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Last Minute Summer Enjoyment

Summer is in full swing and you might be struggling to come up with some ideas of ways to have fun without breaking the budget. Luckily, there are a lot of activities that will allow you to take advantage of the season without spending a lot of money. If you need a little help coming up with activities, we can help. Here are a few easy and cheap ways to take in the Summer.

You do not have to spend a fortune to enjoy your summer. It is easy to stay within the confines of your budget if you just remember one thing, Summer is about taking in the weather and you do not need money to do that. Keeping that in mind, here are some cheap or even free Summer activities that you and/or your family can enjoy.


You have got to eat anyway, so why not do it in a better location. A few sandwiches, some chips and maybe some fresh watermelon and you have a great time.  Don’t forget to bring along the blanket and maybe a Frisbee.

As far as location goes, it can be as simple as your own back yard. Of course if you really want to make the most of the opportunity, head to the park. If you have kids, they can head to the playground after lunch and you can finish up the day with a simple walk.

Water Balloon Fights

For ten dollars in water balloons, you can have a memorable family event. Think back about the things that you remember from your own childhood and it is probably the little moments that stand out the most.

Take some clothes baskets and fill them with water balloons. Set them up at various stations in your yard and let the kids go at it.

Free City Events

Nearly every city in America hosts free event for their residents. Check the local parks and recreation calendar online and see what is coming up. Look for free concerts, movies in the park and even craft fairs.

Be sure to check neighboring cities, they are not going to check that you live in the city for most events.

Have A Garage Sale

Have a garage sale to de-clutter and come up with a little spending money ASAP to splurge with. Get everyone involved with the understanding that the money earned will be used for a family activity.

A garage sale can very easily make several hundred dollars on a Saturday morning. That can allow a family of four to go to the amusement park, the zoo, a water park or even rent a cabin for a weekend away from home.

Throw A Potluck Dinner

Why not get the family together for a nice potluck dinner. This is a cheap way for everyone to share in the expense of a party.

Just put together a simple sign up list and ask people to list what item that they intend to bring. Make sure that everyone states what they are bringing so you do not have 8 bowls of potato salad.

If you want to kick it up an extra notch, make it a themed party like a Hawaiian Luau, German food festival, etc.

Hit The Beach

If you live by the ocean, fantastic. If not, you still might have a nice beach around you. Most lakes have designated swim areas and most of them have imported sand to give you a nice beach feel. Bring along a lunch and maybe a badminton or volleyball set and have a full day of fun.

Just remember to bring the life preservers to the lake, even if everyone knows how to swim. Lake safety means wearing life preservers.

Home Water Park

For just a few bucks, you can set up a nice little home water park. With the summer half way through, all of those little summer things are starting to go on sale. Pick up a sprinkler for 5 dollars, a slip and slide for 10 bucks and a small splash pool for 15 dollars. For about 30 dollars, you can put together a nice little water park that the kids will simply love. Who knows, you might want to get in on the action as well.

Dollar Movies

Who cares if you have already seen them, the movies are just a good experience. Take the kids to see a dollar flick but feed them first to cut down on the expensive snacks. With the cost of a matinee at the big theater, taking advantage of the dollar theater can save a family of four an easy $40 at a time. That is an easy 400 dollar savings over the course of a summer.

Go Fishing

In most states, kids fish for free and adult licenses are cheap. If you do not have the gear, check out Craigslist or just borrow some from friends.

Cook Together

Look online and find a recipe for a dish that you like. Perhaps something from a restaurant that you love but have been afraid to cook yourself. You and your partner can enjoy time together cooking your meal while enjoying a modest bottle of wine.

If you have kids, pick a nice kid friendly recipe such as home made pizza. Let them make their own pie and then throw it in the oven for them. Put out a selection of ingredients and let them choose for themselves, no matter how bad the combination may be, they will love it.

Check Out A Meteor Shower

There are always some good opportunities to check out a shooting star or two. Take a look an an astronomical calendar and see when the next event is.

Get a blanket and lay out in the yard and take advantage of the pleasant weather. If you have kids, hit the dollar store and get them some light up bracelets.

Other Childish Summer Things

Summer is about being a child and doing the things you loved as a kid and possibly sharing them with your own child. Think about all of the simple and cheap things that you used to do. Fly a kite, write with sidewalk chalk, blow bubbles, catch butterflies (and release them), finger paint, make s’mores, eat a popsicle outside, build a sandcastle, take in a minor league baseball game, play tag, ett, etc.

There are a lot of things that you can do if you are creative and just concentrate on the simple things in life. That is what summer is all about.

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