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Is Working From Home For You?

For many, working at home is a dream come true. What could be nicer than never having to commute to work again? It is something that works for many but not for everyone. If you are considering working from home, first consider a few of the pros and cons of your decision and whether it is right for you and your particular situation.

Working at home is not all good. For some it is a dream while others will greatly regret the decision. Here are some situations where it is good and bad to work from home.

Working From Home Can Be Good

You will probably either love it or hate it. Here are some situations where you would love working from home.

  • You Prefer To Work Alone
    The biggest thing about working from home is that you will be alone most of the time. You will either thrive on this or hate it. If you are more productive without the distractions of others, this is a really good reason for you to work from home.
  • You Have A Good Space To Work
    A good workspace is crucial to working from home. You need to have a space that is both big enough to do your work and quiet enough for you to concentrate. If you have a house full of kids in a 1500 square foot house, you are probably going to have a hard time getting work done.
    Ideally, you would have a dedicated office to work from. This will not only give you a private place to work but it will also allow you to separate your work and private life. This is important since many people that work from home have a hard time shutting down.
  • You Have A Long Commute
    If you are commuting several hours a day, you could be spending that time working. This could result in you having much more time to get things done or it could allow you to shut things down earlier and have more time for friends and family.
  • You Like Flexible Hours
    Working from home is great if you like the ability to work when you want. For this to work, you need to be disciplined enough to get your work done but it can be very useful if you need some time to pick up kids or take care of other matters during the regular work day.
  • You Want To Save Money
    Working from home is a great way to save money both for you and your employer. If you need more money in your pocket, it offers a lot of savings opportunities.
    Your employer will save money on expensive office space and other work related expenses like internet and wifi usage.
    You will save money on gas, clothing since you will not need as many dress clothes, meals and much more. If you can handle it, you might even save money on child care.

Working At Home Can Be Bad

For every potential positive thing about working from home, there is a negative one. It just depends on the type of person you are and your situation.

  • You Love Being With People
    There are those that love to work alone and there are others who thrive on being with people.
    For those, it can be a nightmare working from home and you might actually find yourself too distracted thinking about what your coworkers are up to. It could make it hard to get any real work done at home.
  • You Have No Home Work Space
    If you have nowhere to work at home, it can make your time there very unproductive. If you have a house full of kids and you are forced to set up a work station in the dining or living room, you will not be happy.
    So, if you have a small home that is crowded and you have no designated work area, think twice about agreeing to work at home.
  • Work Is Just Around The Corner
    If it takes you just a few minutes to get to work, there probably is not much reason to work from home. Unless your employer is forcing you out due to space constraints, staying put in the office is probably the best choice.
  • You Like A Regimen
    If you like having the structure of a regular work day and work place, you probably would not like working from home. You might find it difficult to get the same type of structure with the distractions that come from working at home.
  • You Need A Push To Get Going
    Sometimes working from home can leave you little incentive to get your day going ASAP. Sure, you might get your work done but you might not feel the need to get dressed or even shower for that matter. Sometimes people just need the push of having to be somewhere to get going.

Convincing Your Boss

Let’s assume that you decided that working from home can be a good thing for you. How do you convince your boss to make the switch and allow you to work remote. Here are some of the benefits to employers or a work at home staff.

  • Remote Employees Are Cheaper
    This is the biggest reason to allow employees to work at home. Employers are finding that they can save a substantial amount of money by letting people work from home. It can help with rent costs because they will need less office space. In addition, they can buy less furniture, stock less amenities like snacks and pay lower utilities. All things that add up to some huge expenses.
  • Less Sick Days
    On average, remote employees take less sick days. Since they are working from home anyway, they will just go ahead and work. A cold that might stop them from going to the office will often not stop them from working remotely from home.
  • Remote Employees Work Longer Hours
    Working from home eliminates the commute to work, from work and to lunch every day. This gives them more time for work and they often find the work more pleasurable. The result, longer work hours for the boss with the same amount of pay.
  • Companies Can Be More Flexible
    If everybody comes in to work, it is harder to upsize and downsize. Doing so results in obtaining and sometimes getting rid of office space. This can be time consuming and expensive. Hiring a remote workforce eliminates these issues, giving the company more flexibility.
  • Remote Employees Are Happier
    With less headaches from commuting and the stress that often accompanies the office, most employees will find that they are happier. A happy employee is more productive and more likely to stay with the company.
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