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Do You Need Money Desperately?

If you need money right now, we have an easy solution. Our lenders are ready to make you a loan offer right now. It takes just a few minutes to fill out the secure quote form and you are under no obligation. Why not see what you can qualify for?

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About The Loan Quote Process

If you need money desperately, getting your quote could not be easier. Just fill out the quote form at the top of the page. It takes just a couple of minutes to fill out the form with basic information. When you are done, submit it to the network and get your answer in minutes, in most cases.

Accept your loan offer and your lender will work to get you the money you need as soon as possible. If you do not like the offer, simply turn it down and walk away. There is no obligation on your part.

If you need money desperately, an online loan is often the best thing for you. Besides loans, you might have other options though. Check out your other possible solutions below.

Ways To Get Money Now

If you need money today, here are some ways that you can get it. Below are various ways to get money grouped by the dollar amount that you need. Anything from $100 to $1000 is possible.

The method you choose, will in large part, depend on the time that you have to get the money and how desperately you need the money.. Let’s get started.

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I Need $100

Let’s start out simply with $100. This is a relatively low dollar amount so you have many different options.

100 dollars in money

  • Get A $100 Cash Loan Quote
    This is the fastest way to get your money. Just fill out an online loan form and have the money sent directly to your account, as soon as the next business day. There will be fees involved with the loan however and you will need to be able to pay it back in about two weeks, in most cases.
  • Sell Something Online
    When I need money desperately, my go to method is to sell something, especially if I only need $100 or less. To get the best money I like to work with a website like eBay where you can let people bid on your item.
    To get $100 you would need to sell something like video games or perhaps a last generation video game system. Name brand purses and clothing can also get you money in this dollar range. eBay will take you at least a week if you choose a bidding option but you could get your money in a few days if you have a popular item and use the Buy Now option. For even faster results, you can look to Craigslist. Be careful though, a lot of scammers on that website.
  • Trade In Old Books/CD’s/Records or Clothing
    Second hand book stores such as Half Priced Books would love to buy your old books or audio. Just bring in your items and et them look through them. Usually within the hour you will have a cash offer and can walk out of there with money in hand. Similarly, second hand clothing stores will buy your name brand clothing and purses. They work the same way, bring the items in and get a cash offer quickly.
  • Donate Plasma
    You can donate plasma twice a week and at $50 per donation, that can get you the 100 dollars that you need. If you are okay with a needle, it is an easy way to get your money.

I Need $200

The more that you need, the harder it gets to get the money fast. Still, $200 is not that bad. Here are some options.

$200 dollars in cash

  • Get A $200 Cash Loan Quote
    Still the fastest way to get the money. Fill out a short online loan form and get a loan offer. If you like the offer, your money could be in your account as soon as the next business day. Review all fees and terms before accepting a loan from a potential lender.
  • Sell Something Online
    You need to sell something of a bit more value to get $200 on eBay or Craigslist. A current generation game system or perhaps a 40 inch or larger television(newer model) could do the trick. Jewelry also will fit the bill. Be careful about getting certified funds or cash when selling online or through Craigslist.
  • Ask For A Paycheck Advance
    Many employers will advance you money from your upcoming paycheck. This is no risk for them because you have probably already earned the money. Use this option sparingly because you do not want to seem like someone who can not control their finances.

I Need $300

Starting to get harder now. You still have some choices though.

$300 dollars in cash

  • Get A $300 Cash Loan Quote
    Most loans take just a few minutes to get started and you can have your $300 as soon as the very next business day. There are of course fees involved and the loan will need to be repaid within a few weeks most of the time.
  • Defer A Bill
    A dollar saved is a dollar earned so cutting $300 in bills is the same as getting $300. Call your credit card companies and ask if you can skip a payment or perhaps pay interest only. If you are in good standing with your auto loan company, ask to defer a payment to the end of the loan. Even electric companies can allow you to pay less than the total amount due.
  • Get An Advance On A Paycheck
    Still a viable option if you have earned this much money already. A lot of employers offer this option and can usually get you the money fairly quickly.

I Need $400

Now we are starting to get into some higher dollar amounts. Still some good options though.

