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Getting money with bad credit is never easy, but you may have options. If you find yourself in need of $3000, we might be able to give you a solution to your problem. One of our lenders may be able to offer you a loan, even if you have some hiccups on your credit. It is free to find out so why not get started?

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How To Get A 3000 Dollar Loan Quote

Getting your quote is simple and everything can be done online. Here are the steps to getting your loan quote and potentially a loan offer

  1. Fill out the quote form.
    It takes about two minutes to fill out your loan quote form. You will enter your address and contact information, your income information and also your banking info so that, if approved, your lender can send you the money you need.
  2. Submit your quote online.
    After completing the quote form, you will be asked to agree to the terms and then submit your information.
  3. Receive your offer.
    If approved, your lender will send you a 3000 dollar loan offer. They will give you all of the terms of the loan so that you can decide if it is a good match for you.
  4. Accept your loan.
    If you like the terms of your loan, simply accept it online. The lender will then work hard to get you your money as soon as possible. Loans can be funded as soon as the next business day.
  5. Receive your loan proceeds.
    The loan money will be deposited directly into your bank account. You can then use it as you like.

Is A Loan A Good Fit For You?

Before accepting a loan, you need to ask yourself if it is the right thing to do. A loan is nothing to be entered into lightly. Here are some things that you should ask yourself.

  • Can I afford the loan?
    You need to take the potential loan payment and work it into your monthly budget. Then you can decide if you can afford to make the payment along with the rest of your bills.
  • Is the cost of the loan acceptable?
    If approved, your lender will give you all of the loan information, including a total cost of credit. With bad credit, your interest will be a bit higher than others. Make sure that the cost of borrowing the money is worth it.
  • Do I have other cheaper options?
    You always need to ask yourself this before taking out a loan. We have provided some possible options below.
  • Am I using the $3000 loan for a good reason?
    Finally, ask yourself if you actually need what you are looking to finance. If the loan will be tough to pay for, you should consider not taking it out if the item is something you can do without.
  • Can I do without the money?
    If you can do without the money, it might be a better idea to turn down a $3000 loan offer. A bad credit loan is not something that should be take into lightly.

Other Money Options

You might have other ways to get the 3000 dollars that you need. Here are some things to consider. Things that can help you avoid taking out a potentially expensive loan.

Selling Property

One alternative to taking out a personal loan if you need 3000 dollars now is to sell some property. It might seem like a lot to come up with but you might be surprised at what you have lying around your home. You do not have to get the money all from one sale, you can get it by selling multiple items and pooling the money. Even if you do not come up with the enter amount you need, you might find enough to cut your loan requirements. You could, for example sell one thousand dollars in property and then only need a $2000 loan. Every penny counts.

What Can You Sell?

Here are some things that you could potentially sell.

  • Old Phones
    You might have old cell phones wasting away in your junk drawer. Sell them and get $100 or more back. These days you can sell them at places like Gazelle, online or at self serve kiosks at the mall.
  • Gold & Silver
    I am sure that you have seen those gold and silver stores around. They buy old jewelry by the ounce and give you cash. This is a great way to get rid of out of fashion items and make $200 or more in the process.
  • Plasma
    You can make an easy 300 dollars to 400 dollars a month selling your plasma. Plasma is needed to save lives and you can be rewarded handsomely for giving yours. You can also sell your plasma month after month because they return your red blood cells during the donation process. This means none of that lightheadedness.
  • A Car
    Not everyone has a car just lying around but if you have a second vehicle that you do not need, now might be the time to get rid of it.
  • Recreational Toys
    Now may not be the time to hold on to your toys. If you have recreational toys, you can sell them. Easily get $400 for a used kayak or even more for powered toys like dirt bikes, etc.
  • Scrap Metal
    You can sell more than just aluminum cans. Look for scrap metal like stainless steel and copper as well as others. Many people just throw this out in the trash but you can pick it up and cash in big.

Other Ways To Get Money Today

You might have alternatives to a traditional 3000 dollar loan. Here are some popular ones that can save you money on loan fees and get you money as soon as today if you act quick.

401K Loan

If you have an employer backed 401K program, they are great for borrowing. Interest will be low and will be paid back to yourself. In addition, the payments will be minimal compared to other loans.

When you take out a 401K loan, payments will be deducted automatically from your check until the loan is repaid. You will probably not even miss the little bit of money coming out of your check. The only drawback to a 401K loan is that it can take a bit of time to receive, depending on your servicer.


If you have family that can lend you the money, that would be the best option. Even if you paid them some interest, it would probably be less than what a traditional lender would charge you.

Vehicle Refinance

If you have a vehicle that is paid off or with a lot of equity, you could look into doing a cash out refinance on it. Yes, they offer these for cars too. Avoid the title loan places and look for a real lender. Title loans are risky and come with high loan fees.


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