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If you need money to handle an emergency, we may be able to help. Take a minute and get a fast loan offer for the money that you need. Even if you have bad credit or no credit, you may be able to get an approved offer. See for yourself.

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How Much Money Do You Need?

If you need money, you may have more options than you think. Take a look at some possible choices that you should consider, based on the amount that you need.

Need $200 to $500

This will be the easiest money range to get and you have quite a few options. If you just need 200, 300, 400 or 500 dollars, this goal is very in reach.

  • Payday Loans
    Obviously a payday loan is a possibility but it does come with some costs. It is probably the easiest and quickest way to get money but the fees can be substantial. If you choose a payday loan, plan ahead and make sure that you will be able to pay the money back when it is due.
  • Sell A Phone
    An old cellular phone can easily fetch you 200 dollars or even more if it is a high end model. Of course, you should only be thinking about selling a phone you no longer need, that should go without saying. Locally, look for an ecoATM kiosk which can get you cash the same day. If you do not have one locally, look online with a company like Gazelle.
  • Donate Your Plasma
    With the ability to donate twice a week and earn up to 50 bucks a pop, this is a strong candidate to get you the money that you need. That is as much as 400 dollars in a single month all the while doing a good thing.
  • Do Some Survey Work
    Online surveys will probably not make you 200 dollars in a month, but they could get you part of the way. Just be sure to choose a legit service like Swagbucks who will also give you a sign up bonus. Just do a search for them, no affiliate link here.

Need $500 to $1000

We are getting a little higher in the dollar amount here, but do not worry, you still have some options.

  • Personal Loans
    A payday loan would not be a god fit for this high of a dollar amount, it would be too hard to pay back. What you should look for is a personal loan that can allow you to pay back the money slowly over time. Even with bad credit, you may be able to qualify for one, but do be careful with interest. With bad credit, your interest rate is likely to be high so this can still be a very costly loan.
  • Defer An Auto Payment
    If you have a car loan, call your lender and ask if you can defer a payment. What this does is push a payment back to the end of the loan and this will allow you to put that money towards your current emergency.
  • Start Cutting Lawns
    Or something similar like carpet cleaning or house cleaning. You can make 20 to 30 bucks cutting a lawn, $100 to clean a few rooms of carpet or an easy $50 to do a bit of house cleaning. All that you need is some supplies that you probably already own, some cheap business cards and some free ads on Craigslist.
  • Mooch Off A Friend
    Nobody likes to ask a  friend for money but it would be a free loan. That could help you get those finances back on track much quicker. Just pay it back ASAP.
  • Sell Gold & Silver
    Have some old jewelry laying around? Your first option is to sell it on eBay, but what if it is outdated? You can still sell it, but you will be selling it by the gram. Take it to a gold and silver store and walk out with cash in hand. It might not get you all the way home, but it could be a good start.

Need $1000 to $2000

Well, now we really are getting up there, but rest easy, you still have several options.

  • Title Loans
    Not the most attractive loan option, but any port in a storm. If you have bad credit, need money and have a clear car title, this will definitely do the job. The amount that you can borrow will depend on the value of your car, but most cars should be able to yield you at least 1000 dollars. Just be careful here, because losing your car is a real and horrible option.
  • Garage Sales
    A well thought out and well stocked garage sale can easily earn you over 1000 dollars over the course of a weekend.The key to any successful garage sale is planning. You need to plan out the layout of your displays and you need to plan good signage. Make sure that people can find your home and have a good inventory and you will make money.
  • Buy & Sell
    What if you need money but have nothing to sell? You could always buy ow and sell high. Scan the Craigslist ads and look for those little hidden under priced gems. Buy them up and resell them on Facebook Marketplace or on eBay. You might be surprised at just how lucrative this could be and it could get you your 1000 dollars or more within a month.
  • Walk Some Dogs
    With the help of Rover, you can turn dog walking into a rewarding and profitable side activity. Earning as much as 15 dollars for a single walk, the money can add up very quickly. Best of all, you can do it in your spare time so, depending on your schedule, you might be able to do this with another full time job.

Need $2000 to $5000

Okay, we are getting into some serious coin here and that may require you to start stacking some methods.

  • Installment Loans
    The easiest way to get the money that you need, but if you have bad credit, you might not qualify for all of it. Still, even if you can only qualify for a 1000 dollar loan, that can get you as much as half way towards your goal. As always, be careful with interest on installment loans, it can really add up fast.
  • Sell Electronics On eBay
    Now might be the time to liquidate an old laptop or tablet and eBay is surely the place to do it. If you want top dollar and can afford to wait a week, a 7 day auction is the way to go. Once the auction is over, insist that the buyer pay you with PayPal and you can use it to do an instant transfer to your account. Just make sure that yo link a debit card in PayPal.
  • Recycle Scrap Metal
    You can make as much as 30 cents a pound recycling scrap like copper, aluminum and steel. You just need a little ambition and something to haul it around in like a pickup truck or trailer. Find scrap in fields, on the curb or offered up for free on Craigslist. A little hustling and this could earn you well over 1000 dollars ovr the course of a month.
  • Change Jobs
    If you are in a high demand blue collar field such as HVAC, you might be able o change jobs and score a sign up bonus. Sign up bonuses of 2000 dollars or more are very common in high demand fields. Who knows, you might also be able to score a bump in hourly pay or better benefits.

Need Over $5000

Time to get drastic here. If you need over 5000 dollars, you will have to pull out all of the stops and it could mean making some very big sacrifices. Here are some possibilities.

  • Borrow From Your 401K
    If you have a retirement fund at work, it might be time to borrow from it. Keep in mind that there will almost certainly be penalties and/or fees involved. The interest and payments will be relatively low though and you will be paying it back to yourself.
  • Sell Your Car
    Yes, you probably need your car, but this could be an option if you are desperate enough for money. Look at it this way. Sell your car, get out of your jam and then finance a new one. It is the same thing as getting a loan for the money that you need, but getting an auto loan is often easier with bad credit.
  • Get A Second Job
    This will certainly not get you 5000 dollars in a single month, but over the course of 2 to 3 months, it could get you there. Even in a down economy, there are going to be part time job opportunities. Look to places like Amazon, Walmart, Uber or just your local pizza delivery joint. These places are always hiring.
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