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How To Get Money

If you need money in a hurry, we can help you get it. The easiest way is with a fast cash loan and we can help you get a free quote for that. Use your loan to satisfy your cash needs fast and then let us show you how to make money to pay it back quickly. Let’s get started.

Get A Fast Loan Quote

A loan is the easiest way to get money fast. There is no obligation and you can keep the quote as a back up option in case you are unable to find all of the money that you need elsewhere. It takes just a few minutes to complete the quote process and get an answer.

Money that was received fast

Sell What You Do Not Need

Everyone has things lying around that you do not need. I can walk through my home now and find a dozen items that I have not used in months, if not years. If I ever find myself wondering how to get money fast, one of the top answers is always to sell something. Here are a few examples and where to sell them.

Gold & Silver

Some jewelry is timeless but others, not so much. If you have some clunky and outdated jewelry made of gold or silver, now is the time to cash it in. Gold and silver stores are everywhere. They will buy it and have it melted down for resale. You can get cash the same day and it is kind of like recycling, a very expensive version of recycling.

Video Games & Systems

Do you really play that thing any more? If the answer is no, sell it. Video games and systems depreciate very quickly. Every day that you hold on to it makes it worth less so get rid of it. The very best place to sell this stuff is on eBay. There will be a lot of consumers who want the stuff as well as retailers looking for merchandise and parts.

Cellular Phones

Just like with video games, phones will never be worth more than they are now. Technology is changing all of the time and they quickly become outdated. Instead of keeping that old phone as a back up, sell it. One of the best places to sell old cellular phones is at Gazelle. They will give you an offer online and then send you a box to ship the item back to them in. Once they receive it, they will examine the phone to make sure you were accurate about its condition and then send you the money.

Books, CD’d & Records

This is old school stuff but you might still have some of these things lying around and they still have value. Believe it or not, some people still read books in print. Records are also quite collectible. Gather up all of your items and take them to a used book store near you. They will give you a cash offer on the spot and you can walk out with money. It might not be hundreds of dollars, but it will get you closer to your goal.

Furniture, Televisions & Large Appliances

If you have some furniture collecting dust in the garage or an old flat screen in the guest room it could be money in your pocket. Flat screens do not fetch what they used to but depending on the size, you could get $100 to $200 for it. Likewise, some furniture could get you a few hundred fairly quickly. The best place to sell these large items are local classifieds like Craigslist. Use caution and watch out for scams if selling locally.

Designer Clothing & Accessories

High end clothing in good condition is in demand at resale shops. If you bought your stuff at K-Mart, this is not going to be an option for you but if Nordstrom is more your style, you might have some money hanging in your closet. To sell these items, you will want to look for a used clothing boutique. These stores really started popping up a few years ago and if you are in a city of any decent size, one is probably near you.

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Ask Family & Friends

This might be a last resort when figuring out how to get money fast but it really is an option that you should pursue before committing to the loan that you got a quote for. If you handle this situation correctly, it can get you a free loan that will get you the money fast so that you can handle an emergency.

Money From Local Friends & Family

If you are borrowing from people local, you should ask for a check instead of cash. The reason being that you both would then have proof as to the amount borrowed. You do not want to borrow $200 only to have someone think they gave you $300. It happens and a lot of friendships have been lost over money.

Money From Distant Friends & Family

If you find somebody in another city or state to borrow from, you can now turn to services like Zelle. These services can get you money instantly in your bank account. It will also suffice as proof of how much is borrowed.

Whether you borrow local or from a distance, just be sure to pay back the money as soon as possible to prevent problems.

Cash In Your Change

Spare change, we all have it and we do not appreciate it until we need money in a hurry. You could have twenty, thirty or even forty dollars in spare change stashed around your house. The trick is converting it into usable money. Pretty hard to pay for anything substantial with pennies.


Coinstar is a change counting system available at a number of locations like grocery stores. For a small cut of the money, you can simply dump your coins into the machine and get a receipt that you can cash in at the counter of the store.

Your Bank

A number of banks have change counting machines that you can use for free. Every penny you save is worthwhile and free is always best.

Old School

Your final option with change is to roll it yourself, old school style. You can buy coin wrappers at many stores or online and roll them into a much easier to spend format,

Do Some Work Online

There are several ways to make money online and most of them do not pay much. If you are just sitting around killing time however, you might as well put yourself to work.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

You have probably never heard of this one but it is quite a large crowdsourcing platform. People pay others to do work online for them. The price that you get for tasks will vary greatly and you might struggle to even make minimum wage with this service. On the plus side, you can do this stuff online and at home.

Paid Surveys

Surveys have been around for a very long time and can be tough to master. You can make some money with them or you could waste a whole lot of your time. The biggest pain is the pre survey survey. You will be asked several questions to see if you qualify for a survey. To qualify for more surveys, choose to say you are familiar with more products and never say you or anyone you know works in advertising. Don’t understand what I mean? Take a few surveys and you will see.


Fiverr is an online community where you can make money for your services. If you know how to use photoshop, can do website work, even write articles, you can make money on Fiverr. If you are not sure what you can do to make money, simply browse the Fiverr website and look at the services being sold.

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Start A Side Hustle On Craigslist

Starting a cash only business by advertising on Craigslist can get you some good money in a hurry. Here are some of the easiest ones to start with that can get you earning money today. Just pick one and advertise your service for free on Craigslist.

Dog Walking

Pooches will always need to go potty and not all owners have time to do it. Make some nice cash by walking dogs in your spare time. All that you need to get this one started is a car and a love of dogs, or at least a like of them.

Lawn Mowing

If you have a lawnmower and a trimmer, you are in business. Make $20 to $40 for an average size yard and ask to get paid cash. This is also great repeat business because the grass will just keep on growing.

Poop Scooping

Dogs need to go potty and some of them do it exclusively in their backyard. Homeowners need it picked up but they don’t want to do it. Just get yourself a scooper and some trash bags and you are in business.

House Cleaning

Just a few basic supplies is all that you need and you probably have all of them at home. A mop, a vacuum, some brushes and common cleaners and you are ready to go. Easy money doing what people do not want to do for themselves.

Room Painting

Got a knack for house painting, put it to good use. This is another easy to get into business with low overhead. A few brushes, some drop clothes and maybe a ladder and you are in business.

Recycle Metal At Scrap Yards

Metal is big business and recyclers are willing to pay you money to bring in the scrap. Just drive through a neighborhood on bulk trash pickup day and you are likely to see all kinds of metal just discarded. Metal that would wind up in the garbage dump can end up lining your pockets if you run around and pick it up. Copper, aluminum, stainless steel and more is in high demand.

Where To Sell Your Metal

I can not possibly list all of the metal recyclers in the nation here so this is how you find a place to sell your metal. Do a search for “metal recycling” and your city. This should produce a number of different places to sell your metal. Many will even list their current buy prices.

Sell Your Plasma

Plasma, like metal is in high demand but for another reason. Medical Companies take plasma and turn it into life saving formulations. These are often for profit companies and they will therefore pay you for your plasma.

The great thing about plasma is that you can donate it several times a month. This is because during the donation process, they return your red blood cells to you so that your body does not take long to recuperate. In fact, you can actually donate twice a week as long as you wait 48 hours between donations.

You can make several hundred dollars a month selling your plasma and you can keep on doing it month after month. Also, the more you weigh, the more you can make. This is because if you are bigger you will have more plasma in your body.

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