$400 in loan money

  • $400 Cash Loan Quote
    This can give you the money that you need now, as soon as the next business day. It never hurts to know your options so why not just get a quote and see what terms you can get.
  • Defer A Car Payment
    You will need to be in good standing with your auto loan company so act quickly before you get behind. Most of the time, you are just a phone call away from pushing a payment back. Some might want you to sign a paper but that is quick and easy with email and a scanner.
  • Ask Your Family For Money
    Hopefully you are on good terms with your family and this is an option. If so, it can be a great interest free loan. Just be sure to pay the money back just as soon as you can. You do not want to burn any bridges here.

I Need $500

Every time the dollar amount goes up, the difficulty level does as well. Are you sure you need $500, could you get by with a bit less? Here are some options for you.

500 dollars in money

  • $500 Loan Quote
    This remains the easiest way to get money, especially as the dollar amounts go up. Although not available in all states, many states will let you get a payday advance for $500. To give this a try, fill out the short loan quote form and see what kind of an offer you receive.
  • Credit Card Advance
    Have a credit card with a high enough limit to pull out $500? Consider a cash advance. You can just take the card to an ATM or a local bank to process the advance and have the money very quickly. Note that fees on cash advances are much higher than those for regular purchases.
  • Use Multiple Options
    Higher dollar mounts like $500 will require more effort. Perhaps the best way to knock it out is through multiple channels. Sell old books to a bookstore, sell old name brand clothing in good shape to a thrift or second hand store, have a garage sale, turn  in aluminum cans and cash in your small change. A dollar here and a dollar there can really add up.

I Need $600

Getting progressively harder now but here are a few options to consider.

  • Get A $600 Loan Quote
    Fill out a short form and get a fast online loan quote. If you get approved, your money can be in your checking account as soon as the very next business day. This is the fastest option for most people although loan rules will vary by state.
  • Title Loan
    If your car or truck is free and clear, you can consider a title loan. Be careful because you do not want to lose your vehicle. Many people do so be sure that you can repay this loan on time.
  • Sell Some High Value Items
    Hard times sometimes call for desperate measures. Craigslist is a good place to turn for fast cash on items, just be careful and meet in a secure location and only take cash. Some items that sell quickly are appliances, furniture, lawn equipment and tools.

I Need $700

You are looking at some higher amounts now but if you are in urgent need of money, it is possible to get $700 in a hurry. Here is what you might consider.

  • Fast $700 Cash Loan Quote
    The amount that you can borrow will vary by state. Many states cap the amount at a percentage of your income and others have lower maximum amounts that you can get. Still, it never hurts to check, so why not see what kind of loan offer you can get. You are under no obligation unless you accept the loan.
  • Have A Garage Sale
    If you have the time, an impromptu garage sale can often raise the amount of money that you need. You will need to have a few higher ticket items in order to raise $700, just some old clothing and books will not do it. Small appliances, washers, dryers, furniture and small electronics all do well. Ask some neighbors to participate to draw in bigger crowds.

I Need $800

Wow, $800 and you need it right away. This can be tough and you might need to consider multiple revenue streams to achieve your goal. Here are some options for your consideration.

  • $800 Cash Advance Loan Quote
    This is a lot of money to pull out of the air so this will be your fastest option in many cases. Some states will not allow you to borrow this much but if yours does, it is an option to consider. Just be cautious because a loan of this amount will have some high fees and because it will need to be repaid quickly, it can put you in another hole in just a few weeks.
  • Borrow From Family
    If you can turn to a relative with a little extra cash, do so. The loan will probably be interest free and they may allow you to repay it over the course of several months.
  • Multiple Revenue Streams
    You may need to do many different things to get your $800. Call lenders and ask to push back payments, get a paycheck advance from your work, have a garage sale or sell some items on Craigslist. Basically, you are going to need to hustle.

I Need $900

This is getting a bit harder and barring the appearance of a rich relative, a loan quote is looking more and more reasonable. Here are some things to ponder.

  • Get A $900 Loan Quote
    You knew I was going to say it. Take a look at your options and look for the best one. Why not get your loan quote and then compare the fees to those that you might be charged if you did without the loan. There is no charge to get a quote but be sure to review the loan terms and charges before committing. Plan out your next few weeks financially and make sure that you will be able to repay the loan. If not, you are only delaying the inevitable and making it worse.
  • Hustle Like A  Maniac
    Barring a loan, you will need to hustle like you have never hustled before. First, call your creditors and ask to push off payments or pay interest only. They want to keep you paying and do not want to see you default so it is in their best interest to work with you. Next, sell whatever items you have in your home that you can do without. Turn to eBay and Craigslist for this but watch out for scammers. Now, trade in your old books and music to used book stores, sell any gold and silver that you might have lying around and cash in your change jar. These are just a few of your option but be creative. Anything LEGAL that you can do to raise money will help.
  • Get A Loan & Hustle
    If all else fails, hustle for all you are worth and then borrow the rest.

