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IF you have suddenly found yourself in need of an installment loan, we can help. Even if you have bad credit, one of our lenders may be able to make you an offer for $1400 or even more. It is free to get a quote and you are under no obligation, so why not get to it?

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How Does This All Work?

The quote process is simple and we make it easier for you to get an approval when you need money. We can do this because we are not a direct lender and you will be happy about that. Instead, we give you access to one of the biggest loan networks on the internet.

This benefits you because if one of our lenders ays not, another one might just say yes and send you an offer. With direct lenders, if they say no, the game is over. You would then have to start everything again with another lender. This is time consuming and very frustrating.

Getting A Loan Quote

The first step is to fill out the quote form to request your loan. It is located at the top of this page. Input just some basic information and you are on your way. It will take you about two minutes to do this, even less if you take advantage of auto complete on your browser. Note, you will be asked for your bank information but this is just so your lender can get you your money. Everything is secure so your information is kept as safe as possible.

Next, you will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions and then you will be able to submit your quote request. This is where you will see the real benefit of working with a loan network instead of a single direct lender. The quote you just completed will go from lender to lender in the network until one is found that wants to offer you a loan. If they are found, they will send you an offer or you will be directed to visit their website where you can see the loan details.

When you are presented with an offer for $1400 or more, you will have the chance to review all of the details of your loan before you agree. Be sure to read everything so that you know what kind of financial commitment you are making. Pay attention to the payment amount, any fees associated with the loan and the total cost of financing.

If you decide that you like your loan offer, you can accept it and your lender will go to work to complete the process. You will get your money fast when everything is done, often as quickly as the next business day.

That is it, if everything went well, you will now have your money and yo can go about your business, spending it on whatever you like or need to.

Important Information

Taking out an installment loan is not something that you should take lightly. Any financial decision should be carefully considered to make sure that it is right for you. Here are a few things that you should think about after you get your offer, but before committing to your loan.

Can You Afford The Loan

This is the first thing that you should consider. Can you afford to borrow $1400? Hopefully, you have a budget that you can refer to. If not, you need to make one. Just list out your monthly bills. Fit the new loan payment into the budget and see if it still leaves you with enough money to live.

Will the new loan payment put a strain on your budget? If it fits and still leaves you with enough extra money to get by, it might be worth considering.

Do You Need The Loan

Consider if the loan money would be going towards something that you could do without. If the $1400 is for a car repair, that is one thing. If it is to fly to Vegas for the weekend, that is a whole other case.

If a loan would put any strain on your budget, you should only really consider it if it is absolutely necessary.

Are There Other Ways To Get The $1400

If there is another money solution, it might be worth looking into if it would save you interest ad fees. Here are some possibilities to consider.

Can You Sell Something?

Do you have anything that you could sell that is worth $1400? Yes, this is a good amount of money but you might have a high ticket item that you could part with. Now might, for example, be the time to get rid of your recreational toys like 4 wheelers or jet skis.

Do You Have A 401K?

Not all 401K’s will allow for loans but many do. If yours does, it would be a very low interest loan with low payments. The payments would come right out of your check so you probably would not even notice them.

The only negative to the 401K loan is time. Sometimes it can take a week or longer to get your money.

Got A Rich Aunt?

If you have someone in your family that you could borrow $1400 from, that would be a better choice. There would be no interest and the repayment terms would be a little more flexible.Just be careful not to hurt any feelings. Be courteous, grateful and pay it back just as soon as you can.

Can You Save For It?

If you have the time, is saving for this money an option. Perhaps a part time job could help you do this. Consider donating plasm as a great source of part time income. You can make $300 to $400 a month doing it which would give you the money you need in just 3 to 4 months.

Can You Get An Advance From Work?

Some employers may be willing to front you the money that you need. This could be a good option if you work for a smaller company and have a good work history. If you can swing this, t would probably be an interest free loan with automatic small payments withdrawn from your paycheck.

Are You Good With Needles?

You can get up to $400 a month just by selling your plasma. If you have the time to wait, it could get you the money you need. If not, you could at lest use the money to pay off your loan.

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