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Need 300 Dollars Now?

Did an emergency come up and you need $300 to pay for it? That’s life unfortunately but we have your solution. We can help you get a quote for the money that you need in just a matter of minutes. See your offer and if it does not work for you, take a look at some of your other options. Lets get going.

Get A Loan Quote

First, let’s get you a free loan quote. You might not end up needing it now but there is no obligation, so it makes a good backup. Besides, you might be surprised at just how good of an offer you get.

The Loan Process

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So how does it work? Simple, you fill out one simple, short loan form and your information is sent to a lender or lenders for approval. If approved, your lender will provide you with information on the loan terms that you qualify for. If you like the terms, simply sign the loan contract online and your money will be sent to you as fast as the next business day.

Online loan quotes are simply the fastest ways to get an approval for the cash that you need. Just a few minutes filling out a quote form and you may have the answer to your problem.

Why $300 Loans?

If you need a quick loan, there are a number of reasons to do everything online. Here are a few top reasons why people tend to apply for a loan online with our network of lenders.

  1. They fund fast.
    Get a quote now and get your money quickly deposited directly into your checking account as soon as tomorrow or the next business day in some cases. Your lender may be able to get you your money as soon as the next business day.
  2. You get a decision quickly.
    When you get a quote for one of these loans, you will typically know quickly whether you are approved for $300 or more. No waiting and wondering, most companies will give you an answer in minutes.
  3. They are convenient.
    You can apply for a loan online from the comfort of your home. If approved and if you accept the loan, your money will go straight into your checking account.
  4. No embarrassment.
    Nobody needs to know that you needed money and had to apply for a loan. You can do everything from the privacy of your home.
  5. Very Little Documentation
    In most cases, your lender will require no or very limited documentation. This means that you do not have to spend hours scanning documents and emailing or faxing. If they want anything from you, it will probably be a quick phone call to simply confirm the details of your 300 dollar loan.
  6. Payday & Installments Available
    Depending on your credit and requirements, you might qualify for a payday loan or an installment loan. With payday loans, you would pay the entire loan back on your next payday. With an installment loan, the payments would be broken up over a number of periods until you pay the full loan back.
  7. You Can Do It All Online
    Convenience is key when you need money. This is why it is great that you can get your loan completely online. Fast, convenient and safe.

Representative APR & Loan Cost Examples

The following rates are for informational purposes only and do not reflect the rate that you may be offered by your lender or lending partner for your loan.

Purchase Example: $300 Payday Loan

Purchase Price: $300

Fees: $45
Period: 2 weeks
Payment: $345
Total Payments: $345
APR: 391%

Fees: $60
Period: 2 weeks
Payment: $360
Total Payments: $360
APR: 391%

Other Loan Sources

There may be other ways to get a loan besides working with a lender. Here are the top alternatives.

Other loan choices graphic.

  1. Employer Advance
    Your work may be able to give you an advance of 300 dollars on your paycheck. This is of no risk to them in most cases, because they will probably only loan you money that you have already earned.
  2. eBay
    Sell some things on eBay and you may be able to come up with money in no time.  One tip, when listing an item, use the BUY NOW option which will allow the person to buy and pay for the item immediately. This will be quicker for you than waiting for a 7 or 10 day auction to end.
  3. Family
    If you have some family willing to put up some money, this is a great option. Get the money you need without all of the fees associated with cash advances.
  4. Craigslist
    Have some high ticket items to sell locally. A TV or gaming system might just fetch 300 dollars. Be cautious of scams on Craigslist and if you do sell an item locally be sure to meet in a safe and secure location during daylight hours. Only accept cash.

Odd Ways To Get Money

There are ways to get money that you have probably not thought about. Let’s take a look at a few.

Infographic on how to earn extra money.

Not all ways of earning $300 have to be normal. There are some fairly out of the box ideas that can earn you that amount of money or more.

