling orders. If you live near a warehouse, you should easily be able to find a shift. In addition, get in now and you will probably be able to get as much overtime as you need.

The opportunity at Amazon at the moment is huge. Working 50 hours in a week would earn you over 900 dollars which would surely help make ends meet.

Food Delivery

This pandemic will prove to be a boom to the food delivery business. People still have to eat and many don’t want to give up their restaurant meals. This means they are choosing to have food delivered.

If you have a vehicle, consider using it to deliver meals to make a little extra money. This could even turn into a long time part time job because once Americans get used to a convenience, they do not give it up. The food delivery business will continue to thrive after the shut in is over.

So, what does that mean to you? As a part time gig, it could mean a steady 500 dollars in additional cash a month, long term.

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