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Instant Personal Loan Quote

If you need a loan right now, you have a lot of options. At Loan Monkey, we can get you a loan quote in a matter of minutes. We have a short loan form and an extensive network of lenders ready to make you an offer. So, take a minute and fill out the secure online form below and get your no obligation quote.

Ready to get an instant loan quote? Let’s get started.

Can You Get An Instant Loan?

The instant personal loan is like the mythical unicorn. You’ve heard of it and you can keep searching and searching for it, but you will never find it. The truth is that lenders can not and will not give you an instant loan. What you can get is an instant approval and a loan that funds quickly. At Loan Monkey, we can help you get that instant approval by giving you access to one of the largest networks of lenders on the internet. And, because you will be applying to a lender network, your odds of approval are much better than going with a direct lender.

Why Loan Monkey For Instant Loan Quotes?

You have a lot of choices when it comes to online loans and we are happy that you are considering using our website. We can get you access to a number of benefits that other websites and direct lenders can not.

Short Loan Form

Do not spend all day filling out forms and faxing in documents. Our loan form is short and sweet, you can see it at the top of the page. In just a few steps, you will be done and you can get your offer. Most lenders will not even require additional documents and will allow you to complete the process entirely online. If a document is requested, it can usually be emailed very quickly or you can simply talk to your lender on the phone to complete the loan process.

Better Loan Approval Odds

You can get better odds of approval because of the volume of lenders available to you. People often mistakenly think that going with a direct lender is the best thing to do. This is not necessarily so because when you deal with one lender, you deal with one set of requirements. If you do not fit their mold, application denied and you are done. You would then have to start all over or you might just get frustrated and stop.

With our network, if you are not approved by one lender, your information securely goes to the next one. This happens again and again until you get your approval. This also happens very fast so it is the closest thing to instant.

Our Loan Website Is Free & Easy

There is no cost for you to use this website. Lenders may pay us a fee when you get your loan quote but this fee is not passed on to you. Our website makes it convenient for you to get a quote for the money that you need and we try to keep things simple.

The Form is Secure

The personal loan form uses secure technology to get your information to the lender safely. Your information is protected by 256 Bit encryption that uses a 256 bit key to encrypt and decrypt your information. It is one of the most secure encryption methods available.

You Can Get Your Money Fast

In most cases, our lenders can get you your money as soon as the next business day. This is not instant but is pretty close. Once you have your approval, your lender will immediately begin the process of getting you your money. This is the next business day when possible but loans can be delayed due to bank holidays and weekends.

You Are Here

You are already here. The website is easy to use and secure. Why not get your quote now and solve your money problems.

Questions About Instant Loans

Okay, so you came here looking for instant loans, let’s answer your other questions about them.

  1. Who offers instant personal loans online?
    Really nobody. You may see it advertised but nobody is going to instantly put money into your account. It just does not happen that quickly. The quickest I have seen is same day loans but there are a lot of catches to get one. The main thing is that you have to apply and get approved for your loan first thing in the morning. If it is before 8 or 9 AM, you might have a shot at one depending on your time zone, but for most next day is going to be the only option.
  2. How hard is it to get approved for a loan?
    Not really that hard. Our network is made up of lenders who can service any credit type. The better your credit, the better you rate but even if you have bad credit, you may be able to get approved. In any case, it is free to get a quote so it never hurts to see. If you do not like your offer, all you have to do is walk away. You are under no obligation and like we said before, the website is free for you to use.
  3. I need money right now, what are my options?
    Perhaps a pawn loan might be the way to go if you only need $100 or so. They can get you the cash right away but you risk losing your property and the loan amounts are limited due to the fact that they must be backed by property.
    You can also try a Cash Store if you have one near you but this can be a bit of a hassle. Travel time, waiting for someone to help you and the time it takes to fill out there application can add up. In addition, you are once again dealing with just one lender. This means one set of criteria that you must meet and if you do not, application over and you are done. If you look at the time involved, it is far easier to get your loan online, you just need to wait for the next business day to get the money.
  4. Why can I not get an instant loan?
    Unfortunately, it takes time. Lenders need to verify some information and transfer funds. Lenders are just not set up to dish out money right away.
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