  • Donating Plasma
    Plasma is in high demand. It is used to make life savings products and a lot of it is needed. Earn anywhere from $200 to $400 a month donating your plasma. You can donate more often with plasma because they return your red blood cells to you during the donation process. This means less of the lightheadedness that you might get from blood donation.
  • Side Hustles
    Everyone should have a little side gig. Advertise what you are good at on Craigslist. Cut lawns, walk a dog or even clean a house or two. Easy ways to make money and business that will be repeat.
  • Metal Recycling
    No, not aluminum cans, although they do sell. Think bigger like copper and stainless steel. This is scrap that people throw to the curb or in the garbage. Collect it and make hundreds of dollars.
  • Stocking Shelves
    Both Walmart and Target have drastically raised their minimum wages. Perhaps working a few hours a week can get you the money you need. Because these retailers are open long hours, work can fit any schedule.

More On Cash Loans

If a cash or installment loan is what you ultimately decide on, here are some more things to know. Things that you should consider before making your final decision.

How Much Will A Loan Cost?

This will vary depending on the type of loan you take. Payday loans or cash advance loans will have higher effective interest rates than online installment loans but you will pay interest longer with an installment loan. In any case, you should look at the total cost of your financing which will be provided by your lender.

We ourselves are not direct lenders. We provide you access to a large network of lenders. If accepted, your lender will contact you with all of the information that you need to make a decision. If you do not understand something, be sure to contact your direct lender for clarification. Never sign a loan contract if you are unsure about the fees, terms and due dates.

Don’t Believe In “No Credit Check Loans”

Most lenders will require some sort of credit check. You might have heard of “no credit check loans” but they really do not exist. Who is going to loan someone money without at least some sort of credit check.

What is more likely is an alternative credit check rather than a 300 dolalr”no credit check loan”. Many creditors will use alternative credit verification instead of the normal three big bureaus that the major banks use.

This means that they will often look past things that other lenders might deny you for. So, even with bad credit, a loan might be an option for you.

Emergency Loan Tips

Taking out a loan is a serious matter. Here are things that you should consider before signing that contract. Being an educated consumer can help you make the right decisions.

  1. How much do you need right now?
    You may qualify for more money but if you only need $300, just take that much. The more you borrow, the more you need to pay back and the more your fees will be.
  2. Are you having a short term emergency?
    Loans such as payday loans are meant to be repaid quickly, within a few weeks in most cases. This means that they should not be used to meet long term financial needs.
  3. Do you have alternative money sources?
    Have you exhausted other loan sources like friends and family? These may be embarrassing choices, but they are free and you could get the money fast, right now even. Just be careful to repay the loan as soon as you can and do not make any unnecessary purchases until the loan is repaid.
  4. Can you cut expenses instead?
    Maybe you can do without fast food or dinners out. Bring your lunch instead. Do you have cable or satellite? You may be able to place your account on hold. Contact your creditors and see if you can pay interest only or even defer a payment.
  5. Do you absolutely need the money?
    Sometimes, you might consider something an immediate need when it really isn’t. Consider what would happen if you could not get the money for the expense you are trying to pay. Would the world come to an end? If you could do without, it would be best to do so.
  6. Is the cost of the loan worth it?
    Your Loan will come with fees. Before you accept it, compare the cost of the fees versus the cost of not getting the loan. Would it be cheaper to pay a lat fee instead, for example.
  7. Can you pay back the money?
    Never take money if you do not have a plan as to how to pay it back. All that does is delay your problem and make it worse.

6 Replies to Need 300 Dollars Now?

  1. Just need $300 because I’m behind on bills got sick for a bit so I couldn’t work as much, but I’m better now but still need a bump to catch up.

    1. They are not exactly charging those interest rates. They are charging fees. Take the fee and the loan term and calculate it out and you get those interest rates.
      Keep in mind that these are high risk loans for lenders. Got to be a big profit in it for them to make it worth their while.

  2. I would like a loan for $300. How do I start? Should I use the form online or could I go and get it in person. I like doing things in person unlike most people. Too much is done on the internet.

  3. Has anyone had any experience using Earnin? I keep hearing about it on the radio but it sounds a little weird. Is it really free to borrow, sounds like a scam of some sort.

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