I Need $1000

If you need this kind of money with bad credit, you may have few options but to get a car title loan or a payday loan. First, try to do everything that you can to come up with some money and to get your bills down. Cancel cable, negotiate with creditors to reduce payments, etc. If you have the credit, a new credit card or a home equity loan may be your option.

Top 9 Questions For When You Need Money

  1. How can I get money right now?
    For starters, you can fill out the form at the top of the page to get your free quote. Then, if you like what you see, you can accept your offer and get the money you need as soon as the next business day.
  2. How long is the loan form?
    These lenders know that you are in a hurry and do everything possible to make the loan process quick and simple. It takes just a few minutes to fill out one of their online forms. When you are done, they will give you your approval decision in just moments. There is no faster way to get a loan.
  3. When do I pay the loan back?
    Cash advances or payday loans are short term loans designed to get you through a sudden emergency. They are due to be paid back in under two weeks, in most cases.
  4. How much money can I take out?
    Most loans will be for under $1000. Take out only what you need to get you through your emergency. The more you borrow, the more your fees will be.
  5. What can I do with my money?
    Anything that you want although we recommend that you only use a cash advance for an emergency expense. These loans are perfect for those that “need money” but not so good if you do not truly need the money right away.
  6. I need money today, is this the best option?
    Only you can answer that question. Get a quote and look into the offer. If the terms are agreeable and it answers your needs then maybe you should accept the loan.
    Just make sure that you have the ability to repay the loan when it is due. It is easy to accept the money today but may be difficult to pay it off later.
  7. How can I make fast cash?
    There are a lot of ways to make cash in a hurry. You can do some day labor, sell some property, clean your friends house, mow some lawns and even donate some plasma. You are only limited by your ambition and creativity.
  8. Am I really hurting for money?
    If you are facing an emergency, sometimes perspective can get out of order. If you think that you truly are desperate, first, calm down and consider all of your options. Take a few minutes and right down some alternative solutions to your money problems. Then, review them and see if you have some easy solutions, the answer might surprise you.
  9. Is a loan the best option?
    This is a complicated thing to decide. To make this decision, you need to consider exactly what would happen if you did not get money right now. Add up all the cost of not getting the money now and then compare them to the costs of financing a loan.If the loan is cheaper, the answer is obvious.

Need Money? – Stop The Cycle Today

Whatever the amount that you need to borrow, whether it be $100 or $1000, you need to resolve the issues behind why this happened. If you do not, you are doomed to have it happen again.

Emergencies happen to everyone but do not use this as an excuse for why you ran short of cash. You should have an emergency money fund, at least enough to cover several months of expenses. If you do not, make a new budget that allows you to put at least $100 a month into savings. If you are not able to put some money into savings, you are living outside of your means. Plain and simple.

Cut out non essentials like eating out and cable/satellite. Set a food budget and only buy items that work with that budget, cut out the name brands. You might need to trade in your car for something cheaper or find a more affordable place to live even. Hard decisions need to be made but in the end, if you make them, you will be happier and ultimately, wealthier.

In general, try to live within your means and at a reasonable level. It is best to live without a few things and be financially secure than to try to have more than you cab afford.

If, after making an attempt to get your finances in order, you still can not make ends meet, perhaps it is time to turn to a financial counselor. Many are available for free through charitable organizations and city governments.

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  1. Some good information in this article. I like the breakdown per amount needed. If you desperately need some money, the information here can really help.

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  2. I need money desperately as well. I would like to avoid getting a high interest loan though. Thanks for the tips that did not involve getting a loan although it looks like you feel like getting one is the easiest way to go.

  3. Well written article. Thanks for all of the different options and organizing them by amount needed. It gave me some pretty good ideas. One idea that you might consider adding to your article is government money. I desperately needed money a year ago and was able to find it on a government website. Turns out that I had some back wages owed to me from a former employer. I forgot about it because It was a job I had when I was 17. Forget the address of the website but I am sure yu can find it.

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